The Top Five Most Expensive Luxury Vacation Rentals

You tend to spoil yourself rotten during vacations. After all, it is a vacation, in which you are free from the everyday trappings of work or school. You book yourself a deluxe medium sized room in a decent hotel that serves good meals and decent service. You hope it would complement your nice day on the fine sands of the nearby beach, or on the slopes where you did some snowboarding or skiing, or on the mountains where you hiked and communed with nature, or in the city where you simply absorbed the sights and culture that the place has to offer. Or sometimes, you just hope that the room will provide a nice place to lay your head and relax.

But whomever it was who said that man’s desire is insatiable got it right. No matter how clean your room is, with a spacious area, soft bed, fluffy pillows and well appointed bathrooms, you will still look for an even cleaner and bigger one with softer beds, fluffier pillows and better bathrooms. No matter how decent and fast the service may be, you will still pine for even more decent and faster response, to the point that only a butler or maid specially assigned to serve only your needs would satisfy you.

Such luxury vacation rentals are indeed available in the market. If you are rich and awash with cash, then these places are perfect, as they will provide you a home away from home in those few days of vacation. You will not miss your multi-storied castle of a mansion while staying in these equally luxurious vacation rentals.

If you are not exactly floating with money, maybe a luxury vacation rental is exactly what you need to remind you of what you are striving and working hard for.  Being served hand and foot 24 hours a day will allow you a glimpse of luxury, the kind that the rich or powerful or famous are accustomed to, the type that you should aspire to regularly avail of one day.

Here then is a list of the top five most expensive luxury vacation rentals in the world today.

5 Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands - $54,000 per day

This 74-acre island can accommodate 28 guests and staffed with 60 people. That means there can be up to two resort personnel serving each guest even if the place if full.  It has 10 villas atop the hill overlooking the beach with open walls allowing a full view to and from any direction. There are two private beaches, pools, tennis courts and all the water sports equipment you can think of.

4 Nygard Cay Beach Resort in the Bahamas - $42,000 per day

When Robin Leach proclaimed in the show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous that he wishes you champagne wishes and caviar dreams, he certainly was thinking of you spending your vacation at the Nygard Cay in the Bahamas. He actually called the resort the most unusual villa rental in the world.

Owned by Peter Nygard, your vacation starts off right at your own airport where Nygard’s Boeing 727 will pick you up from anywhere in the world. Upon landing at the airport in Nassau, a private limousine and a Hummer will provide transfer service to the six-acre resort.  Once in the vacation rental, you will immediately notice the design and architecture of the place inspired by the Mayan civilization. A grand hall measuring 32,000 square feet and covered with a glass ceiling weighing a hundred thousand pounds will greet you.

The resort has ten bedrooms, two swimming pools, five whirlpoos, a tennis court, basketball court and volleyball court. Additionally, you can avail of the 82-foot yacht or one of the resort’s three boats. A staff of 20 is on hand to serve your every need.

3 The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms in Las Vegas - $40,000 per night

The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa is a two-storey luxury suite patterned after Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. It is designed to give every man a taste of his own fantasy. The Sky Villa boasts of an outdoor, cantilevered Jacuzzi pool that offers a fantastic view of the famed Las Vegas strip.  It has glass end walls, a massive living room, a full bar, a private dining area and an eight-foot rotating bed. All these can be accessed through your very own glass elevator that caters exclusively for the villa. For those who do not want to be remiss in their fitness program, the villa also has its own gym that includes a treadmill and stair climber. It also has its own private spa.

The villa has three bedrooms and a bathroom with a huge tub. It also has a fully stocked bar and an espresso machine. You can enjoy these drinks while cozying up in front of the fireplace. Or maybe, you would rather watch videos on the pop up plasma televisions. These, along with the drapes, are Creston controlled.

The villa measures a mammoth 9,000 square meters, so if you want to invite all those new friends you had just met at the casino, feel free to do so. After all, the villa can accommodate up to 250 people.

2 Kempinski Hotel Grand Ski Chalet in Dubai - $25,100 per day

It may measure only 228 square meters, and the full kitchen and marble bathrooms may not be necessarily unique to this chalet, but it does have the amenity of having a ski resort in the middle of the desert. That’s right, you can snow ski in the middle of the desert using the indoor slopes of Ski Dubai. Imagine not having dreary winter weather, even as the high-end air conditioning keeps you cool like you were in a temperate zone rather than a sun-baked area.

1 Trident Castle in Jamaica - $7,000 per day

The sea is just a few meters away from this castle that has eight bedrooms and bathrooms. A full complement of house help is available at your beck and call, from butlers to chambermaids and gardeners. The castle sits on 17 acres of land and offers panoramic views of the sea, the bay and the surrounding hills. A helicopter is available for a 13-minute ride to the capital or an 18-minute ride to the airport.

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