The Most Expensive Photography Cameras

Photography is one of America's favorite pass times, keeping the average photographer busy with apps like instagram and facebook on smart phones. Pretty much anyone can take nice photos with today's technology. For those professionals who make a living off of photography, taking pictures is a completely different game. This is their livelihood, and they need the gear to keep them making the big bucks. Here are some of the most expensive photography cameras in the world that keep our premier photographers shooting amazing photos.

2 Hasselblad H5D - 40,000$

Hasselblad has always been the leader in fashion and commercial photography. Their medium format image sensors allow for much more crisp photos with amazing definition. This 60 megapixel camera is the known as the worlds top digital camera, which makes its 40,000 dollar price tag a little easier to swallow.

1 Leica M9 Titanium - 30,000$

How would you like a camera and lens made out of titanium. Well now you can have that! With the Leica M9 titanium model, you can own the worlds premier compact full frame camera. This camera takes amazing photos, and is also a fashion statement. With the throw back look, this camera will turn heads for sure.

Canon 1Dx - 7,000$

The Canon 1Dx is an amazing camera that any professional would be happy to use. With an 18 megapixel full frame sensor, this camera can create some amazing images. With the capability to record 1080p video, this camera serves as an amazing cinema tool as well. This camera is one of the favorites for sports photographers due to the rapid shot setting. This allows the photographer to take 14 pictures a second.


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