The Most Expensive Kitchens in the World

We have been bombarded by a slew of food shows the past few years. From Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain to Iron Chef and Top Chef, it has gotten the entire world wanting to eat different, if not healthier, kinds of food. Watching those chefs prepare food can make you envious because of their ability to do it quickly and correctly. Surely, they have the innate talent, but having the right equipment and appliances can only make things easier.

One good way of fulfilling this need is by getting a fully equipped kitchen. And for the really rich, a top-of-the-line kitchen with all the modern amenities that can rival the kitchens of high-class restaurants is the only way to go. You should not only have the right appliances, but also a kitchen with the proper layout and design. Here now are some of the most expensive kitchens in the world.


3 Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen - $380,000

Henrik Otto, the designer of the Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen, said that its target market are the super rich, the type that take their holidays in the Caribbean on their own private jet on their way to their own private island. They are the ones who will only buy the top offering in the market and who probably would not even use it as they have their own private chef to do the cooking for them.

So imagine your own kitchen where you, or your chef, can accomplish what was thought could only be done in a Michelin-star restaurant’s kitchen. Like cooking a beef short rib at 68 degrees Celsius for exactly 72 hours, popping it in the blast chiller for setting, slicing it into nice little pieces, warming it on the sous vide, before finishing it in the hot oven. That is exactly what an Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen is capable of doing.

Included in the complete package are the most advanced and modern ovens, blast chillers, sous vide vacuum packers, and computerized cooking appliances. The sous vide vacuum packer alone costs more than $9,400. One glance at it and you might mistake it for a laptop notebook. The blast chiller costs more than $17,800 and the control panel has been configured to simulate that of the iPod.

Prepare to add around $100,000 more if you want top-class flooring, cabinets and cupboards to match your new kitchen.


2 Colosseo Oro - $456,000

The Colosseo Oro is a product of Marazzi Design, a kitchen designer based in London. The company made only 10 of this, meaning this is an extremely limited edition model. The appliances alone cost more than $83,000, including a mirrored steel, max-fired oven hood that costs more than $12,100 and a tap designed by Zaha Hadid for more than $9,100. Zaha Hadid is a famed architect with Iraqi and British ancestries. She was the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004, before bagging the Stirling Prize in 2010 and 2011. As with any Hadid design, the futuristic-looking tap has an elongated look with powerful form and curving shape.

The Colosseo Oro includes some extremely luxurious finishing. The gold glass is stained with Venetian ink, the appliances are supplied by Sub-Zero and Wolf and have a metallic gloss, the leather is embossed with crocodile skin and there are leafings made of gold that weighs 24 karats. Cabinets and surfaces are also included and these have been painted with at least 12 coatings of clear lacquer applied by hand. To complete the unique design, it was then finished with glitter. There are also Swarovski crystal lights to further enhance the luxurious ambiance of the kitchen.

Marazzi Design said that its target clients are those on the upper end of the market. It is supposed to make the kitchen the heart and soul of the home.


1 Fiore di Cristallo - $1.6 million

The Fiore di Cristallo was launched in November 2012 at the London Mayfair by the celebrity chef Aldo Zilli. The renowned Claudio Celiberti, whose potential clients are on an eight-month waiting list, designed the kitchen.

The Fiore Di Cristallo has a crystal worktop and solid copper walls, along with a crystal chandelier from Swarovski that costs $42,000. There is also a crystal island from Murano that costs nearly $59,000. This crystal island serves as the kitchen’s centerpiece. There are also 27 cabinets that sport crystal fronts. These items work perfectly together as the lights bounce off the crystal cabinet fronts and worktop. Another worktop made of stone that costs almost $11,000 complements all these.

The 27 cabinets cost more than $700,000 and come with door handles made of crystal measuring nine millimeters. There is also a crystal water basin that is around $4,200. The taps made by Philip Starck are made of chrome and clad by crystal. It has a value of $2,300.

A wine climate cabinet at the side costs around $4,400, while the refrigerator amounts to almost $8,000.  There is also an espresso machine that goes for more than $2,700. Also included in the package are handcrafted appliances from the German appliance maker called Gaggenau. The cost of these appliances amount to roughly more than $38,200.

The name of Fiore di Cristallo was derived from Cristallo di Murano. Cristallo di Muranos are gems famous all over the world because they are made in Murano, an island in Italy. These are processed using a complex and closely guarded technique. Celiberti chose solid copper walls because the mineral is known to have the hygienic qualities required to counteract the effects of harmful microbes and bacteria.

Celiberti believes that the Fiore di Cristallo is able to push the boundaries in kitchen design, while exemplifying beauty and redefining the meaning of ultimate luxury. The kitchen is both functional and a work of art. All the cuts and components have been meticulously designed, meaning that even the minutest detail in the kitchen has been properly thought of. Experts have likened the most expensive kitchen in the world to having a kilo of the ultra expensive truffles on pasta.

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