The Top Ten Most Expensive Houses in Texas

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. In terms of population, it has the largest…next to California. In terms of size, it is the biggest…next to Alaska. Well, it is the biggest in the mainland portion of the United States. In terms of city population, Houston has one of the largest…well, fourth largest after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. In terms of state gross domestic product, it owns the biggest…after California.

Texas is located in the western South Central portion of the United States. It is known as the Lone Star State to symbolize the state’s status of once being an independent republic. As a matter of fact, Texas has belonged to six different countries, thus the term Six Flags. It was first colonized by Spain, followed by a short stay by France, before Mexico took control until 1836 when Texas became an independent republic. Nine years later, Texas joined the United States as the 28th state. It then became part of the Confederate States of America in 1861 before returning to the Union after the Civil War.

But one thing where Texas is king is for the most expensive house in the country. This and the others in the list make up the top ten most expensive houses in Texas.


10 1906 Scenic Dr, Austin 78703 - $13.95 million

This house was built in 2006 and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It has a total floor area of 7,486 square feet on a lot that measures 15,999 square feet. This is a masterpiece in architecture, blending steel, concrete, limestone, glass and wood into an oasis by the lake. All the bedrooms have a view of the lake. Modern equipment means that everything is automated, from the security and lighting to the audio-video appliances and even in the underground parking garage. There are walkways suspended over the waterfalls and wading ponds. These lead to a boat dock that is considered one of the prettiest in the state capital.


9 1808 Point de Vue Dr, Flower Mound 75022 - $14.75 million

This house was built in 2005 and has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. It has a total floor area of 21,131 square feet on a lot that measures 453,023 square feet. It is designed like a French chateau estate and it overlooks Lake Grapevine. The house was built using imported stone and venetian plaster and features hand painted mural, customized woodwork and modern appliances and equipment. There are three stall barns and a guest house with three bedrooms.


8 8496 County Road 97, Celina 75009 - $15 million

This house was built in 1995 and features four bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. It measures 15,000 square feet on a 314-acre lot. It has a heated pool, wine cellar, three stock ponds, two arenas, mare motel, a home for the ranch manager and an equipment barn.


7 405 Timberwilde Ln, Houston 77024 - $15 million

This house was built in 1994 and has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Floor area is 16,414 square feet on lot size of 107,200 square feet. There is centralized air conditioning and generous spaces are allotted for an attic and a garage.


6 12400 Cedar St, Austin 78732 - $15 million

This house was built in 2004 and features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The house measures 15,394 square feet on a lot size of 710,899 square feet. It has an Italian villa design and it overlooks Lake Travis. There is a library, wine cellar, theater, gym and indoor basketball facilities. It also has a private boat dock.


5 88 W Grand Regency Cir, The Woodlands 77382 - $19 million

This was built in 2006 and offers 10 bedrooms and 15.5 bathrooms. The size of the house is 30,717 square feet on a lot that measures 183,387 square feet. The master’s unit measures 3,000 square feet. Three elevators are inside the house. There is also an exercise spa with a shampoo salon. The well-equipped kitchen comes with a walk-in cooler.


4 3688 Willowick Rd, Houston 77019 - $19.995 million

This was built in 2000 and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The house has a floor area of 16,022 square feet and lot area of 161,614 square feet. The exterior of the house is made of brick. Centralized air conditioning is available.


3 4009 W Lawther Dr, Dallas 75214 - $24.9 million

This is an old house built in 1929. It has five bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Floor area is 10,511 square feet while lot size is 435,600 square feet. The house has been totally renovated and provides elevator access. Overlooking White Rock Lake, it also has a two-storey guest house, pool house, bowling alleys, garage facility, tennis courts, heated pool, putting green and gazebo. There are also two fireplaces and a pizza oven.


2 4939 Manson Ct, Dallas 75229 - $29.995 million

This was built in 2011 and offers 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Floor area is at 29,176 square feet and lot size measures 125,235 square feet. It has a 14-car garage, as well as covered parking spaces for 18 vehicles. The master’s suite measures 2,200 square feet. There is also a guest house, library, mud room, recreation room and swimming pool. The house is already furnished in full and equipped with modern appliances.


1 10000 Hollow Way Road, Dallas 75229 - $135 million

This house was built in 1939. Floor area is 42,500 square feet on land that measures 25 acres. The Italian Count Pio Crespi originally owned the house. Tom Hicks bought it in 1997, which is why the estate is known as the Crespi-Hicks Estate.

Major renovations were done after Hicks purchased the estate, with total cost amounting to $100 million. Aside from the five-storey main house, there is also a two-storey guest house and a three-storey pool house.

There is also a home theater that occupies an entire floor. There are several greenhouses, a tennis court, tree house and a variety of gardens. There is also a hidden driveway that serves as a second entrance to the property.

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