The Most Expensive Wedding Cakes in the World

There are many things to do when you are planning a wedding. This is one of the most important dates in a couple’s life, so you can be forgiven if you want to plan everything down to the minutest detail.

So you go around searching and researching for the things you would need for your wedding. Among other things, you need to plan:

  • The wedding party. Who will be on the entourage? Closest friends and relatives would, of course, fill up most of the roles in the wedding party, like the ones to put on the veil and cord. You also need to plan who your godparents will be.
  • The time and place. This may be a bit tricky, as you need to coordinate the time of the venue for the wedding ceremony and the after-wedding reception. You also have to ensure that the location of the two are not that far apart.
  • The wedding officer. Unless you are planning one of those shotgun weddings in Las Vegas, try to book the person who will officiate your wedding in advance. It will be nice if the wedding officer is someone both sides know personally.
  • The guest list. Again, who are the people whom you should you invite? Should you invite old high school friends you really have not seen for the longest time? Do you prefer something intimate and just have your closest current friends in attendance?
  • The photographer and videographer. Do not scrimp on this. Remember that the pictures and videos they will take will last you a lifetime. Get a reputable photographer and videographer. They should know how to capture the most intimate moments without being too distracting or obtrusive.
  • The hotel for the guests. Choose at least three different hotels offering varying price points that are near to the venue.
  • Wedding clothes. Grooms can always choose a classy black tuxedo to wear for his wedding. Brides must pick out a designer they are comfortable with. The gown must not only emphasize the bride’s assets, but also hide the imperfections.
  • Wedding invitations. Should you choose something classy and elegant, or something fun and unique? Regardless, choose an invitation that reflects your personality, as this will also set the tone of the wedding.
  • Flowers. You can opt to leave this until close to the wedding date, as florists are capable of handling quick orders and multiple clients.
  • Favors.  Again, give out something unique that guests will remember you by. Do not hand out tokens that are not useful.
  • Honeymoon venue. Probably the most exciting part of the wedding. Regardless of where you go, make sure they have nice rooms.
  • Rings. You will be wearing this for the rest of your life, so go for a design that is timeless and classy.
  • Caterers. Guests will always remember the food they are served. Get the best caterer you can find and book them way ahead of the wedding date. They are bound to be in demand.
  • And of course, the wedding cake. It may be wise to allot anywhere from 3 percent to 4 percent of your budget for the wedding cake. You may ask why a sweet delicacy made up of sugar, flour, butter and eggs can get so expensive. Well, for one thing, anytime you put the word wedding as a prefix for something, prices automatically jack up several notches, as suppliers know that it is a special event that you will be averse to scrimp on. For another, the structure of a wedding cake makes it harder to create. It is not easy to assemble a cake that has more than a couple of tiers in it, more so if it will include special decorations that will somehow reflect the couple’s personalities.

But if you are a dessert person and want to go to town in serving your guests the most amazing wedding cake ever, then you may want to consider something similar to the wedding cakes listed below. These are the top five most expensive wedding cakes in the world:

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5 Pirates Fantasy - $35 million

Created by Sri Lankan celebrity chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe, this cake was featured at the Heritance Ahungalla Hotel. The cake comes in ten layers, with each layer featuring a different stone belonging to the sapphire family. The most expensive is the King Sapphire. It also features ten pieces of jewelry, including a necklace, bracelet, ring, pendant, cuff links and tiepins. Exotic ingredients are also used, such as cinnamon, almond cookies, baked cheese, walnut, pumpkin and lemon. The different jewels and flavors symbolize the beachfront property of the hotel.

4 Wedding Cake by Nahid La Patisserie Artistique and Mimi So - $20 million

This wedding cake was created by the renowned cake designer Nahid Parsa of Nahid La Patisserie Artistique based in North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in California. The famous fashion and jewelry designer based in New York, Mimi So, assisted them. The cake was unveiled in 2006 during the annual Luxury Brands Bridal Show in Rodeo Drive. The cake was decorated and glittered with diamonds all over.

3 Diamond Chocolate Cake - $5 million

A Tokyo-based jeweler who encrusted 2,000 diamonds into the cake created this. It was shaped like the African sub-continent, as the dark chocolate cake was made in honor of Africa. No word yet how much it would cost if you request for a cake shaped in a couple’s image and likeness.

2 Diamond Fruitcake - $1.7 million

This was also created in Tokyo and featured two tiers and six sides. To top it all, there are 223 small diamonds encrusted on the cake’s exterior. The bride will probably not want to serve this out to the guest.

1 Diamond Wedding Cake - $1.3 million

Created by Dallas’ Delicious Cakes and the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, this cake has nine tiers and weighs 160 pounds. The cake is adorned with diamonds weighing 1,200 carats around the base of the tiers. There are also some rubies to provide a contrast in color.

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