Top 10 Most Expensive Games ever made

Most people have known that Hollywood movies are made with giant budgets but new games are nowadays made with budgets of millions of dollars. The following ten games were the most expensive:

12 Final Fantasy XII - $48 million

The twelfth title in the Final Fantasy series in 2006 costed $48 million to develop. There was also a huge marketing budget in addition to that cost.

11 LA Noire - $50 million

The first of the four in the list of Rockstar Games would be the LA Noire from 2011. This "neo-noir crime game" set in Los Angeles in 1947, where you are in command of the LAPD. This game had a budget of $50 million.

10 Halo 3 - $55 million

The Halo series was so successful for game developer Bungie and publisher Microsoft that there was almost an unlimited budget for the third game in the series. The total cost to develop the game was $55 million and Microsoft also seems to have spent $200 million on marketing.

9 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - $60 million

It took more than four years to complete Metal Gear Solid 4. In total, $60 million were spent on this game.

8 Too Human - $65 million

The game "Too Human" in 2008 went completely over budget. The biggest problem was that the developer Silicon Knights, no longer wanted to continue with the Unreal Engine 3 in the middle of production. The game had eventually costed at least $65 million.

7 Shenmue - $70 million

For nearly 10 years, Shenmue had the record of the most expensive game. Shenmue is a game from 1999 and at that time, it had a budget of $70 million for a game that was unheard of. The game was released for the Sega Dreamcast. There was a giant world created with a complete weather system and realistic details. Unfortunately, the public did not notice the game and it was a huge flop.

6 Gran Turismo 5 - $80 million

Five years was taken to build the best and the most realistic racing game ever. The budget of Gran Turismo 5 was actually $60 million but due to more expenses being incurred, it totaled up to $80 million.

5 Halo 4 - $100 million

Halo 4 with a budget of $100 million stands at third place with three other games. As we had written about Halo 3, it is a mega successful game series.

4 Red Dead Redemption - $100 million

Red Dead Redemption is from the same makers as GTA, Rockstar Games. In addition to that, there was again a huge bucket of money being thrown here too.

3 Grand Theft Auto 4 - $100 million

It was only three and a half years of time and more than 1,000 people had worked on GTA 4. The licenses of more than 100 hours of music in the game alone had already taken tons of money. The game had ultimately costed approximately $100 million.

2 Grand Theft Auto V - $137 million

The long-awaited new part of Grand Theft Auto is on September 17th in stores. For this part, they had to spend even more money, approximately $137 million in total. However, this budget will be recouped without any problem!

1 Star Wars: The Old Republic - $200 million

The MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic from 2011 is the most expensive game ever made. The budget was approximately $200 million. Within a month, the game had 1 million users, making it the "fastest-growing MMO ever." However, it was unfortunate that the number of players decreases with the same rate. The game is now currently free to play.

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