The Top Ten Most Expensive Furniture in the World

A house will never be considered a home unless it has been furnished in full. Unless you want your house to look sparse and bare, it is imperative to buy the requisite furniture. The living room must have a sofa, some chairs, maybe a shelf and cabinet, a center table and some side tables as well. The bedroom should have a bed with a mattress, tables and chairs, and maybe a desk and office chair to allow you to do some work. The bathroom should have a bathtub and some cabinets for your clothes and bathroom and lavatory essentials. Even the kitchen area would need some cabinets and shelves where you can store your plates, pots and pans.

Initially, you may want to keep things cheap and just buy some items from the local furniture store or maybe Ikea. When it gets old, you may even consider repairing the furniture or maybe upgrading it with better materials or dabbing it with a fresh coat of paint. Eventually, you will get tired of the design and you may opt for some more expensive, but sturdier, items.

But let us say that money is not an object. Imagine finally reaching the top of your company’s totem pole, or your business finally hitting the big time by breaking through the market. You are at a point when you will not even settle anymore for just the most expensive item in the local store. Instead, you salivate for the big-ticket items, the furniture that are one of a kind, or specially built for elite clients only.

Then, you may want to consider the following items. These things cannot just be ordered off the rack in Ikea or Macy’s. You must be willing to spend the cash though, because these items are not just your simple and average furniture, but also an investment and an asset that would also serve as display pieces to exhibit at your home.

These are the top ten most expensive luxury furniture in the world.

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10 The Badminton Chest - $36.7 million

No, this is not a simple cabinet where you can stuff your badminton racquets and shuttlecock in. The Badminton Chest is actually named after the Badminton House in Gloucestershire, the seat of power of the Duke of Beaufort. When the 3rd Duke of Beaufort, Henry Somerset, was 19 years old, he commissioned to have that cabinet built. The cabinet was so intricate with amethyst quartz and other stones that it took 30 experts six years to complete the thing. The descendants of Somerset have since auctioned off the Badminton Chest.

9 The Dragons Chair - $27.8 million

The chair’s design is a masterpiece from the Irish designer named Eileen Gray, who created it from 1917 to 1919. It was then put up for auction at Christie’s auction house, where it was expected to fetch an astronomical price of between $2 million to 3 million. Apparently, some art dealer from Paris thought the price was not high enough, and ended up bidding ten times that amount. The Dragons Chair was then passed on to Yves Saint Laurent, the founder of the fashion brand that bears the same name.

8 The Tufft Table - $4.6 million

A general store owner from Lumberton in New Jersey named Richard Edwards ordered this table from Thomas Tufft in the 1700s.  The entire table was carved by hand, and features pierced fretwork. The table’s long legs have thin ankles and highly detailed ball-and-claw feet. The descendants of Edwards eventually sold the Tufft Table to an architect based in Philadelphia named Samuel Harrison Gardiner.

7 Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed - $1.6 million

Yes, this is a bed that seemingly floats in the air. The architect Janjaap Ruijssenaar collaborated with Bakker Magnetics and they took six years to develop the technology needed to pull off the design of the floating bed. Making use of permanent and opposing magnets of industrial strength, the bed is allowed to float 40 centimeters above the floor, while holding up to 900 kilograms of weight. The result is a visually appealing furniture for the bedroom.

6 Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten Office Chair - $1.5 million

What happens when you commission a firm responsible for the design of some of the luxury cars churned out by Cadillac and Ferrari to instead plan and create an office chair? The result is a chair fitted with all the luxury you could think of that a chair can possibly have. Both the back and the chair can be tilted individually because of its Dynamic Synchronized Tilting System. The cushion will conform to the shape of the user because of its Technogel design. The fabric is also so durable as it is made of Dynatec. You can get comfortable easily in this office chair.

5 Solid Gold Stool - $1.3 million

It’s hard to classify this if it is furniture or jewelry. The stool may be made in China, but the quality is top class as it is made of solid gold. Yes, a stool made of 110 pounds of solid gold.

4 Parnian Desk - $200,000

Parnian is an Arizona-based company that can create customized desks. The desk will be made of six kinds of exotic wood, including Carpathian elm and ebony. A customized glass will top it off.

3 Plumebanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa - $184,000

Plumeblanche made only 50 of this sofa. It is made of solid mahogany, upholstered with leather and features a glossy lacquer finish. The sofa is shaped like and encrusted with diamonds.

2 Archeo Copper Bathtub - $67,557

Bathe in style with this solid copper tub with fluted faucet and hand held shower unit. It measures over five feet long and two and a half feet wide.  It can fill up to 270 liters of water. This comes from the same hands that restored the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

1 Vividus Mattress - $59,750

A bed made of cashmere, flax, horsehair, lamb’s wool and silk would make for a very comfortable sleep. The bed was created by Hastens, a Swedish company. Now, imagine fitting this mattress into the floating bed.

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