Most Expensive Ramen by Shoichi Fujimaki

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1 King of All Ramen

Food has long fascinated societies from countless generations. It has even sparked great wars when countries voyaged to find valuable spices. Today, one of the safest strategies in business is to venture into the food industry. We know that food is important to our expenses but to what extent will we pay in order to eat?

A bowl of Japanese noodles can instantly satisfy a cold evening and it can be conveniently eaten anywhere. Best of all, it is usually cheap. But a certain Japanese chef created a special ramen serving that will make a run as the most expensive ramen in the world.

Chef Shoichi Fujimaki served his expensive ramen in his new shop in Tokyo’s Kami-Meguro district. It is a spicy tom yam soup that can have its broth in pork or chicken. The ramen is topped with celery with a lemon slice garnishing.

At first glance, there are no special ingredients except for the later addition of green papaya. Positive word of mouth provided an influx of customers and Fujimaki was tirelessly creating ramen so he upped his price.

When he changed his business address to have a better restaurant ambience, he doubled his price and it now costs 10,000 Japanese Yen or over US$120. The ramen has such an air of exclusivity that anyone who wants to taste it must reserve for three days in advance.

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