Most Expensive Sweet 16 Parties

They are 16, they are beautiful and they are still under their parent’s care. A sweet 16 party is supposed to be a coming out event, with the teenager slowly leaving his childhood and on the cusp of being a full-fledged adult. And an adult would entail a lot of responsibilities and repercussions for wrong decisions. But in the meantime, maybe, just maybe, these kids can be allowed one last irresponsible childhood tantrum.

A sweet 16 party for the kids of the rich and famous usually follows the following not so simple steps: (1) an unusual and expensive demand from the kid for the parents to cough up the dough for an outrageous party, (2) parents finally accede as no parent can say no to a kid especially if they do have the cash to spare, even if it means some unnecessary and ridiculous spending, (3) the celebrant bandies around the invitation while embarrassing those who would not be invited, (4) the proverbial mistake in the party and the child would have a meltdown and (5) as if on cue, the party suddenly comes together and everything ends happily.


It is just like a dramatic script from some television show, isn’t it? MTV recognized this early and decided to make a show out of it entitled “My Super Sweet 16.” Here is a list of some of the most memorable and top 10 most expensive sweet 16 parties ever.


10 Alexandria Andrews – Heaven Only Knows


She was the “rich girl” in school and she lived up to the billing with a heaven-themed party. Guests came in white and Alexandria appeared in a swimsuit with giants wings on her back, similar to a Victoria’s Secret angel. Clyde Carson of The Team performed. Alexandria got a Cadillac CTS as her gift.


9 Ariel Milby – Fairy Tale

She is the daughter of an oil millionaire from Kentucky. Ariel celebrated her 16th birthday with a fairy tale-themed party. She got a BMW Series 3 as a gift, as well as assorted jewelry. What makes this appalling was that her father owed over a million dollars to Arizona investors for fraud.


8 Priya Kothapalli - Bollywood

Her father is a renowned cardiologist from Beaumont, Texas. The family converted their 4.5-acre-backyard into a stage straight out of Bollywood. Unsmiling, muscular bodybuilders handed out their invitations. Their grand entrance was preceded by a procession of elephants. Yes, elephants! She then performed a choreographed, Bollywood-like number with her sister, who was celebrating her graduation as well. The indie rock band The Format was also hired to perform. For all these trouble, she received a diamond tiara and a Mercedes convertible.


7 DJ Clark – Black Diamond Affair

He is the son of NFL linebacker Danny Clark. Invitations were given out by Clark’s teammates to surprised invitees. The hip hop group called The Pack performed during the party, and DJ drove off that night in a brand new Mercedes Benz GL450.


6 Margaret Ann Carter – Carnival of Delights

Margaret Ann is the classic blonde girly girl who craves to be the center of attention. For her 16th birthday, she dressed up as a carnival girl while handing out invitations. Already a veteran of beauty pageants, her poise was tested when the band Cobra Starship appeared to perform at the party. Her parents then led her outside to show their gifts to her – a Hummer and a jet ski.


5 Sophie Mitchell – Moulin Rouge theme


Sophie was a high school senior from West Palm Beach in Florida. Her mom is a very successful veterinarian and is earning a hefty sum of money. Sophie recognized this and knew that she could demand anything for her sweet 16 party. And demand, she did, as Sophie did away with the usual pajama party sleepover with her friends for something more outrageous. Think of it as a cake and ice cream party multiplied several times over. Her party had a lavish Moulin Rouge theme. It took them four weeks to organize the event. A cake that cost around $1,500 was ordered for the occasion. A fleet of stretch limousines was hired to transport her friends to the party. The celebrant then made a grand entrance while accompanied by can-can dancers. The irony of it all was that Sophie could not see the shallowness of it all, even proclaiming that it was a party of substance. And for all that, Sophie also received a BMW X3 as her birthday gift. All in all, her parents spent $180,000 for the party.


4 Aly Michalka – Le Deux

Aly is a recording artist who is part of the duo named 78violet with her sister Amanda. Her joint party with Amanda’s 18th birthday celebration featured the band Plain White T’s. She got a 2008 BMW Series 5 as her gift.


3 Kat Castro – Caribbean


The Palm Springs native celebrated her sweet 16 on board the Queen Mary cruise ship moored in Long Beach. She arrived in a helicopter and left in a brand new $100,000 Porsche.


2 Aaron Reid – 40/40 Club

Can you think of a better way to ingratiate yourself to new classmates than by hosting a kick-ass party? While you are at it, you might as well do it in some exclusive club owned by a real hip musician. Even better off, hire someone really famous to sing for you. That’s what happened to Aaron Reid. Aaron is the son of the music mogul, L.A. Reid. After he turned 15, he moved from Atlanta to New York and started attending a new school. Being in a new environment is tough, so for his 16th birthday, his dad decided to rent out the 40/40 Club owned by Jay-Z. Portable music players carrying his voice invitation were given out to his classmates. He then spent $10,000 to revel with 100 of his newfound friends. A red carpet welcomed the partygoers, who all were surprised with a number by Kanye West and P. Diddy. Being only 16, the party ended at 11 pm. Hiring Kanye West for the night can cost $3 million, while Diddy probably charges more. Good thing they’re both good friends of his dad.


1 Quincy Brown – Stunna Sixteen

He is the stepson of Diddy. Originally from Atlanta, Quincy had moved to California with his mother, Kim Porter. He hosted a sweet 16 concert party that featured artists like Bow Wow, Crime Mob, Fabo, Gorilla Joe, Hurricane Chris and Omarion. Diddy also gave him a pimped Range Rover and a classic white Cadillac convertible.

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