The 10 Most Expensive Designer Couches

Couches and sofas are particularly interesting because they are extremely valuable. There are a number of interesting couches that are extremely luxurious but also high in value. Some of these are luxury products that were made as limited productions.

10 Lexington Upholstery Salon Sofa

The Lexington Upholstery Salon sofa has a kiln-dried wooden body with a consistent moisture content that is close to six to nine percent. It is paired with a series of silk tassels hanging on the bottom part of the sofa to keep a sofa body running. This is also made with a soft surface that can support four people at a time. It is available for $5,800 in most places.

9 VIG Chesterfield Leather Sofa

The VIG Chesterfield sofa was made to fit four people at a time and was made with an exotic leather finish. It uses a dark brown tint and refined arm rests with curves around their ends. This is available for $8,000 although a few places have been selling it for closer to $6,500.

8 Sloane Leather Corner Sofa

The depth of the Sloane Leather Corner sofa is a big part of what makes this such an expensive designer couch. It is a little more than three feet deep, thus providing for enough sitting space for all the people who use it. This is made with leather cushions and a hardwood frame. The large size of this couch is a critical part of why it is available for $6,800 in an average store.

7 Sunpan Modern Bugatti Grain Leather Sofa

The Italian-designed Sunpan Modern Bugatti sofa is made with materials that are as luxurious as what someone might find in a Bugatti vehicle. It uses stainless steel legs and strong foam inside its top grain leather cushions. It can be found in grey, black and white colors but it will cost $7,500 to get this sofa for one's home.

6 Padma's Plantation Loft Sectional

The Padma's Plantation Loft Sectional is designed with a C-shaped pattern with Abaca hardwood frames and elastic springs. It particularly uses white fabric cushions. The bottom section particularly comes with an intricate cross-cut pattern. However, anyone who wants this will have to pay $8,200 to get it for one's home.

5 VIG Crocodile Leather Sectional Sofa

VIG has made a unique sofa that uses crocodile leather in a beige color. Crocodile leather has long been associated for being stronger than traditional materials. However, the fact that it is often harder to harvest crocodile leather is something that makes this all the more expensive. This is paired with a large hardwood design and an L-shaped sectional pattern for four people to give this sofa a total value of around $8,500.

4 Fabio Leather Cinema Sofa

The large size of the Fabio Leather Cinema sofa is a part of what makes this sofa a little more expensive. The electric recliners and built-in fridge compartment and small speakers particularly add to its value and make it ideal for use in a home theater setting. In fact, this sofa is available for close to $9,000 thanks in part to these unique features.

3 The Eames Sofa

The Eames sofa is a high-end three-seat sofa that uses leather on the seats, backs and arm rests. It uses aluminum legs and thick urethane-filled cushions that are about two inches thick. This is available for about $9,800 in most places, thus making it out of some budgets.

2 Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa

While the first eight products to see here are products that are consistently being made on the market, some sofas were made with discerning tastes in mind and are extremely limited in quantity. The Plume blanche sofa was made with mahogany wood, leather and a lacquer finish. It has a number of authentic diamonds placed all over its body. These diamonds, the fine finish and the fact that there are only fifty of these that have ever been made make the sofa worth $184,000 on the market.

1 Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa

The stainless steel sofa designed by architect Ron Arad is the world's most expensive sofa. It was designed with a solid finish and a number of curves to create a w-shape pattern. It is worth $300,000 and is so unique that it even went on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art in 2009.

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