The Most Expensive Fitness Equipment in the World

Most of us can only wish to have the bodies of Hollywood hunks or swimsuit supermodels. But not everyone can have the abs of Ryan Gosling or the body of Brad Pitt.  And no matter how often and how hard a woman hits the gym, the bodies of Kate Upton and Bar Refeili will only remain a dream.

Still, it would not hurt to try. Investing in gym equipment is the first step because having dumbbells and abdominal machines will certainly make it easier to work out, as compared to having to go to the gym. And if you have the dough, you may even want to splash out on some really expensive equipment. It would not guarantee a bodybuilder’s body, but you can at least take consolation in the fact that you have made an investment for the improvement of your physique.

So here then is some of the most expensive fitness equipment in the world.

4 VibroGym Diamond - $69,190

Vibro Gym is popular with celebrities and models. It makes use of vibration to stimulate each and every muscle in your body. This is much better than the conventional gym equipment that only utilizes up to 60 percent of your muscles. The frequency and volume of the vibrations can be modified so that a complete range of workouts will be achieved. The end result is an effective training regimen for your whole body, and all this can be done in only ten minutes per day.

The most expensive of their equipment is the Vibro Gym Diamond. It features 65,000 Crystallized Swarovski Elements encrusted into the equipment’s stainless steel vibration plate. The Vibro Gym logo also features 600 hyacinth-colored stones.

It is gym equipment and jewelry at the same time. And if the workout sessions do not succeed, you can then just stare at your gym equipment to please your eyes. It will set you back by almost $70,000, but there is no guarantee how much weight you would lose.

3 Hypoxi Trainers - $52,000

Dr. Norbert Egger developed the Hypoxi Trainer in the latter part of the 1990s. It is currently available in more than 40 countries around the world. The device has been specifically designed to target the usual problem areas that are encountered by both men and women. These target areas include tummy fat, hips, thighs, butt and cellulite.

Hypoxi trainers are actually exercise machines that simulate a wind tunnel. They have been described as a targeted method of shaping a person’s body. Manufacturers allege that a training program that would last six weeks with a frequency of only three workouts per week is already equivalent to half a year of strenuous gym workouts.  It has two models, the L520 and the S120. Both can supposedly provide their users with a way to lose weight and cellulite in a fast manner. This is done through the stimulation of blood circulation, which is one of the more important factors in reducing body fat.

The normal price of a Hypoxi session is around $69 per workout. For a training plan that would last 12 sessions, the usual charge is $690.

The price of the S120 model, however, has dramatically spiked up after Cheryl Cole, a British songwriter, recording artist, dancer and model who was a member of the all-girl band Girls Aloud, reportedly bought the Hypoxi S120 for $52,000. This was in response after her fellow judge in the TV show The X-Factor, Dannii Minogue, started appearing more lean and slander than her.

2 Quick Gym Range of Motion (ROM) Machine - $15,000

Do you believe that a workout lasting four minutes in a machine can help achieve a full training program for your cardio, resistance and flexibility? The Quick Gym ROM Machine is actually a flywheel weighing 85 pounds with a centrifugal brake. Using this equipment for four minutes is supposed to be more than equal to a full workout training, as the machine will use 12 times more muscle cells than running or brisk walking.

If you are skeptical about this claim made by the manufacturer, then you are not alone. To counter this, the manufacturer has taken in as its endorser such celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jimmy Kimmel. Testimonials and questions and answers are also featured in its website. For those who want to actually experience the equipment, be prepared to shell out $2,500. Yes, $2,500 for a mere trial of this fitness machine. If you later on decide to go on and purchase the equipment, you will have to pay an additional $12,500.

If you are not prepared to shell out that much money, then you may settle for a demo video that Quick Gym can send to you for free.

1 Expresso Fitness S3U Novo - $5,800

The Expresso Fitness S3 Novo is an exercise bike that features a 19-inch monitor. This screen comes with the interactive fitness management system called Expresso Live. The system’s purpose is to add enjoyment to the training program. Using Expresso Live will allow the user to ride in more than 30 virtual tours. The user can also compete against simulated riders. You can also go online and compete against real life opponents over the Internet.  The simulation is so lifelike that you will encounter realistic road conditions as you go along, meaning you need to do actual shifting and steering along the way.

The data can then be saved so that you can compete against yourself in ghost rides. By doing this, you will be able to see your level of improvement and see how much you have surpassed your previous times. Your progress and performance can also be reviewed using your iPhone.

The equipment offers several variants. The most expensive is the S3U model, which will cost $5,800. Other models available include the S3R, which is a recumbent-style bike. There is also an upright bike for children between the ages of 9 and 14 that is called the S3Y.

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