European White Truffles: World’s Most Expensive Truffles

Food has long fascinated societies from countless generations. It has even sparked great wars when countries voyaged to find valuable spices. Today, one of the safest strategies in business is to venture into the food industry. We know that food is important to our expenses but to what extent will we pay in order to eat?

Truffles may sound delicious but they are really just the edible part of a subterranean mushroom. There are over a hundred species of truffles but only  selected few can be eaten – and these are the ones that command a hefty price. Truffles are called the “diamond of the kitchen” and this is with good reason. They can command a price of $3,600 for every pound.

For this reason, European white truffles are esteemed in France, Spain, Italy and Greece for its exquisite flavor. The Italian variety is the most valuable in the market with the typical price range of $1,000 to $2,200 per pound.

Because of the immense value of the European white truffles, it has been the target of black market that also includes poaching truffle-sniffing dogs. Inferior Chinese truffles also abound in the market to fool non-discerning clients.

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