The Top Ten Most Expensive Zip Codes

What is a zip code? It is merely a series of numbers designated by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in order to help them deliver the mails more efficiently. It stands for zone improvement plan, so a zip code represents a certain area or neighborhood of the city.

For the television generation, the zip code 90210 is probably the most popular among them all. After all, it was turned into a television series not just once, but twice! The first series ran for ten years, while the current one is already on its fifth year.

The 90210 zip code belongs to Beverly Hills in California. It is a prestigious zip code all right, with upscale homes and wealthy families residing in the area. But do you know that it is not even the most expensive zip code in the country? As a matter of fact, it is far from it, as it does not even make it in the top ten.

Maybe, the show should have been set in New York and the title should be Upper East Side 10065, as this is actually the wealthiest zip code in the country. The top ten most expensive zip codes are as follows:

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10 Upper East Side, New York, New York – 10065

This covers the area from 60st Street all the way up to 69th Street, from Fifth Avenue to the East River. And to think that this zip code was only assigned to the area around five years ago when the Postal Service redrew the zip code map and broke up the prestigious and sought after 10021 Upper East Side zip code into three areas. The other two, namely 10021 and 10075, also make the list, but it is 10065 that takes homes the most expensive zip code crown. More amazingly, the 10065 zip code was not even in the list the previous year, but an astounding increase of almost 385 percent in the median prices of homes in the area enabled them to jump all the way to the top. The normal asking price for a home here is $6.53 million, and that is a bargain especially when compared to the $29.5 million that Joan Rivers is asking for her condominium along 62nd Street. Then again, it may be worth it as you may get close to the likes of Spike Lee.

9 Alpine, New Jersey – 07620

This zip code used to be on top of the list, and it has consistently been in the top three for several years running. The median asking price for homes in this quiet suburb is $5.75 million. Security is extra tight in this part of town, with its street addresses being scrambled regularly on GPS. And you may have as guests in your neighborhood barbeques celebrities like Stevie Wonder and Sean Combs.

8 Atherton, California – 94027

Silicon Valley is where the top high technology firms are established and based. The millionaires who head and run these firms need a place where they can lay their hat and call home. That is where Atherton 94027 comes in.  The zip code is situated right in the heart of Silicon Valley, and this wealthy area counts the likes of Charles Schwab and Meg Whitman among its residents. A home here fetches for an average of around $4.9 million.

7 Sagaponack, New York – 11962

In Suffolk County in Long Island in New York lies the nice town of Southampton.  And within this breezy town of Southampton is the incorporated village of Sagaponack.  The area is upscale and quiet, though owning a house in this zip code will probably set you back around $4.18 million. You will never get bored however, as Jimmy Fallon is a neighbor who can regale you with his antics.

6 Hillsborough, California – 94010

Burlingame in San Mateo County in California is where you can find the attractive community of Hillsborough. Cozily located in the San Francisco Bay area, this zip code boasts an array of beautiful mansions.  Median asking price for homes in this area is around $4.13 million.

5 West Village, New York – 10014

Imagine walking along a street lined with rows of trees providing shades to townhouses and brownstones in the area, something akin to a scene from Sex and the City. Try living in West Village in New York, where you can have the star of that show as your neighbor. Greenwich Village and Soho are just right around the corner, and you may also bump into Julianne Moore along the way. Homes here go for around $4.12 million.

4 Los Altos Hills, California – 94022

Los Altos Hills is located in Silicon Valley. It is an incorporated town in Santa Clara County and is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay area. Median price of homes here is at around $4.01 million.

3 Upper East Side, New York, New York – 10021

it is one of the most prestigious zip codes in the whole country, and it covers the area stretching from the north side of East 69th Street all the way up to the south side of East 76th Street. It is now just 40 percent of its size back in 2005, and one of the two new zip codes derived from it, namely 10065, has actually already eclipsed 10021 in terms of median price for homes.  Still, 10021 boasts of highly sought-after properties near the Central Park area, including Lenox Hill and 740 Park Avenue, the richest apartment building in the world with residents like billionaires David Koch and Stephen Schwarzman. Median price for homes here is $3.98 million.

2 Rolling Hills, California – 90274

This is a private and gated community in Palos Verdes Hills in Los Angeles County in California. With its scenic views and natural surroundings, the area maintains its own equestrian ranch. The sprawling homes here go for an average of $3.97 million.

1 Upper East Side, New York, New York – 10075

Elegant townhouses dot this area of Upper East Side that stretches from East 76th Street to East 80th Street.  Median price of homes is $3.88 million. if you have any complaints, Michael Bloomberg is around the area.

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