The Most Expensive Toilets

If money were no object, would you ever spend a fortune on a toilet? While a luxury toilet seems like the last thing you’d want to spend your money on, some people just have so much of it to burn, they don’t mind the splurge. After all, everyone spends a few minutes on it per day, so why not make the experience as comfortable as it can be, right?

Here’s a list of the world’s most expensive toilets.

15 IntiMist, $450 for seat only

While this is not a complete bathroom fixture, the IntiMist is a swanky add-on that turns even the most old school toilets into a bidet complete with warm water, a warm air blow dryer and a heated seat.

14 Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, $600 for seat only

Similar to the IntiMist, the Brondell S1000-EB Swash 1000 is a toilet seat that provides its users with a heated, ergonomic seat that provides warm air drying and deodorizer settings.

13 Kohler C3, $1,200

Considered the cheapest among all luxury toilets, the Kohler C3 has the basic functions of all luxury toilets including a warm water cleansing wand, a remote control and a night light.

12 Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet, $1,500

The Sun-Mar Excel is not just a luxury toilet; it is also an eco-friendly toilet. It converts waste into fertilizing soil for use in gardens that make use of composting. Plus, it is odorless, non-polluting and uses absolutely no water.

11 Neo-Metro Metro Urban Toilet, $2,500

This stainless steel toilet is a highly durable model designed for residential use. It has a push button to make potty time as sanitary as it can get.

10 Starck C European Toilet Set by Duravit, $3,000

This ceramic toilet is coated with a special finish that is designed to stay as clean as possible. Plus, it is built with additional features such as a dual flush mechanism and a quiet automatic closure system.

9 English Trellis Design by Kohler, $3,700

If you have four grand to spare, this toilet is a steal. It has an old English pattern design that decorates both the tank and the bottom of the toilet. For its intricate design alone, it already makes for a good statement piece in the bathroom.

8 Purist Hatbox by Kohler, $4,100

The Purist Hatbox has a super minimalist design but is actually loaded with advanced functionalities. Not only does it have electronic soft-touch actuation and an elongated bowl design, it also makes use of tank-less technology.

7 Toto Neorest 600, $5,000

Touted as the Toto’s most expensive toilet, the Neorest 600 has a wide range of features to enhance your bathroom experience. For starters, the lid automatically opens whenever you approach the toilet. As soon as you begin to stand, the toilet engages its Power Catalytic Air Purifier function. It also flushes and closes both the lid and the seat automatically. The toilet comes with a wireless remote control, as well. You can easily press the button to close or warm the seat, change the water temperature or perform a “Cyclone Flush.”

6 INAX USA Toilet, $5,900

The INAX USA is built with motion-sensor detection. As you approach the toilet, the lid is automatically opened. While doing your business, you can listen to your favorite tunes, enjoy the heated seat and adjust the lighting options to your liking.

5 “Dagobert” Wooden Toilet Throne by Herbeau, $14,123

Named after King Dagobert, the last ruler of the Merovingian dynasty in 8th Century France, here’s a commode that makes all toilets seem lowly. It was a well-known fact that the Majesty’s Royal Privy plays ‘Le Bon Roi Dagobert’ when the lid is lifted. Of course, true to its inspiration, the musical chime for the song also begins playing as the lid is raised. This classy toilet also includes features such as a pull chain flush with bell and a full set of accessories including candleholder and ashtray. Truth is – this magnificent, five-foot-tall latrine can easily be mistaken for a throne, rather than a toilet.

4 Swarovski-Studded Toilet, $75,000

After designing chrome-plated toilet, Jemal Wright is back to level up the ante. This new design which is part of the “Isis” collection features a fully encrusted toilet with Swarovski crystals. Surely, a bathroom fixture that would put all diamond lovers into a frenzy.

3 Moon River Art Park Toilet, $750,000

While this toilet is not especially designed for private use, it certainly is worth noting. It is tucked hidden inside a man-made cave in Shanghai’s famous Moon River Art Park, and is also considered a local tourist attraction. According to the park staff, people were waiting in line for up to two hours when the toilet first opened in 2005. The use of the toilet is free, as long as you pay an entrance fee to the park.

2 Hang Fung Gold Toilet, $5 Million

Owned by Hang Fung Gold Technology Group, this 24-carat solid gold toilet resides in a demonstration washroom dubbed "The Hall of Gold." It is available for public viewing, as the room features many other opulent washroom accessories like solid gold bars embedded in the floor and other precious handmade items. In fact, tourists would come from all over to have their picture taken on the gold throne. Rumor has it that the company had the toilet made when the gold was only priced at $200 per ounce. Now that gold prices are rising, the bathroom is slowly being dismantled as the owners seek to melt down the gold to take advantage of high prices.

1 International Space Station Toilet, $19 Million

The world’s most expensive toilet doesn't actually reside on Earth. It was launched into space, instead. Built by Russia for the International Space Station in November 2008, the toilet features leg braces to help keep astronauts properly positioned. It also contains special fans that suck all of the waste into a septic tank. The waste then goes through an extremely advanced filter then extracts water from the waste and purifies it for drinking.

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