The Top Ten Luxury Retreats in the World

Where do you escape to if you want to get away from it all? Most people will want to take a vacation in some faraway place, be it a secluded mountain spot in South America or isolated beach resort in the Caribbean. The problem with this, however, is that you have to plan things carefully. You have to make sure that you make a reservation early and you have to ascertain that the place you are going to is not a noisy tourist trap.

How nice would it be then if you have a place to retreat to that you could call your own? It will be your home away from home. It will be your retreat house where you could imbibe in luxury while taking a break from the hectic pace of work. If money is not an object, then you should aim for the best and the most luxurious. Here are the top ten luxury retreats in the world.

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10 Rangyai Island, Thailand - $180 million

Rangyai Island is located near the popular island of Phuket in Thailand. It measures 44.52 hectares and can be accessed by boat within ten minutes from the nearest town. Even though it is isolated and peaceful, you do not have to endure a long ride to get here, as the airport is a mere 20 minutes away. It has white sand beaches and verdant forests, even as modern amenities like electricity, fresh water and mobile signal are also available to make your stay more relaxing.

9 Cave Cay, Bahamas - $110 million

The beaches in this island are relatively untouched and the vegetation is abundant and flourishing.  It is accessible by sea through its private deep-water harbor, and by air through its private, 2800-feet runway.  Diesel generators and solar panels are installed for electricity. The main house is located at the highest point and has a commanding view of the area. Provisions for guesthouses, suites and restaurants have been made in case you decide to rent out the place to tourists.

8 Shelter Island Estate, Montana - $78 million

The estate features a main house covering 24,000 square feet of property. It has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The house faces Flathead Lake, considered as one of the cleanest lakes in the world. Glacier National Park is a few minutes away. The house is solidly built on granite foundation.

7 Emerald Cay, Turks And Caicos - $48.5 million

A luxury retreat entails cutting off ties from the rest of the world, even if for just a few days. What better way to do it than by staying at Emerald Cay, which features a swing bridge that will connect the place to the mainland only when activated by a remote control? Once inside, you can remove the bridge so that you can exclusively enjoy the amenities that the place has to offer. These include two pools with a waterfall, tennis and volleyball courts, a huge wine cellar, a home cinema and even a multi-storey library.

6 Darby Island, Bahamas - $40 million

If you envision having a luxury retreat similar to that of royalties, then Darby Island is the place to be. It features a 7,000-square-foot castle built in the 1930s. Several white sand beaches and clear turquoise water surround the island. The mountain offers a commanding view of the surrounding areas. It has a deep natural harbor for sea vessels, and it has a provision for a 5,000-foot airstrip.

5 Children’s Bay Cay, Bahamas - $29.995 million

A five-bedroom house is perched on top of a hill that will provide you a nice view of the sea. You can take your pick of where to swim among the seven beaches located in the area. There is a marina where sea vessels can park, as well as a gazebo that can be used for relaxation at any time of the day.

4 Little Bokeelia Island, Florida - $29.5 million

This is a Spanish-style estate house spread over 100 acres of area. It features a nature trail, a huge swimming pool, private beach and tennis courts. The place is so large that the waterfront area can be further subdivided into 29 lots. Utilities are already in place for this area in case you decide to have it developed.

3 South Molle Island, Australia - $29.2 million

Just off the coast of Queensland in Australia, its main beaches stretches about a mile and provides a great view of the sea and the islands surrounding it. it is accessible by boat or by air, with a helicopter pad available in the area. For golf lovers, you can try your luck in the nine-hole course in the island.

2 Ile Gagnon, Quebec - $28.8 million

Take your luxury retreat up north in Quebec by staying in this stone mansion. The place is very private, as it is completely fenced in. To get into the place, one has to pass through a gated bridge that is equipped with security outposts.  A helicopter pad is also available if you prefer to go by air. As this is French Canadian territory, the mansion was patterned after a French Normandy chateau. The outside is completely sheathed in stone and topped with a slate roof. The interior of the house boasts of classical designs. The ground floor features a formal living room and an 18-seat dining area, a library, fireplaces, sunrooms and an office. A winding staircase to the second floor will lead you to the master’s suite and children’s bedroom. At the top floor are the guest room and gym.

1 Mouchaoi de Alhandra, Portugal - $25 million

If you prefer a luxury retreat in a rural setting, then this place located near the Portuguese capital of Lisbon will do. The area is used for agricultural and cattle exploration. It has a manor’s house, as well as support installations for agricultural services. It is only 10 kilometers away from the open sea, and the weather is mild all year long because of its Mediterranean location.

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