Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans in the World

Who does not own a trusty pair of jeans? You can wear it on practically any occasion not requiring formal attire. A Levi’s 501 will probably cost you a hundred bucks, and it will last you a long time. it can be used repeatedly with minimal washing. As a matter of fact, the more it gets worn, the better it will get in both fit and appearance.

Some jeans, however, are more valuable than others. Here are the top ten most expensive jeans in the world.

10 Secret Circus - $1.3 million

This pair has women all over the world drooling. The design of the jeans is classic enough, but the clincher here are the high quality large diamonds sewn into the back pockets of the jeans. Diamonds are diamonds, regardless if you wear them as part of your necklace or use them as design for your pants.  This is the first million dollar pair of jeans the world has ever seen.

9 Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim - $250,000

The Thrashed Denim line of luxury jeans from Dussault Apparel is appropriately named. New jeans are usually tight and stiff, and you will need to use it several times to break it in. Eventually, all those washing and wearing will take its toll in a positive way, and the jeans will fit you better and will become just like a second skin. Dussault Apparel designed a pair of jeans that will take away the waiting time and process you need to undergo for a stiff new pair to become the comfortable and relaxed old jeans that you prefer.

The handmade Dussault Thrashed Denim is made to undergo a special process. Before it even hits the rack, it is washed thirteen times and dyed and painted in between in order to add depth to the jeans. In other words, before you get to buy it, the manufacturer has aged it already.

Now, of course, even if you get your laundry done 13 times in the most luxurious hotel, the bill will not get anywhere near $250,000. To justify the price tag, Dussault added 16 single carat and 26 half-carat rubies, eight half-carat diamonds and more than a kilo of 18k white or rose gold.

The jeans are available either at the manufacturer’s store in Los Angeles or Kustom in New York City.

8 Levi Strauss & Co. 501 - $60,000

Jeans get better with age. A Japanese collector took that to heart and bought a Levi’s jeans that date back to the 1880s for $60000 in an auction. The vintage jeans come from the 501 series that Levi’s is known for.

Just how valuable are vintage Levi’s jeans? Two other old jeans, one from the late 1800s and the other from the early 1900s, were purchased for $46 thousand and $36 thousand respectively. Levi’s itself was the buyer of the former. Imagine buying a pair of jeans for a few dollars, wearing it for a hundred years, and having the manufacturer refund you a thousand times over afterwards. Now that’s one deal everyone would love to have.

7 Escada - $10,000

Escada is a luxury designer that allows customers to design and put in their own details to their customized pair of jeans. Some prefer to put in a button fly, while others prefer the good old-fashioned zipper. Others want their jeans to be faded. If you want to take it over the top, then you can add gemstones and other embellishments.  A customer once asked Escada to encrust Swarovski crystals into a customized pair. Escada gamely complied and eventually sold it for $10 thousand.

6 APO Jeans - $4,000

APO jeans come with silk pockets and riveting made of gold, silver or platinum. A diamond can also be used as a button. The creator will also ensure that only the finest fabrics are used for your customized denim pair. To ensure authenticity and value, a prestigious jeweler will study, appraise and certify the gemstones included in your jeans.

5 Gucci - $3,100

Put Gucci into any piece of clothing and it will instantly turn into an elegant fashion item. The company created a pair that was treated and beaten up to make it appear vintage and old. it was then adorned with feathers, buttons and African beads. The jeans were unveiled during fashion season in Milan in 1998. Who said a pair of denim pants cannot have a place in high class fashion shows?

4 Dolce & Gabbana - $1,200

You need to sign up if you want a pair of these jeans because there is a waiting list of people willing to buy it.  The Dolce & Gabbana pair features distressed faded fabric as the material for the denim. It also has embroidered butterfly designs. The back pocket is covered with a pink patch and adorned with a gold logo of the fashion design company.

3 Roberto Cavalli - $1,200

You have probably heard of Roberto Cavalli from watching all those Sex and the City shows starring Sarah Jessica Parker.  The Roberto Cavalli jeans are well known, and they are very popular among women because a standard pair is usually decorated with different jewels. His shop is located in Madison Avenue in New York City, but you should be prepared to shell out $1,200 if you want a pair that even celebrities adore.

2 Earnest Sewn Custom Fit - $1,000

Talk about a customized pair, Earnest Sewn has definitely pushed the idea of bespoke jeans to new limits. Not only can you ask for a customized design, you can actually ask for a personalized fit. The company will take your actual and exact measurements, thereby ensuring that you will get a perfect fit once it is done.

1 7 For all Mankind - $298

This is a popular brand that features various colors and styles. The company’s straight cut jeans for men in either coated gray or washed indigo boast of top of the line fabric that fit your legs and thighs just perfectly.

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