Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

Every woman, even if some try to deny it, would like to have a fairy-tale wedding. On that special day, the bride should look astounding and the wedding dress is always one of the most important things. Some women can really go overboard when it comes to their wedding dress, such that the price tag can already pay for an entire wedding.

Here are the top 10 most expensive wedding dresses in the world. Some of the gowns had he chance to be worn down the aisle while others were too expensive to put on.

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10 Princess Diana’s David Emanuel Wedding Dress

Putting a price tag on the iconic dress that Princess Diana wore when she married Prince Charles in 1981 is just not possible these days. Renowned designers and fashion experts can just put an estimate on it but the fact that it made a very significant historical mark just makes the price incalculable.

This was made by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, for which, they used antique lace and the purest ivory silk taffeta. The fabric was hand-woven. The gown is also beautifully adorned with 10,000 pearls and sequins which have been manually-sewn using gold thread.

This gown which features a 25-foot train has truly become the epitome of a dream wedding dress.

9 Grace Kelly’s Helen Rose Gown

This was labeled as the most beautiful and sophisticated wedding gown that was ever made. It was designed by Helen Rose to fit the refined personality of Grace Kelly who married Monaco’s Prince Rainier in 1956.

This gown has influenced many modern day brides. Though its $8,000 price tag may not seem too impressive, it has to be noted that this does not include the fees for MGM’s costume designer, Helen Rose. Aside from that, this price was 56 years ago so its appraisal today is undisclosed.

This gown was made with 100 yards of the finest silk with 25 yards of taffeta. The full skirt is accentuated by the fitted bodice and round collar which fits the age-old lace and peau de soie fabric.

8 Renee Strausse’s Diamond Wedding Gown

For the non-royalty, this is so far the most expensive gown which they could wear when they walk down the aisle. It was made by Renee Strausse in collaboration with Martin Katz in 2006.

The $12 million price tag is mostly attributed to the jaw-dropping 150 carats of diamond that were used to embellish it. This literally makes the blushing bride shine during her most important day.

7 Yumi Katsura’s White Gold Diamond Dress

Yumi Katsura is a Japanese designer who created this $8.5 wedding dress in 2006. The base fabrics used were silk and satin. Then, this was decorated with a rare 5 carat white gold diamond. To top it all off, it also has an 8.8 carat green diamond and 1,000 pearls. For a few months, this gown reigned as the most expensive in the world. That is, until Strausse and Katz released their staggeringly expensive dress.

6 Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen’s Gown

The creative designer for Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton, transformed Kate Middleton to a real-life princess. This gown reportedly costs $400,000 and was made using only the most luxurious fabrics such as English Cluny lace, French Chantilly, ivory and white satin. The gown took months to make and the lace appliqué was carefully hand-stitched at the Royal School of Needlework.

5 Melania Knauss’ John Galiano Wedding Dress

The 2005 wedding of Melania Knauss to business tycoon Donald Trump made a real buzz and the dress was just as noteworthy as the couple. The gown weighs 50 pounds and it is made to be even more stylish by the intricately designed 13-feet train. The gown primarily has 300 feet white duchesse satin and the embellishment used were 1,500 assorted rhinestones, pearls and crystals. Yes, Melania admitted that she had to be fit to be able to wear this gown because of its weight.

4 Imperial Pearl Syndicate Wedding Dress

In the 1950’s this was considered as one of the most expensive wedding gowns and the estimated value continues to rise today. The 27-pound weight is due to the 100,000 cultured pearls which were hand-sewn onto it. The main reason why this remains as one of the most beautiful wedding gowns of all time is because of its chic yet classy simplicity. The ballerina skirt and satin sash adds a very feminine flare to the dress.

3 Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Christian Lacroix Wedding Dress

Catherine Zeta-Jones exudes stylishness and unparalleled elegance. The dress that was designed by Christian Lacroix for her wedding with Michael Douglas in 2000 definitely echoes her personality. The sleeveless, V-neck gown with a 6-feet train was adorned with diamonds that are sewn on using silk thread.

2 Vera Wang’s Peacock Feather Wedding Dress

Vera Wang sure knows how to make ripples in the fashion world, especially when it comes to notable wedding dresses. For the more adventurous brides who are not too concerned about sticking to the traditional ivory or white gown, this one really is a winner.

This was launched in 2009 and that is also the reason why Vera Wang used 2009 male peacock feathers in creating it. Though this may be the most expensive gown that she made, it did not exactly make it on the list of the most beautiful gowns in history. Interestingly, the only gown which could have possibly dethroned this as Wang’s most expensive piece is Jennifer Lopez’ dress for her supposed wedding to Ben Affleck. However, that one never materialized.

1 Mauro Adami’s Platinum Wedding Gown

For brides who are willing to splurge on a gown that is 10 times more expensive than the normal price range, might as well check out the creation of an Italian designer named Mauro Adami.

The Platinum Wedding Gown, in particular, was made to be a part of the Domo Adami Collection in 2008. The 40-meter fabric was in shining platinum color. This was also cautiously stitched using platinum and silk thread. The off-shoulder sleeves display the graceful shoulders of the bride and the floral trimmings on the gown’s end make it look even more charming.

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