The Most Expensive Nightclubs In America

There is no better way than to end your day with a drink or two at your favorite nightclub. Whether you are a college student trying to take a break from all the school work, or a working man wanting to unwind from a hard day’s work, or just someone who simply wants to meet new drinking buddies or hook up with other people, then a nightclub is the best place to go. It may cost you though. Here are the top ten most expensive nightclubs in the United States.

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10 SL East in East Hampton in New York - $474 per single tab

Formerly known as the Lily Pond, SL East has 7,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space. The place is ultra chic and serves as a venue for special events, brand programs and live acts. It is centrally located along Three Mile Harbor Road.

9 Provocateur in New York City - $445 per single tab

Provocateur features a retractable roof measuring 4,000 square feet and walls that have black laces. The Virgin Tour of Madonna back in the 1980s inspired the latter. There is also a café inside the nightclub. Do not just come knocking in though. You can only get inside the nightclub if you have an invitation.

8 Club Nikki Beach in Miami in Florida - $435 per single tab

This nightclub used to be run by Tropicana and covers 15,000 square feet. It boasts of first class service and an all white surrounding. The decorations are changed depending on the mood of the night. It also offers a direct access to the beach.

7 Dune in South Hampton in New York - $356 per single tab

Dune is an exclusive and upscale club based in South Hampton. For a couple of years, it was known as the Axe Lounge as the nightclub got itself a corporate partner. It has an outdoor area and a patio and plays a variety of music from 80s to hip hop to top 40 and rock.

6 Dream Nightclub in South Beach in Miami - $306 per single tab

Dream boasts of 8,500 square feet spread over a couple of levels. It features three distinctive rooms, namely The Main Room, The Nugget Room and The Candle Room. It can accommodate up to 550 people nightly. Dream has a vintage retro style dipped with a sophistication that is inherent to cosmopolitan areas.  The ambiance in this nightclub is sultry and intimate.

5 The Box in New York City - $305 per single tab

The Box is located in an old sign factory from the 1920s. Several theater folk, namely Simon Hammerstein, Richard Kimmel and Randy Weiner, saw the huge potential of the place. Taking inspiration from the Hammerstein Ballroom owned by Simon’s grandfather, the three joined forces with nightclub veteran Serge Becker in transforming the old factory into a modern nightclub. The staircase is covered with a Persian Rug and features New Orleans-style balustrades. It overlooks chandeliers adorned with jewels and a back bar that has a mirror and is furnished with huge cabinets. The mezzanine has several armchairs surrounded by a display filled with antique bottles unearthed during the construction. Guests dining in the balcony can use a bar upstairs. Dinner can also be served in several booths on the ground floor near the parquet dancing floor.

4 Club Play in South Beach in Miami - $304 per single tab

This nightclub was formerly called The Fifth. It features three bars, with faces of celebrities airbrushed on top of each. Be prepared to see award-winning actors like Al Pacino, Robert de Niro and Nicole Kidman facing up to you while you order your drink. Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Miami Heat stars Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem, and even the late rapper Tupac can also be spotted in the bar area. Fridays are designated as hip hop party nights, and the minimum order are three bottles. There are 40 VIP tables available. Secluded spaces can also be rented out, though it will set you back by up to $15,000. It does come with its very own bottle service, however. You can also enjoy the services of your own private dancer on a stripper pole.

3 Riff Raff’s in New York City - $302 per single tab

The disc jockeys are attractive and they play all kinds of music, from 80s to pop to dance hits. Bartenders give out drinks while wearing sexy attires, like coconut bras and sequined Agent Provocateur outfits. Leggy waitresses wearing short dresses strut around and paint the face of any willing customer. The club’s bottle service receptacles are made of glowing tiki heads or large plastic flamingos. The punch bowls are communal, though you should be aware that they have been liberally spiked with booze. Sparklers lit them up, lighting up the room just enough to let you see the Southeast Asian tapestries lining the interior.

2 Club XS in Las Vegas in Nevada - $292 per single tab

The hallway connecting the Wynn Tower to the Encore Tower is the location of Club XS. Upon entering, you will quickly notice the three life-size holograms of a woman’s body from the neck down to her thighs gyrating with the sound of the music. The holograms move and face toward the guests as they move around the nightclub. There are also 15 stripper poles available for any woman who wants to show her moves. There are two huge bars and three tiers of tables, all of which face the dance floor. The colors of the tables vary from dark brown to cream, and they seem to accentuate the flow and theme of the nightclub.

1 Greenhouse in New York City - $285 per single tab

This nightclub covers 6,000 square feet spread over two storeys. As the name suggests, the club strives for environmental sustainability. It makes use of bamboo walls, LED bulbs and other recyclable materials. The nightclub has been given a LEED certification, attesting to its green and sustainable practices.

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