• The Most Expensive Motor Home in the World

    Professional sport athletes, entertainers and politicians are the modern vagabonds and the new drifters. Consider the athletes competing in the National Basketball Association. They play 82 games, not counting the playoffs; 41 of which are played on the road. Major League Baseball has 162 regular season games, the National Hockey League has 82 games like the NBA, and the National Football League plays 16 regular season games. Golfers who are members of the Professional Golf Association play almost the whole year round in cities all across the country. The same thing is true for tennis and soccer players.

    Or what about actors who have to shoot movies or television shows on location. While most movies are shot in a sound stage in Hollywood, location shoots are still commonly used. Or the rock bands and pop singers who go on concert tours around North America.

    Now, imagine you are Royce White, who plays for the Houston Rockets with a documented fear of flying. Or imagine you are like some other famous celebrities, who are also afraid of flying, like Martin Scorsese or Ben Affleck. Or maybe you are like a similarly aerophobic concert artist, like Britney Spears. How will you deal with this situation?

    Maybe you can deal with it like how Wayne Gretzky did, which is by getting comforted by a sympathetic teammate. Or like how Muhammad Ali confronted his fear, which was by simply leaving it up to his god. Martin Scorsese dealt with his fear by taking it as a challenge.  He ended up directing a movie, entitled The Aviator, which had several scenes that were shot up in the air.

    Or, you can take the luxuries of your home wherever you go. Ditch the cramped space of commercial airlines and prevent the onset of panic attacks that may be brought about by claustrophobia. Have the peace of mind by possessing the ability to exit the vehicle any time you want and need. These advantages can be brought about by the motor home option.

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    Famous People with Motor Homes

    Motor homes are not just for those with a fear of flying. Some people buy a motor home because of the fun and the luxury that it provides. Among the famous people who own a motor home are the following celebrities:

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    John Madden

    Football fans know him as the coach of the triumphant Oakland Raiders team in Super Bowl XI. Younger fans probably know him more as the name behind the video game. John Madden is a legendary figure in American football and who later on became a television sportscaster. His job entailed a lot of traveling, and this posed a big problem for Madden as he has a fear of flying. He tried several solutions until he came across the motor home solution. He has since adopted that lifestyle, bringing along his motor home whenever and wherever he needs to travel.

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    Pamela Anderson

    The former Baywatch star with a bikini one size too small owns a motor home that is just the right size. She even had it customized with a vibrating bed and a stripper pole.

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    Jeff Daniels

    The Dumb and Dumber star is one smart actor. He and his family have owned a series of motor homes for several years. His Gulf Stream Tour Master is outfitted with all the comforts of a normal home. He has dubbed his huge motor home as The Bus.

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    Vin Diesel

    He showed his love for fast cars in The Fast and the Furious movie series. Vin Diesel actually loves all kinds of vehicles, so much so that he has a motor home that is customized just like a mansion. It has two floors spread out over 1,100 square feet. It features a sunroof that can change shades at the flick of a switch.

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    Lenny Kravitz

    The popular singer and songwriter and producer has a private island. For the luxury of his guests, Kravitz bought three motor homes for their use. And as his song goes, it ain’t over until it is over, as he plans to add some more.

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    Matthew McConaughey

    He was in the movie Dazed and Confused, but he is snug and comfortable in his International Ocean Breeze Airstream motor home. It is so comfortable that he sleeps in it even when it is parked at his mansion.

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    Elemment Palazzo – The Most Expensive Motor Home in the World

    All the abovementioned celebrities, however, will surely trade in their motor homes for the Elemment Palazzo. Dubbed the motor mansion, this mammoth motor home’s starting price is $1.9 million and is made by the Austrian company called Marchi Mobile.

    The Elemment Palazzo weighs 20 tons and carries a 510 bhp engine. It can go at a top speed of 93 miles per hour. It is also quite efficient in fuel consumption, as it is able to go 13 miles in one gallon. This savings is helped by the aerodynamic design of the vehicle, with its classy biomorphic front end.

    Among the motor home’s features are:

    • Closed circuit television surveillance cameras for security monitoring
    • Cozy fireplace
    • De luxe bathroom, equipped with a rainfall shower
    • Driver’s room, equipped with a bunk bed
    • Glow in the dark paint to ensure safety
    • High safety rating, with the motor home’s elevated seating and the high compound strength of the glass fiber plastic cabin
    • Huge satellite television
    • Master bedroom
    • Mobile internet
    • Pop up bar
    • Roof terrace
    • Roomy interior measuring 215 square feet. It is lavishly decorated and also has a slide out section that can double the space to 430 square feet
    • Spacious headroom of 8’2”, enough to accommodate even NBA players
    • Under-floor heating

    If those are not enough, Marchi Mobile is willing to go over the top and encrust diamonds all over your Elemment Palazzo. This motor home is so expensive that living in exclusive neighborhoods is probably cheaper on a per square foot basis.

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