The Most Expensive Golf Clubs on the Market

Golf has always been known as a pretty expensive sport or hobby to have. Golf clubs, tee times, and other golf accessories can rack up pretty quickly in price. Knowing how to golf has pretty much always set people apart in business. Many business deals are done on the golf course. Here are the most expensive clubs you can own.

1 Honma

These Honma golf clubs are the top of the top in the golf market. It takes a team of over 100 artisans 8 weeks to create a set of these clubs. With 24 Karat gold, it isn't a wonder why these clubs cost 75,000 dollars.

These golf clubs will set you apart on the course as one of the flashiest golfers out there! If you are looking to make a statement, these are the clubs to own. You can Find Honma clubs online, and in Honma stores world wide. In the USA, Honma stores are located in the Pacific Northwest, in Oregon and Washington. There are also Honma stores all over Asia, In Japan, Thailand, and Korea.

These golf clubs are so nice that I would be afraid to even use them to hit a golf ball! These clubs aren't only just pretty though, they are designed to really up your game! With these clubs, you are given much more forgiveness on your swing, and you are able to add up to 10 yards on to your drive! Any good golfer realizes that even just a few yards can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey.

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