Top 10 Patek Philippe Watches for Women

What does a woman love? This question often puts even the greatest mysteries of the world to shame. Patek Philippe, the renowned Swiss watch house, however, came up with timepieces women loved and treasured since the 1800s.

The beautifully crafted Patek Philippe watches for women incorporated some of the intriguing complications mastered by the watchmaker. The creations seamlessly blended precise engineering with brilliant aesthetics.

Initially, the watch house concentrated on creating trinket-like pocket watches for the genteel, refined ladies belonging to the royalty and aristocracy. They were considered as pretty adornments perfect for the wealthy and the classy women.

A good example of the intricate woman’s pocket watch crafted by Patek Philippe is the ‘La Madonna Della Sedia’. Created in 1850, this watch features an enamel miniature of the Madonna of the Sedia created by the distinguished artist Gaspard Lamuniere.

Another creation that fascinated Queen Victoria was the fob-watch and brooch presented to her at the Great Exhibition of London on August 18, 1851. The open-face, powder blue pocket watch featured the keyless winding movement patented by the watchmaker.

Patek Philippe was the first watch house to introduce wristwatches for women. The designs weren’t like the pendant watches attached to pretty bracelets. They were designed keeping in mind the fact that they would be worn on the wrists.

The active and stylish British women took up the idea of the wristwatch. Since then, the watch house has come a long way. It has seen many changes. What hasn’t changed is their versatility in the women’s watch designs.

Let’s explore some of the most exquisite and innovative Patek Philippe women’s watches.

10 Patek Philippe First Swiss Wristwatch for a Woman – Priceless

Guinness World Records gives the credit for creating the world’s first wristwatch to Patek Philippe. Designed in 1868 for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, this was the first timepiece designed especially for the wrist.

A large and decorative piece, this watch featured a triptych-like design with two diamond-studded gold panels on each side of the watch face. Featuring a mechanical movement, the watch was wound with a key.

9 Patek Philippe First Complicated Ladies Wristwatch – Invaluable

Another benchmark in the history of the watch house was achieved in 1916 when it designed the first complicated ladies wristwatch. The simple aesthetics of the watch concealed something unique at the time – a five minute repeater.

This marked the initiation of the innovation in ladies watches. Though Breguet perfected the repeater mechanism for watches, Patek Philippe came up with the idea of its incorporation in a complicated watch for women.

8 Patek Philippe Ladies Bracelet Watch Auctioned at Christie’s - $86,500

The Exceptional and Rare Lady's Bracelet Watch was sold at Christie’s in 2012. This little beauty, adorned with diamonds and emeralds set in platinum, features a mechanical movement with a Geneva Seal.

Created in 1973, the wristwatch has a dial paved with quadrilateral-shaped diamonds, a case body embellished with marquise and pear shaped diamonds and emeralds and a bracelet set with diamonds and emeralds.

7 Patek Philippe Ladies Calatrava - $40,700.00

Embodying simplicity, the little white beauty features a mechanical manually wound movement with Caliber 215 PS. Water resistant up to 30 m, the watch features the seconds sub-dial just above the 6 o’clock marker.

A white gold case, a white dial and a white gold bracelet add to the aesthetics. The 31 mm case diameter is adorned by a bezel set with a hobnail pattern. The monochromatic look gives this watch an understated beauty.

6 Patek Philippe Ladies Complications - $73,300.00

Beauty and functionality blend perfectly in this timepiece. Featuring a mechanical self-winding movement (Caliber 324), this wristwatch displays the seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, annual calendar and moon phases.

A rose gold case studded with diamonds balances the white mother-of-pearl dial. The golden hue makes its appearance in the numerals and hands. The day and month sub-dials and the moon phase create the central point while the date display is at 6 o’clock.

5 Patek Philippe Ladies Aquanaut - $87,200.00

Juxtaposition of the elements of the classy dress watch and the practical water-resistant timepiece makes the Ladies Aquanaut a unique creation. With a mechanical self-winding movement, the watch can resist water pressure up to depths of 120 m.

The pretty white gold case studded with diamonds is perfect for a dress watch but when combined with the embossed dial and the composite strap of the functional watch, you understand the way the contrasts come together to create the interesting timepiece.

4 Patek Philippe Ladies Grand Complications - $100,200.00

If the Complications series exemplify the blend of aesthetics and functionality, the Grand Complications takes it one step forward. Beautiful and brilliant, the timepiece features the ultra thin Caliber 240 Q mechanical self winding movement.

The list of complications the watch features is quite extensive. Its functionalities include day, date, month, leap year, perpetual calendar and 24 hour indication by hands, moon phases and, of course, the time display.

Diamond-adorned bezel around the white opaline dial and gold numerals and markers on the simple rose gold case accentuates its beauty. The mink grey and purple (additional) alligator strap adds to the elegance.

3 Patek Philippe Ladies Gondolo - $116,000.00

Understated elegance makes this watch the perfect accessory for a formal occasion. The simple white gold dial becomes gorgeous with the hand guilloche dial beautified with dainty diamonds. The case also features exquisite diamonds in a grid-less setting.

The purity of the white gold and the brilliance of the diamonds are offset by the electric-blue strap with a satin finish. The contrasting hue is also present on the hands. This attractive piece is equipped with the mechanical manually wound movement Caliber 25-21 REC.

2 Patek Philippe Ladies Nautilus - $148,320.00

Excellence in aesthetics has always been a characteristic of Patek Philippe creations for women. The Nautilus is no exception. With a mechanical self-winding movement, the watch displays the time and date.

With its white on white appearance, it is a sophisticated timepiece for a refined lady. The entire watch fashioned from white gold is embellished with stunning diamonds. Every piece is unique. If you appreciate singularity, this is the watch for you.

1 Patek Philippe Ladies Twenty-4 - $693,950.00

Personifying luxury and opulence, the Twenty-4 has it all – precious rose gold, dazzling diamonds and the Patek Philippe mark of distinction in the world of horology. The rose gold case, dial and bracelet are all adorned with the best baguette cut diamonds.

The black 12 and 6 o’clock markers, hands and the Patek Philippe seal create an amazing contrast to the rose gold and brilliant white backdrop. The eye-catching high-jewelry timepiece comes with a simple Caliber E 15 quartz movement.

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