The 10 Most Expensive Golf Carts

Golf has long been known as the game of kings and gentlemen, and we have all heard the saying that more business takes place on the golf course than in the board room. Players such as Phil Mickelson and the legendary Tiger Woods have brought golf from a game to be enjoyed by wealthy retirees to one of the most popular games in today's sporting arena. There are now television channels entirely devoted to the sport and a plethora of equipment choices ranging from the traditional set of clubs and golf balls to trendy clothing and even a GPS golf watch. Whole neighborhoods are built around golf courses making them exclusive and expensive places to live.

Certainly a round of golf at an exclusive club can cost more than some people pay for a month's rent but that only seems to make the experience of playing even more desirable. Equipment is expensive also, with golf clubs, golf balls and proper attire being necessary elements of the game. Another popular accessory that has become more trendy in recent years is the golf cart. The golf cart gained wide acceptance with golfers in the 1950's and today is used not only on the golf course. More and more cities are legalizing golf carts as an alternative means of transportation in limited areas.

With the popularity of golf carts rising, so are the brands and models available, with most running by battery or electric power, or in some cases, both. There are now what is called "extreme golf carts" where people can stylize their golf carts much like their cars, adding lift and power. In some cases the sky is the limit with modifications such as custom stereo systems, diamond plated accessories and blinged-out wheels. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith and Adam Sandler have been known to hit the links in some over the top rides. Below is a list of some of the most expensive and extreme golf carts on the today's market. These over the top golf carts are small but mighty.

10 Cadillac Escalade: $13,500

Cool Carts of Texas offers this very popular model with the permission from the manufacturer. The price above is for the standard cart which includes sixteen inch Escalade wheels, simulated burlwood accented interior and functional headlights. For those wanting to take it up a notch there is a myriad of cool upgrades such as a Sony sound system for an additional $650, leather interior upgrade for $850 and even a score card holder and ball washer for an additional $150. Drive up to all eighteen holes in style!

9 The Smoothster: $15,500

Offered by Pennwick, one of the top names in custom golf carts, the Smoothster was designed by renowned auto designer Boyd Coddington who modeled it after the late 30's Roadster. This is a four seater with headlights, tail lights, turn signals and side mirrors. It is built on the new ClubCar chassis and has twelve inch rims. Upgrades available are an Alpine stereo for $500, leather seats for $750 and a custom paint job for $300.

8 The Shadow: $16,500

Also offered by Pennwick, a father and son company, the Shadow whispers luxury from its' iconic shape to its' over the top royal appearance. The Shadow has all the interior features of the Smoothster with the same upgrades available. Also, for those who feel the need for speed, an 18hp motor can be installed allowing the cart to travel up to 40 mph. This cart can run for 40 miles on a full charge, which would allow for roughly three full rounds of golf. Pennwick also stresses that they can add any image or logo to the outside as well as personal stitching or branding to the interior.

7 X4 Hybrid: $17,900

The X4 Hybrid is offered by American Custom Carts and was designed by the infamous custom cart designer Larry Rogers. This hybrid cart allows you the option of electric and gas power and allows you to travel up to 200 miles. This four seater cart comes with standard features such as head and tail lights, cooler box, radio and chrome grille. For those who would like to amp it up, upgrades include a gas motor, six inch lift kit, a canvas top, golf bag rack and ATV off-road tires.

6 The Brooklyn: $18,999

This six seater is offered by luxuryCarts.com and is modeled after the iconic Bentley. With the twin headlights and the matrix grill, one cannot help but be reminded of the classic British style luxury automobile. The price above gives you all the standard features one can expect in a custom cart, but there are many upgrade options to choose from as well. Add a hard top for $900, a custom pearl paint job for $1,500 or rear golf bag holders for $400. This one is a favorite among celebrities.

5 The LaBenz: $19,735

This is another six seater, modeled after the Mercedes Benz. This one comes with upgraded standard features such as custom paint job, tinted windshield, "Daytona style" steering wheel and aluminum sport wheels. It also has the added luxury of drink holders, much needed on a full day on the golf course. Of course for some even these awesome high end features may not be quite enough, so there are upgrades available for the LaBenz as well. These include two bucket seats for $485, golf bag holder $225, carbon fiber dash $125 and a hard top for $775.

4 Hummer 6 Pack Limo H3: $22,600

Offered by the Las Vegas company Bad Ass Golf Carts, this Hummer golf cart is licensed by GM and built to factory specs. This particular model has a 72 Volt A/C drive and can do high speeds with high power. Bad Ass Golf Carts can make any golf cart a work of art with their custom built seats with materials such as ostrich and alligator, to their custom painted bodies and off road tires, depending on what one is wanting from their cart. The 6 Pack Limo H3 is a $4,000 dollar upgrade from the Licensed H3 Hummer version of this cart.

3 F5: $20,500

This is the golf cart for those who would prefer to be driving a racy sports car, even on the golf course. The F5 is the first custom golf cart modeled after the classic Italian sports car, both sleek and sporty and certainly eye catching, especially in Candy Apple Red. The price above includes standard features such as 48 volt charging system, heavy duty fiberglass body, fifteen inch rims and headlights, tail lights, side mirrors, battery charge indicator and an hour meter. Needless to say, upgrades are available and they include an Alpine stereo, hard top or plastic enclosure which could add another $3,000 to this already pricy little cart.

2 Royal Limo: $25,449

Truly a golf cart fit for a king and queen, the Royal Limo is a limited edition model. This six seater vehicle is built for style, comfort and luxury by luxuryCarts.com. Along with the standard features that come with the typical custom cart, the Royal Limo also boasts leather seats, fifteen inch polished billet rims, Alpine AM/FM/CD player, leather seats and a custom two toned paint job. This six seater also comes with a six passenger hard top. The luxuryCarts.com website also has a "Made to Order" program for those who really want to customize their royal ride.

1 Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit: $52,000

Definitely the Carrera of the Course, this is without a doubt the most expensive golf car (not cart!) ever produced. Made by Garia, one of the biggest names in luxury golf carts this cart cannot be surpassed in high end specifications, luxurious accessories, performance and therefore, price. Produced in the same factory as some of the most upscale autos such as Porsche, Aston Martin and Volvo, the Soleil de Minuit has a gear box from the world famous Ducati Motorcyle Company. The roof is carbon fiber, much like the BMW M3 and has a wishbone front end suspension inspired by Formula 1 cars. Inside you will find two-colored hand stitched seats and perhaps the biggest luxury of all, a built in refrigerator! This one has it all for the golfer who requires it and can afford it.

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