Top 10 Most Expensive Treehouses In The World

Tree houses are something that everyone loves, from children to adults. It brings us closer to nature and has something very magical about it. You surely must have dreamed of living in a tree house at some point in life, be it in the unique treetop observatories or the extensive works of art spanning many trees. If you are a tree house lover you surely will love reading about the 10 most expensive tree houses in the world.

10 Feider's Interior Canopy Treehouse: $18,800

Tree houses ideally are extensions of nature. However, gone are the days when dads would climb up the trees using a ladder, carrying with them a box of tools to build a tree house for their kids. Nowadays there are experts to do everything, but according to Dustin Feider the heavy beams used to construct the modern day tree houses are not for the environment. Feider's Interior Canopy Treehouse is like a Japanese paper lantern, spherical in shape. At night, when it is lit up, it glows through the trees, giving a very beautiful picture. The sphere is built using sustainable materials and hung from the trees using steel cables.

9 The Monstro II: $40,000

The most amazing thing about this tree house is the attention given to the details. The Monstro II is intentionally dilapidated and lopsided. It is built on a huge, hollowed out, recycled log. This tree house is designed particularly for kids. The kids can enter the tree house through a door at the bottom, or they can also use the back door. There also is a small staircase that leads up to the first floor balcony. The log windows have tempered glass panes. The bear bench, the lantern and the little bird house are things that the kids will surely love.

8 Free Spirit Sphere: $44,700


As far as looks are concerned, this treehouse is in no waya regular tree house. If you are a science-fiction lover, then this an ideal place to spend your vacation. However, if you plan to take along your kids, you might have to re-consider, as you have to be at least 16 years of age to experience this amazing tree house. The 10.5 feet tree house is crafted out of fiberglass. These tree houses are apparently built to be used as meditation rooms. Make sure you carry along your cameras to take pictures of beautiful handmade tree houses that appear to hang from thin ropes.

7 Treetent: $50,000

This tree house was gifted by David Beckham to his kids to play. The Treetent was crafted by Dutch designer and sculptor Dre Wapenaar. It can accommodate two adults. Owing to its hard wood floor, nine feet in diameter and a round mattress, it is comfortable enough for three children to sleep in.

6 Cedar Spire: $93,600

This amazing tree house in Fife, Scotland resulted due to death by lightning. A Luxury estate owner in that region was unhappy when lightning struck their very old cedar tree. But instead of getting it cut down they called over the Treehouse Co. to spell their magic. The result was a retro-looking tree house which looks like it just came out of a fairy tale book. This 45-foot Cedar Spire has a copper turret and cedar shingles which make it look beautiful.

5 Treehouse and Cable Bridge: $250,000

This tree house looks like extension of a family home located in McLean, Va. The Treehouse and Cable Bridge has everything that any adult could want. It has a 16-square-foot octagonal space, wherein you can entertain your guests. It also has electricity, internet, a fireplace, and a sound system.

4 Microcube: $377,300

These little cube-like homes look just perfect. You will be able to get them transported and installed in your desired location. The glass ceilings and walls of the Microcube allow you an uninterrupted view of the beautiful outdoors. It is crafted out of lightweight aluminum, making it durable, though not heavy. Owing to its mirror exterior finish it easily blends in with the environment.

3 Everybody's Treehouse: $450,000

These tree houses have been made particularly for children who are handicapped or physically challenged, or physically not as strong as others. Everybody's Treehouse is even accessible for those who are wheelchair-bound. Even then the tree house will ensure its visitors have lots of fun. The walkway or the ramp has a network of trees to add to the adventure.

2 Modular Treehouse: Approximately $1.9 million, extra installation and land charges

The sci-fi fans will surely love this tree house which looks like a space station. This is one of the most popular next generation tree houses. Apart from its cool design, the tree house is built making use of 70 percent recycled materials, thus it is immensely environmentally friendly. Even if you have a large family there is nothing to worry about, as this tree house can accommodate up to eight people.

1 Alnwick Garden: $4 million - $6 million

The Treehouse Co. got hired by the Duke and Duchess of Scotland to make this most expensive tree house. They actually wanted this tree house to turn into a beautiful tourist attraction. It extends over a massive 6,000 square feet area, with a 120-seat restaurant, a retail store and two personal dining rooms. Alnwick Garden also has two classrooms wherein plays and movies are shown. The food offered at the restaurant is simply delectable, and the fine beer and wine offered will leave you wanting more.

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