Ten Most Expensive Android Applications

Despite all the hype and hoopla surrounding the release of Apple’s iPhone, the most popular mobile platform is still Google’s Android. More than half of all smartphone user platforms use Android, compared to Apple’s iOS that was able to only corner roughly a third of the market. And why not, when Android-powered devices are really smart with advanced features and characteristics that are unique to its platform. The Android experience is further enhanced by more than 600,000 applications that are available through Google Play.  The apps range from games and music to image manipulation and productivity software.

Some are free, like Instagram, Facebook for Android, Twitter, Documents to Go, Google Plus, Google Translate and a host of other important apps. Others require you to purchase the software, with prices for Android’s top 20 paid apps averaging around $4 each.

Some software are priced way above the average, however. A few even touch the maximum $200 that Google has imposed as the limit.  Some may prove to be utterly worthless, while others may be important for a specialized field of work.

Below is a list of the top ten most expensive Android apps.

10 Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus - $200

In 2010, South Africa hosted the football World Cup and introduced to the rest of the world the Vuvuzela. This horn that was supposed to provide a constant drone of fiesta-like noise during the games actually produces a loud and often annoying sound. Even the players on the field complained about it. For an Android app’s maximum price of $200, you can now have the sound of the vuvuzela in your device. Irritate the hell out of your opponents with a simple shake of your phone. Another shake and the sound will cease. By holding down the screen, an announcer can even scream similar to the style of Latin commentators after a goal has been scored. Make sure to inform your friends of your plan beforehand, or you may end up pestering them instead.

9 The Most Expensive Play App - $200

This is also in the $200 price level, tying it as the most expensive app for an Android device. And that’s practically about it because it really does nothing else. Oh, you will get a gold dice status sign that, again, does nothing. Well, the creator never said it was the most useful app in the market.

8 Got Cash? - $200

Imagine you are in an extremely poor neighborhood in some underdeveloped country. A young vagrant comes up to you and asks for alms. But you have to give him $200, not just spare coins. I mean, even if he lives in a rundown ghetto, he still has standards to maintain.  A choosy and demanding beggar, isn’t he? Basically, that’s what the creator of this app is. He has taken the asking of alms into the digital age with an application that does nothing at all.

7 MBE Preparation - $199.99

This app allows would-be lawyers to study for the bar without the need to lug around heavy books that we usually associate with law students. It has more than 240 questions similar to the ones given in the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam, or MPRE. It comes with three different modes, including a simulated exam mode, a practice exam mode and a question and answer mode.

6 Nursing Central - $159.95

This is the first of the medical reference apps from Unbound Medicine. It helps nurses and nursing students by providing detailed information on different procedures, tests, drugs and diseases. The drug database automatically updates itself. Abstracts of nursing journals are also delivered to your device. It includes a drug guide, a medical dictionary, laboratory and diagnostic tests results and coverage of different medical conditions.

5 Emergency Central - $159.95

This app is intended for paramedics and other emergency personnel. It includes a collection of information on various diseases, drugs and medical tests. Information is updated regularly for a year.

4 Medicine Central - $159.95

An app for physicians and nursing practitioners, it includes details on over a thousand medical and pediatric conditions, as well as recommendations for their treatment. Information on more than 4,500 drugs are also included, including its dosage, indication, contra indication and side effects. Abstracts from medical journals are also included. All these will be regularly updated for a year.

3 Anesthesia Central - $149.95

For anesthesiologists and specialists in critical care, this app includes a manual that contains information on various techniques and procedures, as well as drugs and other critical events. It also has a range of topics on various life threatening disorders and presenting conditions. A drug reference guide is also included and regularly updated to show medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration, IV administration, dilution and concentration details, patient safety, high alert notices and interaction.

2 pcMapper DB - $149

This app allows GIS data collection and editing of maps. With this app, you can search and label maps by attributes. You can also measure height and distance using the camera. You can even manage and set attribute tables and validation rules, as to the default, key and value pair, and range. It also allows the import and export of shapefiles and dBase tables. And all these can be done even without a live net connection, as the app can be used even when you are offline.

1 I’m Rich! - $130

Remember Got Cash? and The Most Expensive App?  Well, I’m Rich! works along those same lines. The creator expects you to hand out your cash for nothing at all. That is right, it is good for nothing. The idea is to show off to the world how rich you are by buying an app that would place a virtual diamond in your device. This diamond will not do anything other than take up space in your Android system. If you really want to show off, maybe you can have a real diamond encrusted instead.

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