7 Of The Most Expensive TV Advertising Campaigns

The key to a successful brand is in its marketing! Many products survive in the market not because they are necessarily the best, but because there is a very powerful marketing campaign behind it. This is the reason why people are willing to pay higher prices for a trusted brand that has been marketed well. This trust is built, and the products are seen as superior goods. This explains the permanence of brands such as Coke, Ford, Wonga and many more.

Of course these successful marketing campaigns don’t come free of charge as a lot of skill; talent and money are dedicated in the creation of many of these campaigns. This of course usually pays off in the long haul in terms of sales revenue and profit for the business.

Many of the brands in this article are seen often on TV as TV is one of the most expensive forms of brand advertising out there (hence our hefty price tags.) You could get 100,000 interested visitors through paid marketing on the internet for the same price, but TV dominates the amount of people you can get to view your ad at once.

This is a massive benefit to the brand/marketing agencies of today. Although the internet seems to be dominating the advertising wars and the way people interact with their brands, TV has this unshakable name for being able to connect a brand to a viewer. This is how they create a deep trust through what is called ‘indoctrination marketing.’ This is where the brand is shown an amount of times in front of the viewer in a certain niche, and the viewer when thinking about that certain market will always relate back to the company showing the ads. Its deep psychology, but it works!

This article hand-picks the most expensive marketing campaigns of all time and after watching the videos, you as the audience will understand why they were so pricy.

7 Ferrari (2007): $4.5 Million

This ad was created to mark the 60th anniversary of Ferrari. In the ad, there is a Ferrari doing a ‘Tour de world’ and goes past several popular landmarks like the Roman coliseum and New York Times Square. This advert features a second brand, making it a paired advertisement where Shell gas stations also star. Shell appears at the end as the Ferrari driver stops off at a shell service station to refuel. Then the Ferrari carries on traveling. It is thought that Ferrari wanted to be seen as a luxurious brand that uses other locations style to relate the audience to the type of car it is. This helps the viewer connect the Ferrari to stylish places to show off the car. Seeing that it was shot at different locations and there are two big brands involved, it is no surprise that this cost a cool $4.5 million.

6 Honda (2003): $6.2 Million

This Honda ad entails a chain reaction of the car parts which somehow all come together to form the car. The ad is completely real which is why it was so expensive to create ($6.2 million) and required 606 takes to get everything completely right throughout the creation process. Honda is renowned for its quirky and effective adverts, especially ones that catch the eye. This is why Honda is still one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world.

5 Pepsi (2002): $8.1 Million

This commercial which was first aired with the 2002 Super Bowl, features world renowned pop star Britney Spears traveling through time. The secret behind this advert is really to show off the longevity of Pepsi as a brand. The advert required Britney to dress up as a woman from the different times spanning from 1958 to 2002. The advert required a lot of dancers and was shot at different places from beach to bars and cost $8.1 million to produce. According to various sources the advert actually went over budget by a fair margin but well worth the end result. Not bad considering you have one of the world’s most successful singers and a camera crew shipped around the world.

4 Chrysler (2011): $12.4 Million

This advert features the ‘Rap god’ himself Eminem who is originally from Detroit. Which ironically is also the headquarters for the car manufacturer Chrysler, as well as a gospel choir who provide backup vocals. The advert questions how such a beautiful car as the Chrysler 200 can emerge from a city such as Detroit; it is such a simple yet captivating advert. This advert cost $12.4 million to produce and currently has more than 16 million views on the video sharing site YouTube. It picked up nearly 2 million of those in its first 48 hours on the site. It also had massive recognition in America being advertised on over 64 different television networks. Although this is a huge price tag for the average person, to Chrysler it probably would have been seen as a massive gain with exposure.

3 AVIVA (2008): $13.4 Million

Formerly known as the Norwich union, this advert was specially created by ‘AVIVA’ to announce their change of name to AVIVA. The advert features the likes of Bruce Willis, Alice Cooper, Elle MacPherson and other celebrities that have changed their names during the course of their careers. Another important element of the advert is the names of the actors and the fact they have no relevance or relation. This means when people see them together, it changes their perception of who they were to someone new hanging around with new people. Having such big names involved in this advert, it is no surprise that it cost a huge $13.4 million to produce, making it number 3 on our most expensive ad campaign list.

2 Guinness ‘Tipping Point’ (2007): $16 Million

This visually fascinating advert for Guinness was filmed in a rustic part of Argentina and features many of the locals who got their share of the $16 million spent on producing this advert. The 90 second ad which hopefully didn't require a lot of takes made use of 6000 dominoes, a lot of books, tyres, flaming hay bales, fridges, suitcases and even cars. This Advert had its viewers glued to their television sets during commercial breaks due to its sheer magnificence of the simplicity of the props used to create an advert so amazing. This in marketing is called the ‘pattern interrupt’ and it acts like a wake up call to the viewer. It is something so extraordinary that it grabs people and puts them into an emotional state because of the sheer power the video puts across. This is what made this advert so unique; the delivery of the message.

1 Chanel No. 5 (2004): $33 Million

This was an enchanting perfume advert that featured actress Nicole Kidman and Rodrigo Santoro costing a whopping $33 million to produce. This very high budget short film was originally shot in many North American studios and warmly received by its viewers and amplified their willingness to open up their wallets and spend money on this perfume as sales that year had a record high. This just goes to show that using the brand of Nicole Kidman instantly builds trust with the company to viewers. Viewers know, like and trust Nicole hence why the brand and her image match. This relates back to the audience when trying to install trust into the brand. Actress Nicole Kidman was paid $3 million for her appearance in the 2 minute film, but this is justified with the on screen aesthetics.

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