Top 10 Most Expensive Private Medical Schools

Doctors of the top hospitals are best for their practice and experience, which usually roots to having a stable and good foundation – the school. Most people believe that the training, the education and the overall quality of the school affects the performance of a doctor and determines the quality of work they do. Though most people would oppose and think otherwise, the expensive schools are still treated differently and looked at highly by most people.

Around the East Coast, you could find around six out of ten exclusive medical schools that are by far, the most expensive. Typically, popular names such as Harvard, Boston and Columbia University are part of the list and it seems as if the students are willing to pay as much as they can to get into the top-ranked schools even if it is associated with expensive prices. Schools that get the most number of applications are Tufts University, Boston University and Temple University.

In the school year 2012 to 2013, the tuition fees were at an average of $53,000.

If you have the cash and you are also one of those students that want to get in a popular top-ranked school, here are the top ten most expensive schools you need to consider.

10 Northwestern University, Illinois: $51,490

Want to be enrolled in a degree as a full-time Doctor of Medicine? Feinberg School of Medicine could be the right choice for you. With the mission of the school to bring out the best generations of physicians and scientists across the country, the institution is basically dedicated in giving out the best quality out of their best price – which is recently reported to be at $51,490! With its partner, the Northwestern memorial HealthCare, the institution is worth $3 billion in its value and has over 4,000 faculties that would also be dedicated in teaching students. As the U.S. News Research reveals, this school is at the 18th place among the best schools and is found to be research-intensive. Though U.S. news primary care rank is down at 31, this school is still looked at highly by many students as it is nationally known to be at the 13th place for residency directors and 12th for student selectivity.

9 Boston University: $51,548

BU or also known as Boston University is a private school that is also a research intensive university. With over 3,800 faculties dedicated to teach over 33,000 students, the school ranks at 30 for U.S. News research ranks and 30 at U.S. News primary care rank. Though lower ranks are reported, the school has proudly published its higher rate at $51,548. It does not have much difference with Northwestern University but it has been much more popular compared to that as it has various other branches found in Brussels, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Washington D.C. and Sydney.

8 Washington University, St. Louis: $52,020

Another private research school, Washington University or also known as Wash. U. sits in the sixth place on the U.S. News research ranks but is down at 44th place for U.S. News primary care rank. The said university is known to have $52,020 of its tuition fee, which is not far from the other two cheaper universities. At sixth place, this is somewhat a bargain, if you are targeting the top schools.

Washington University medical center has a campus that is 164 acres wide and has been known for its associate teaching hospitals, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital.

7 University of Southern California: $52,242

Weirdly known as “The Keck School of Medicine” of the University of Southern California, this medical school is actually the oldest one in Southern California. The old school ranks 31 in U.S. news research but is at 74th place for U.S. News primary care rank. The school only has 500 physicians and specialists that teach students but charges students at around $52,242. Where did the money go? Since the school has been ranked with the “Best Doctors” and “Americas Top Doctors” list, the school could charge as much from students yearning to learn from the best.

6 Dartmouth College, New Hampshire: $52,406

Dartmouth Medical School of Dartmouth College is found in New Hampshire, U.S. It is also one of the oldest medical schools around the country with astonishing historical milestones that made it popular around the globe. One of those is the first clinical x-ray which was established in 1896. In 1955, Dartmouth also introduced the first intensive care unit.

With a tuition fee worth $52,406, Dartmouth still provides college degrees with regards to medicine and philosophy. They also offer Public health and science degrees as part of the master’s program. Over 2,300 faculty members are around the university but has only been ranked at 38 for the U.S. News research and 31 for the U.S. news primary care rank.

5 Case Western Reserve University, Ohio: $53,040

If you do not care so much about the controversy they were associated with back in 2003 and if you do not care to pay as much as $53,040 for medical school, then Case Western Reserve University could be the school for you. Ranked at 25 for U.S. News research but down at 49 for U.S. news primary care rank, this controversial school is part of the most expensive yet popular school in United States. The controversy in 2003 was quite shallow and only revolves around the new logo launched but in 2006, quality was already in question, where the logo again came in as a controversy. Alumni and critics state that the logo resembles a “fat man with a surfboard,” according to historical news. The logo was changed and a public announcement stated that the school lost its history and traditions.

4 Harvard University, Massachussetts: $52,496

Harvard University must have been the most popular school among all universities in the U.S. Globally, Harvard has established a branding that impresses a lot of people and why would that be? All because it ranks as the top school for U.S. news research rank and is in the 14th place for the U.S. news primary care rank. The tuition fee is of course, steep with an amount featured at $52,496.

Various missions of educations, research and clinical care are associated with the school with over 2,900 full time and part time teachers dedicated in passing on knowledge to their students. In addition to that, the school has partners internationally for medical consultations.

3 Temple University, Philadelphia: $54,218       

Temple University is a public school in Philadelphia that started in 1884. Though the school is known to be a large one and has given education to various professionals, the school only ranks at 51 for the U.S. news research and is at the bottom of the rankings for U.S. News primary care. Too bad this school is at the bottom because it proudly asks for $54,218 as its tuition fee. The school has international campuses from Pennsylvania to Rome, Tokyo, Singapore and London. It is also known to be the 26th largest school and has gained popularity with the 2014 U.S. news and world report for its new ranking – 121st best national university.

2 Columbia University, New York: $54,855  

They say that when you’ve worked in New York, everyone should be impressed as this city has the most competitive culture in the world. If this is true, then studying at Columbia University that ranks at 8th for U.S. news research and 49th for U.S. News primary care would highly be encouraged. Their tuition fee is at $54,855 and has been known as the fifth oldest school in the U.S. Internationally, the school is also operating but the known medical school, CUMC, that caters education for physicians and surgeons is at New York.

1 Tufts University, Massachusetts: $55,667

At the top of the most expensive schools with a fee amounting to $55,667 is Tufts University in Medford. This school is a private research university that is ranked at 51 for the U.S. news research and 54 for U.S. news primary care. The school offers international study programs and focuses on active citizenships, which basically is all about public service and socialism. For Times Higher Education (THE) and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), they are considered the best medical research institution for clinical medicine but is this the reason for their high tuition fee or would it be something else? Which school would you enroll in?

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