Expensive Protection Services For The Rich And Famous

The affluent global community are in need of executive personal protection now more than ever. Extortion and ransom among the wealthy are increasing every year which put the super rich in on edge. Protection services are no longer just for politicians and diplomats, but for anyone who feels like they may need an extra set of eyes looking out for them. CEO's like Larry Ellison co-founder of Oracle racked up a security price tag of $1.7 million in 2007 paid for by Oracle according to reports filed with the SEC. The 2007 amount paid by Oracle does not include the personal price tag paid by Larry Ellison for his private residences.

For those who can afford it, there are many options available to the person with deep pockets. Executive protection for the affluent is extensive and prohibitively expensive depending on what option you select.

Kidnapping for ransom is a global business that is increasing every single day. The top 10 countries for kidnapping are:

10. Columbia9. Haiti8. Mexico7.Venezuela6. India5. Pakistan4. Nigeria3. Iraq2. Somali1. Afghanistan

Exact kidnapping statistics are difficult to obtain because many kidnapping cases go unreported. Many released hostages do not report the crime for fear of attracting copycat criminals or attracting corrupt law enforcement officials. The more economic instability in a country the higher the rate of abductions. In many countries law enforcement cannot be trusted. Many law enforcement agents are not well paid, which leads to many being tempted to participate in abductions to supplement their income. Kidnapping and ransom is a very profitable business because the families of the victim almost always pay.

The current definition of wealth according to the SEC is an investor with investible assets of at least $2.5 million, excluding equity in any homes or business, to be eligible to sign on a hedge fund’s dotted line. The previous requirement was a net worth of $1 million, including the value of a primary residence and annual income of $200,000 for the previous two years for individuals or $300,000 for couples.

Increases in crime rates has resulted in wealthy individuals spending millions per year on personal security. If you are on your way to becoming an accredited investor or you are already wealthy this article may be of interest to you. This article will focus on some of the transparent and nontransparent methods to protect yourself and your family.

9 Armed Driver: $500 Per Day

Security drivers armed with a sidearm are sometimes bodyguards who courier their clients to predetermined destinations. Legitimate armed drivers should be licensed to carry a firearm. Evasive driving, CPR and basic first aid training should be a requirement of any armed driver. Armed drivers are responsible for transporting celebrities, politicians, corporate executive and VIP's.

8 Armed Personal Security Guard: $750 Per Day

If you own an estate you want it protected 24/7. If your property is located privately in a secluded area you may want to hire Armed Personal Security Guards to patrol your property and belongings. Guards usually work in eight hour shifts, depending on the size of your property you may require multiple guards. Many estates owned globally will have armed security personnel.

7 Bodyguards: $1,000 - $1,500 Per Day

Professional bodyguards are paid for coordinating local travel arrangements and assessing threat levels of an event for the protection of a client. The best bodyguards for civilians are former secret service agents. Professional bodyguards sometimes have a background in psychology, this is very important for preventing a threat before it happens. Bodyguards are trained in evasive driving and are able to do threat assessment for possible scenarios.

Contrary to common belief the large hulking figures hired by celebrities are not the true definition of a professional bodyguard. Personal security personnel are usually non descript men and women that are able to blend into the background if needed.

6 International Bodyguards: $1,500 Per Day

International bodyguards make logistical arrangements for their clients by traveling ahead to the clients travel destination. Bodyguards travel business class and reside in a hotel or residence in close proximity to the client they are contracted to protect. The goal of professional bodyguards is to provide low profile protection with minimal imposition on the client.

5 Academic Formerly Blackwater Operatives: Starting $1,200 + Expenses Per Day

Close protection operators are Ex Special Force operatives formerly known under the company Blackwater. Academi operatives are the creme de la creme of security specialists for danger hotzones around the world, for example the middle east and Nigeria. Academi agents are experienced Navy Seals, special ops, soldiers or law enforcement agents. Military personnel recruited have a minimum rank of  sergeant in the U.S. military. CEOs of Chinese companies regularly hire Academi operatives in Nigeria. Academi private security contractors are the top rated contractors for executives and wealthy people in politically unstable regions of the world.

4 Harrison K-9: $40,000 - $60,000

The finest attack dogs in the history of security and law enforcement can be purchased from Harrison K-9 kennels  in South Carolina. Harrison provides the finest German Shepherds imported from Germany to aid the security of business executives, entertainers and law enforcement. All K-9s are trained by female instructors, this ensures the dogs will be compliant in a household setting with children.

When deciding to purchase a K-9 you are getting a member of the family that has a stable psychology and pedigree, Harrison has been in business for more than 39 years.

3 Ballistic Glass: $100,000+ (3$ Per Sq Inch)

The larger the square footage of your mansion or estate, the more windows will be built into your residence. Mansions that start at $10 million and up usually measure more than 25,000 square feet, that means the house will have numerous glass windows and doors. To properly outfit your home with high end ballistic glass it will cost the homeowner upwards of $100,000. Total Security Solutions Inc. is one such company in Minnesota that you can contact for a quote for your security needs.

2 Transparent Aluminum Armor: 100,000+ ($15 Per Sq Inch)


The next evolution in armor is transparent aluminium. The correct name is aluminium oxynitride or AION a transparent polycrystalline ceramic structure that is super strong and lightweight. Currently this new light age product is available for those with deep pockets. AION is so strong it is able to repel a .50 calibre bullet. Ballistic glass currently in use costs $3 per square inch to manufacture compared to $15 for the same size of transparent aluminium.

Ballistic glass would have to be replaced for each individual attack whereas transparent aluminium has a longer lifespan. Surmet is a company with facilities in Buffalo, NY and Murrieta, CA that manufactures this product for military and commercial applications.

2. SAFE - Strategically Armored & Fortified Yachts: $200,000

If you own a megayacht, the best security recommendation is the Early Warning Immediate Response system to warn you of rogue divers and natural obstructions. The company SAFE provides maritime technology capable of detecting and responding to threats, depending upon the systems level of sophistication it can even neutralize the danger. Personal and vessel protection for the owner begins with exterior and interior defenses of the yacht. The idea is to think of personal protection as an onion, the layers of protection become increasingly difficult for the intruder.

1 The SAFE Core For Residences: $250,000

It takes less than 10 seconds for an intruder to invade the master bedroom of any residence. There is not always enough time for family members to get out of bed and into the panic room. This is why the SAFE Core is indispensable for the homeowner who can afford it. For residents, the SAFE company developed the SAFE Core which is a secured zone consisting of two or more rooms that serve the same function as a panic room. The Core protects primary living areas within the home that are commonly already occupied by family members, this negates the need to run to the panic room to seek shelter. The Core already comes with monitoring and life support equipment, controlled atmospheres and tamper proof communications. SAFE Cores can be achieved to meet any security requirements from a single ballistic door to a fully armored environment.

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