The 15 Most Luxurious Private Jets in the World

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Undoubtedly, flying is the safest, the fastest, (arguably) the most comfortable, and sadly the most expensive way to travel, according to statistics conducted over the years. On the other hand, flying in a private jet is very expensive and is without a doubt the most luxurious way to travel. It's almost impossible for you to own a jet unless you belong to the millionaires or billionaires club.

The wealthiest people on the planet love to spend their money on expensive toys and since planes are very expensive, they happen to be some of the things that they love to collect. Sure, these wealthy people use their jets to get to places faster and more conveniently, but more often than not, these rich guys want to show off and get to their destinations in style.

It's common for the owners of the most luxurious private jets in the world to spend millions, or even hundreds of millions of dollars to make their jets even more luxurious, a cost that does not include the amount that they paid for the plane to begin with. Some private jets are nothing short of five-star hotels that can fly, owing to the amazing amenities that these rich people fit in their planes, not to mention the very expensive customizations that you will definitely not find in ordinary planes.

Here are some of the most luxurious private jets in the world. Get ready to be blown away by what the wealthy have done.

15 Bombardier BD-700 ($45 million) 

The Bombardier BD-700 is an amazing plane that costs around $45 million, and owning one as a private jet is a dream that is far beyond the capacity of what most people can dare to dream. This high capacity, high speed, and ultra-long range plane which goes by the name The Global Express, is manufactured by the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto, and is in use around the world. One amazing thing about this plane is that it can easily fly between any two furthest points in the world, and requires just one stop for refueling. Bill Gates is one of the wealthy people in the world who owns such a plane, and it is ideal for a man of his status.

14 Embraer Lineage 1000E ($49.25 million) 

The Embraer Lineage 1000E is one plane that can transform a business trip into an unforgettable flying experience. Can you imagine flying halfway across the world in a plane with five large and luxurious cabins, extra fuel tanks to give it a range of over 5,100 miles, and a baggage compartment so big that no other executive jet can compare? In addition, the plane has an ultra-custom interior design, spacious dry and wet galleries, a master ensuite with a huge bed and a walk-in shower, and many other luxury features to say the least. If you want to be like the Mexican businessman Jorge Vergara who owns such a plane, you can buy yours for approximately $49.25 million.

13 Dassault Falcon 7X ($50 million) 

The Dassault Falcon 7X is an amazing business jet, which boasts of being the business jet benchmark for the 21st century. Thanks to the advanced technologies, the near-perfect aerodynamics, the groundbreaking innovations, and space-age materials used in this jet, it provides a user experience that one can hardly get in any other business jet. Furthermore, the 7X has an amazing, elegant and whisper-quiet cabin, enough to ensure that your trip does not interrupt your business. The long range comfort and capability of this jet will allow you to fly from Los Angeles to New York and back, and you will arrive back fresher than ever, with enough fuel left in its tank. The above is the luxury that people like Steven Spielberg like to travel in, whenever they want to fly.

12 Sukhoi Superjet 100 ($50 Million) 

If you are one of those people whose schedules are so crazy that you can be expected to be halfway across the world on short notice, then the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is the jet designed to meet your lifestyle. This jet has business-friendly and luxury facilities that will ensure a very comfortable yet very productive trip, wherever and whenever you want to travel. This jet is far more spacious than all others of its size are, it's eco-friendly, and it can be customized to meet your specific needs. At $50 million, you can decide exactly how you want your interior to look, and accommodate even up to 100 people when you travel.

11 Bombardier Challenger 605 ($60 million) 

The Bombardier Challenger 605 might have a $60 million price tag, but since it is one of the most affordable jets to operate and maintain and has the most outstanding mission flexibility, it is a sure winner for jet lovers. Corporate and government leaders love this jet owing to its wide cabins, superior performance, and the ability to personalize it as much as possible. The Bombardier Challenger 605 is a major upgrade from its predecessor the 604, making it a leader in the avionics and structural aspects among jets its size. This jet can comfortably get 12 passengers from two points, 7,400 kilometers apart in record speeds and unmatched luxury, which is why Lewis Hamilton has one just for his personal use.

10 Gulfstream G650 ($65 million) 

The Gulfstream G650 is a jet that was designed for business executives, government officials, celebrities, or anyone who appreciates luxury flying, owing to just how impressive it is. This superfast jet will get you from London to Los Angeles over half an hour faster than any other large-cabin jet. The low pressure in the cabin, in addition to the jet's ability to replenish 100% of the air every two minutes, ensures that passengers get to their destination feeling fresh and energized. In addition, it is possible for you to synchronize your Apple iOS, or Google Android smart devices with the Gulfstream Cabin Management System, to provide you with touch-screen control ability for light, temperature, and entertainment options.

9 Bombardier Global 8000 ($71 Million) 

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The Bombardier Global 8000 is a jet with incomparable cabin comfort, non-stop range capacity, and interior beauty. You can have a wonderful dining experience during your flight or enjoy a 'front row seat' movie experience, as you speed to your next appointment thousands of miles away. This plane will not only get you to your destination faster than most other planes will, but it will also offer you more cabin space and larger window areas while burning less fuel and producing the lowest emissions of planes its size. The size and comfort of the jet allows you to travel with friends and family with ease for long distances, and you get to land even more refreshed than you boarded the plane.

8 Bombardier Global 7000 ($72.4 million) 

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Can you imagine flying in a jet that makes you feel as if you are relaxing in the luxury suite of one of the leading 5-star hotels in the world? Well, if you wish to have such an experience, wait for the Bombardier Global 7000 to hit the market. This jet will come with four beautifully furnished living spaces and unmatched flight luxury and comfort, all ideal to provide you with the most productive or leisurely environment, depending on what you are going for. In addition, this jet has larger than normal window sizes that make it ideal for experiencing the beauty of any city or landscape from the air. With $72.4 million, you will be able to own this jet.

7 Boeing Business Jet 2 ($73 million) 

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The best thing about the Boeing Business Jet 2 is just how wonderful it makes private air travel because it offers you the amenities that you value on the ground such as an office, a bedroom, shower, entertainment facilities and dining facilities, up in the air. This jet gives its owners a wide range of options with regard to customization, making it the choice for top business, government, or private sector flyers. This jet is far more spacious compared to others of its size, its space is more personalized, its reliability is unmatched anywhere in the world, and it has worldwide support. With the Boeing Business Jet 2, you will have the assurance of convenience, mobility, and premium quality every time you fly.

6 Airbus A319 ACJ ($77 million) 

The Airbus A319 ACJ is everything you have ever imagined a flying experience should be, and more. You cannot compare the cabin space, the speed, the range, and the reliability that this plane would offer you to any commercial plane. This jet offers the most luxurious travels to different parts of the world, with a capacity of 18 passengers. The flexibility of customizing the interior of this jet will impress you, thanks to its approximately 79-foot-long cabin, with interior widths and heights of 3.7 meters and 2.25 meters respectively. The jet has a fully equipped office, two bathrooms, a bedroom with an interior private bathroom, and three areas that you can use for dining, socializing, relaxing, conferencing, or as a cinema lounge, depending on what you prefer.

5 Boeing 737 Business Jet ($80 Million) 

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If you are in the market looking for a basic Boeing 737 Business Jet, you will likely get it for $57 million. However, if you have such money lying around why not add another $25 million and transform your business jet into a dream jet? This jet can carry 19 passengers comfortably, and can fly for 12 hours or 5,600 nautical miles without stopping over to refuel. In addition to the jaw-dropping improvements that the extra money will earn you, the jet will also offer you a top-notch conference room facility with Smartphone and computer connectivity, HD video system, and a crystal clear sound surround system. In addition, the jet has king sized beds, a bathroom, a kitchen, and all other amenities you would need in a luxury hotel room.

4 Boeing 767 33A ($83.6 million) 

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Anyone who has ever heard of Roman Abramovich knows that he is a man who is never afraid of spending. Being famous for owning several high-end Yachts, the Chelsea football club, and many other very expensive things, Roman is not one to miss such a list. Roman Abramovich bought a Boeing 767 33A for $83.6 million and then customized it to suit his personal taste. Thirty people can comfortably dine in his super luxurious dining room, they can enjoy the exceptionally high spec VIP interior, a boardroom, master bedrooms, a spacious living room, and luxury bathrooms. The Bandit, which is what most people call this plane, is also one of the safest out there since it has an anti-missile system as well as other security features.

3 Boeing 757 ($100 million) 

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In 2011, Donald Tramp bought his amazing Boeing 757 private plane from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen at a whopping $100 million, did some major upgrades on it, and released a video to show just how luxurious his private plane is. Trump's plane has so many things covered with 24-carat gold, including the sinks, faucets, seatbelts, and practically everything that can look good in gold. Everything from the master bedroom to the entertainment room, the dining area, the guest area, and the circular bathroom screams of luxury, which is what you would expect from Donald Trump. This plane is far more expensive today than it was when Donald Trump bought it, and an opportunity to fly in such a plane would be an amazing experience even for any of the rich and famous celebrities we have today.

2 Boeing 747-8 VIP ($358 million) 

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Some people in this world have so much money that they end up spending it on things that the rest of us would never even think of. One tycoon bought the Boeing 747-8, a plane that should ideally fly 450 passengers comfortably, and transformed it into his private jet. He spent a fortune in refurbishment and ended up with an incredible and luxurious plane. This flying wonder can reach speeds of 646 mph and can fly non-stop for 9,200 miles, the first of its kind to go through this amazing customization. This jet has one of the largest meeting rooms, an elegant dining room, a master suit, a guest room, two spacious living areas, a private living room, big screen TVs, a private office, and amazing bathrooms to say the least.

1 Airbus A380 ($500 million) 

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the man to look up to when it comes to owning a private jet. This billionaire Saudi Arabian businessman bought the Airbus A380 for $300 million and then spent $200 million to customize it into the most luxurious jet on the face of the earth. The Airbus A380 planes were made to transport 800 people, but the Prince used that space to set up a parking space for his Rolls Royce, a concert hall, steam rooms, spa treatment rooms, flat screen TVs on the walls and even the floors, an elevator, and many other luxurious features that you could have never imagined on a plane. The jet even has a golden throne situated as the focal point of the golden lounge, where the prince can sit on while interacting with his friends, family, or guests.

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