10 Of The Most Luxurious Airplanes In The World

What would the Wright Brothers think of airplanes today? These guys were so excited to fly what was the equivalent of glued together toothpicks in the air that they could have never imagined what people were capable of building in the future. The real genius in flight has certainly been what engineers have accomplished behind the scenes. Planes are safer, fly longer, are more fuel efficient, and sleeker than ever before. However, the world is beginning to catch on that the luxuries people enjoy on the ground should not be limited there. The idea of luxury in the air is not only possible, it’s becoming a preferred method of travel for those who can afford it.

Some of the planes on this list have the craziest luxuries one could imagine. These planes have showers, executive bathrooms, and anything else one could think of. There’s even some passenger planes where, for a hefty price, a person can take a long flight in style, never having to look that riff-raff in coach in the eye. No word yet on whether a cage filled with white tigers is available on these planes yet. However, if things continue the way they are, that’s a feature that may come standard. Enjoy the 10 most luxurious planes in the world.

10 Jackie Chan’s Embraer Legacy 650

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Like Jackie Chan, his Embraer Legacy 650 private jet is nothing to mess with. The plane comes fully loaded for the efficient business traveler like Chan. It can fly nonstop for extremely long distances which helps Chan manage his enterprises. Plus, the seats fully recline so a passenger can lay down and sleep or they can sit upright and work. Also, there’s hardly a moment that Chan can’t get something done because the plane comes fully equipped with all of the latest communications technology from the cockpit to the tailfin. The only thing Jackie Chan’s plane doesn’t come with? Fists.

9 Airbus A318 Elite

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Where can a one-percenter find a plane whose bedrooms are bigger than most New York City apartments? How can a tech billionaire bore people about Game of Thrones while sipping on champagne? Where can the soul of a talented flight attendant be crushed while delivering high-end meals to movie producers? The answer to all those questions lie on the Airbus A318 Elite.

With features such as high-backed leather chairs and tons of high-definition televisions all spread out on two different levels, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the Airbus A318 Elite. Plans for a built-in money pit, Scrooge McDuck-style, are still in the works.

8 Airbus ACJ319

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Remember the Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe, who had a sweet jet that had bombs, missiles, and could even hover parallel to the ground? He could probably nuke a place like Guam straight off the map with the press of a button. Plus, it had some cool Cobra decals on it.

Well, even the Cobra Commander would find the Airbus ACJ319 a little pretentious for his taste. With the biggest cabin out of all luxury liners, a person’s inner supervillain can frolic around while they sip on drinks from the plane’s bar, watch one of the high-def televisions, or wash their hands in one of the bathrooms with golden taps. With accommodations like these, the Cobra Commander may spend more time relaxing and less time trying to rule the world.

7 Emirates Airbus A380

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The United Arab Emirates usually ends up on any list that has “most luxurious” in it. Even if it’s “most luxurious chair,” chances are the Emirates have one made of space-age crystal. When it comes to planes, there was no way they were going to be denied.

The Emirates Airbus A380 is perfect for the oil king who can’t get rid of his money. This plane is also a hypochondriac’s dream. It offers a shower on board that allows people a few minutes to get clean. No word on whether the shower pours water or spits out gold bullion.

6 Bombardier Challenger 850

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The Bombardier Challenger 850 was originally manufactured as a passenger jet, but abandoned it to make this sleeker, luxury version. The beauty of this machine is that it has upgraded everything on the inside, but its the plane’s machinery that really sets it apart. Because it was originally designed to transport regular travelers, it is fuel efficient, can carry a heavy load, but it also has state of the art equipment for the staff. On the inside, this monster comes with a kitchen, bedroom, and even a living room for that special “I’m richer than you” touch.

Want to know something crazy? Beyonce bought a special made version for Jay Z for Father’s Day back in 2012. Kind of makes that handmade “Happy Father’s Day” card that dad got last year kind of seem like a piece of crap now.

5 Gulfstream G650

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How come the Transformers only pick to be vehicles that are full of utility? They usually double as a diesel truck, ambulance, or even a fighter jet. So, here's an idea for a new one. What if one of the Transformers doubled as a Gulfstream G650? It definitely couldn't be a leader like Optimus Prime because it wouldn't want to get its equivalent of a studio apartment dirty. Instead of cannons, it would probably squirt champagne in the eyes of its enemies. It's catchphrase would be something like, "Uh, Caruthers, can you please attack these enemies on my behalf?"

After taking a gander inside of this Gulfstream, it'd be easy to see why that'd be the case. Some of the models come fitted where sunlight pours into the bedrooms. Others allow passengers to move seamlessly from reclining in butter-soft chairs to climbing into beds, making travel more comfortable than ever. No word on whether it will join the Autobots or Decepticons.

4 Joseph Lau’s Boeing 747

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American Airlines travelers are familiar with the Boeing 747 and its luxurious interior. The drab carpets. The tight spaces. The non-existent leg room. It’s kind of like flying in a cardboard box. Talk about luxury!Of course, this is luxury to normal people. To billionaire real estate tycoon Joseph Lau, he’d be in tears if he flew like a normal person, hence why he decided to purchase his own 747 for $150 million. He equipped it with all kinds of meeting and office space, probably set up to just count all of his money. There are even reports that the plane has guest rooms and even a gym making his plane just fancy enough for everyone to hate him. Happy travels!

3 Airbus A320 "Heir Force One"

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The Royal family puts generations worth of wealth to good use with their plane. The Airbus A320 comes with its own conference room and even satellite phones so it's easier for the Prince to make phone sex calls. Well, maybe that’s not true, but he could if he wanted.

The family can literally sit in the lap of luxury with its soft seats, wide open walking spaces, and hotel-like suites. Don’t forget the multiple big screen televisions, wifi, and hundreds of movies available to its passengers. It’s easily the most impressive thing in the sky. This begs the question though; in true English fashion, will Prince Charles start declaring himself Lord Highness Duke of All Things Winged? Probably.

2 Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s Airbus A380 "Flying Palace"

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Imagine if the plane a person flies in is nicer than their actual destination. The Airbus A380, once owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, fits that bill. The only aircraft in the world that used fantasies instead of gasoline for its fuel, it virtually tops all of the other planes on this list put together.

Bin Talal bought this monster in 2012 for $200 million and fitted it with all kinds of luxuries. Of course, he had a custom-built parking spot for his Rolls Royce and even a concert hall to compliment the nearly 20 private rooms on the plane. The only thing he didn’t do was actually make the plane out of solid gold. What a cheapskate.

1 Air Force One

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Who has more luxury than the President of the United States? Unlike those rich oil barons, movie stars, athletes, or actors that have paid for their own jets, the President let those sucker taxpayers foot the bill. So, the President is not only livin’ it up on this plane, people pay him to do it.

This plane has all the standard luxury features like leg room, bedrooms, and telecommunications equipment. But what’s different about this plane - other than being bulletproof - is that it never has to stop to fuel. The fuel actually comes straight to it while it’s still in the air. It even has room for the Presidential Limo. Plus, how many other planes have their own Situation Room? No, not a “Situation Room” that some billionaire calls his in-flight nightclub, but an actual Situation Room to handle serious business? It’s easy: zero.


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