Shots! The 10 Most Expensive Tequilas

In its purest form, tequila is a spirit which consists of the aged blue agave plant. This is predominately located in the heart of what is fondly known as Tequila, less than 50 miles of Guadalajara. However, before you get your sombrero hats out and reach for the salt, there’s more to this renowned drink than meets the eye.

The majority of tequila is made with an alcohol content of around 40%. There are some which will blow your mind quite literally and can be produced with around 60% alcohol content. Those are some explosive facts to get you started, but most are distilled with a little water added to it. This is in order to decrease the alcohol severity.

Certain Mexican tribes have been drinking tequila for thousands of centuries including the likes of the Chichimecan's, the Otomies and the Toltecan's. Yet from its humble beginnings, this clear drink has reached new consumer levels. In fact, today, you can choose from a whopping 500 plus brands of tequila alone.

When it comes to tequila, no place on earth enjoys it more than the U.S.A. who is considered to be the global leader in the consumer stakes, but what are the most expensive tequila bottles on the market and who makes the top 10? This list should be able to put you straight!

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10 Gran Patrón Platinum: $250

Tequila professionals and amateurs alike have been praising the Gran Patrón Platinum. It has already received a number of different plaudits for its texture and smooth buttery like finish. In addition to this you will be able to sample just a hint of citrus running through the tequila. Some of this is believed to be down the volcanic ash where it is produced high up on the Mexican hills. At $250 this is a snip to uncover its secrets.

9 Don Julio Real: $350

One of the first ultra-premium tequilas, Don Julio Real is another favorite to share with family and friends. This high end bottle is the symbol of luxury tequila and was the forerunner for many others to follow. Produced in the depths of Guadalajara, it had taken on a real air of exclusivity due to the fact that you could only really get your hands on it there. Yet big boys Cuervo have muscled in to take over the production line and now it is readily available at $350.

8 Casa Herradua Seleccion Suprema: $360

Another belonging to the Weber Blue Agave stable, the Casa Herradua Seleccion Suprema is yet another well respected bottle in the tequila world. Priced at $350 it is highly revered and has a unique amber appearance. With a creamy texture and smooth finish on the palate, it is one of the best bottles around.

7 Tres-Quatro-Cinco: $390

Solely made by the Fonseca family from Jalisco, Tres-Quatro-Cinco Anejo Tequila consists of 100% Weber Blue agave plant. This fourth generation clan are the experts as far as growing and tequila distillery are concerned. Consisting of a secret family mixture that blends 3 parts three year aged, 4 parts four year aged and 3 parts five years aged tequila, this gives birth to its name hence 3-4-5. Its special crystal decanter is fit for any cabinet; while its exclusivity sees the Fonseca family produce only 1,000 bottles. These are hand signed and individually numbered by artist Mr. Alonso Gonzalez Jr.

6 Rey Sol Anejo: $400

Costing $400, the Rey Sol Anejo tequila offers hints of spicy vanilla as well as sweet caramel with a savory undertone that makes it so extraordinary. Aged for more than five years in fine oak barrels, it is both supple and at the same time delicate with numerous aromas and subtle textures. Under the Casa San Matias distillers, these products are given its fullest attention with the bottle itself worthy of an award. Hand produced by highly respected artist, Sergio Bustamante, he has already achieved plenty of success in Mexico and across the globe.

5 Clase Azul Extra Anejo (Ultra), $1,700

Aged in sherry oak barrels for a number of years, the super fine Clase Azul Extra Anejo is one to be savoured. Its hellish red appearance will make you want to dance with the devil, whilst you should really check out its stunning Talavera ceramic bottle. Only the purest silver and platinum has gone into its manufacturing, don’t forget the use of 24-karat gold too. With only 100 bottles manufactured annually, it fully deserves its $1,700 price tag.

4 1800 Coleccion: $1,800

This particular bottle is from Luis Yerenas who belongs to the glorious Jose Cuervo estate. Renowned among the tequila world, you have no doubt sipped one of his alter drinking egos. Nevertheless, Senor Cuervo has come up with the stunning 1800 Coleccion, a bottle so intricate it has married together several blue agave vintages. With plenty of time and a slow detailed method, every stage is carefully monitored from agave planting to distillation. This premium bottle is distilled twice in oak French barrels that results in its distinctive taste. Now that’s dedication.

3 Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio: $2,000

For $2,000, the Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio is a work of art. For the tequila connoisseur, this should definitely be on the drinks list. One of the most drinkable and expensive tequilas on the planet, everyone wants to get their hand on this little beauty. The epitome of fine art distillery there are only around 2,000 containers available which have been aged for at least twelve months. With many shipped across to Japan you may have to take a special trip to experience this elite tequila.

2 AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto: $2,800

For the Del Porto ultra-premium tequila Ricardo traveled to Portugal where he purchased barrels from one of the finest port wineries. Bringing them back to Mexico, he rested a cache of 11-year tequila. To create our unique Double Barrel “reposado” we learned it is extremely important to periodically taste the rested tequila until the desired complexity and smoothness is reached. Priced at $2,800 it is certainly one to keep in the drink cabinet for a rainy day.

1 Ultra-Premium Ley .925 Pasion Azteca: $225,000

At a cool $225,000 this is believed to be the priciest tequila in the world. What makes the Ultra-Premium so special is its hand produced bottle. Split into two bespoke pieces made from the purest platinum as well as white gold it is held in place thanks to a logo constructed from solid platinum. In addition, if you have a spare $1.5 million, the company behind this may be able to hunt down one of their exclusive diamond-encrusted bottles if you are lucky.

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