20 Overpriced Everyday Items That Only The Richest People Can Afford

There are many aspects that connects us all, and one of these facets includes the regular use of everyday items such as water, maybe a music player and even an accessory or two. But how much we're willing to spend on them is a different story altogether. For most of us who tend to live on anywhere from a modest to moderate budget, we can allow ourselves to splurge on the random indulgence every once in a while. But what happens when that blue moon occurrence turns into a regular happenstance? That's when you hope that you have some extra money in your pocket. Or, in the case of the 1% - simply shrug it off.

The life of the rich and famous can definitely be difficult, but the perks are undeniable. Having your name shining in lights and adored by raging fans while earning millions of dollars for making an appearance in the latest Blockbuster film or gold-record album means that, sure, you may have to pay a fair amount of taxes, but you will always have enough to splurge on whatever your heart desires, too. That's where this list comes into play. While a lot of us are penny-pinching, just looking for the best deal to come along, celebrities are able to explore the leeway that comes hand-in-hand with the benefits of being in their position. Is it logical to spend $50,000 on an exclusive X-Box? Maybe not, at least not in the short term scale, but that doesn't mean that they can't either. Anyway, let's jump in so you can read about some of the most expensive versions of everyday items that you can possibly find in the world. Dare to dream, right?

20. Bottled Water — $60,000

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While you can always go for the less expensive $3,500 variation that simply will not do, especially if you have some extra cash to burn. Acqua di Cristallo's "Tributo a Modgliani" is a water bottle that is a tribute to the late Italian artist Amedo Clemente Modigliani. Inside the glass vessel, you will find a blend of natural spring water from Fiji and France as well as glacier water from Iceland. Oh, and don't forget the 5mg of sprinkled 23 karat gold dust. The outside of it is where it gets impressive though. Its entirety is comprised of 24 karat gold and its minimalism adds just enough visual interest to keep you wanting more. This is mainly all thanks to the work of two men: Fernando Altamirano who designed it and Paulo di Verachi who made it. So, whether you're looking for a beautiful mantle piece or an excessive gym accessory, "Tributo a Modgliani" is the perfect addition to your collection, if you're able to track down the auction winner who owns this one-of-a-kind piece that is.

19. iPhone Case — $100,000

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On the off chance that you still own an iPhone 5 and are looking for a case for it, you may want to consider The Natural Sapphire Company's gem-encrusted white gold case. Using 18 karat white gold as its base and an array of gems throughout this case may be a tad bulky but oh-so-flashy. The jewels that you'll be able come across are mainly of the sapphire and ruby variety, but the color choices that you have available, especially in regards to the sapphires, make this seemingly limiting option almost endless. They are also all natural so you can rest assured that you're getting what you've paid for. In the mix, you'll be able to find 2,830 blue Ceylon sapphires which wraps around the back of the phone and onto the sides of it while 38 red rubies and one cut green sapphire make up the Apple logo. In total, you'll be walking around with just about 172.28 carats in your pocket, or purse because you know that you're worth it.

18. Bicycle — €80,000 (approximately $101,400)

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For those who may be more of the outdoorsy type, you may want to consider buying this limited-edition Aurora Crystal Edition bicycles. For approximately $100,000 to $103,000 you can be the proud owner of a land vehicle that the chief executive of Aurora, Bo Franch, dubs "a cornucopia of delight," which is definitely something - especially considering that Aurora is known for their well-made bikes. What makes this one so special is that not only are there only 10 in the entire world, but the exclusive materials and craftsmanship, hence making it a worthwhile investment. Its 24 karat gold-plated frame, wheels and spokes are wonderfully adorned with over 600 Swarovski crystals, so you can rest assured that all eyes will be on you (if you ever decide to take this track bike out for a spin that is). It's also nice to know that you'll know which one you've received via the gold leaf encrusted leather badge that bears its limited edition number. But don't start thinking that they skipped out on quality with the seats and handlebars either, because they didn't. The seat is a moulded leather saddle from Brooks, while the handlebar grips will emanate the life of luxury thanks to the hand-sewn chocolate-brown leather that your hands will hold onto, if you dare. If you're lucky enough to find one of these bad boys for sale go for it because who knows how much it'll be worth in the future.

17. Shirt — $250,000


People spend their money on all sorts of things but for Datta Phunge, his obsession was gold. While he may have passed on in mid-July, he will always be remembered as "The Gold Man," a nickname that he has proudly had since 2013. When he walked into his local jewelry store, he spoke to a man named Tejpal Rankar who suggested that he does something different with his gold purchase and they ultimately decided to turn that idea into a fully wearable shirt. After gathering inspiration for the design from old images of Indian kings and finally deciding to create a material similar to that of an Italian weave, this velvet-lined shirt can be worn just like any other. Weighing 3.3 kg or about 7 lbs., this button-down is made up of 24 carats of solid gold and is valued at approximately $250,000 (so you may want to be a little weary upon wearing it in public). Then again, considering that you can never wash it due to its fragility, you may not want to.

16. Sunglasses — $408,400

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While there may not be someone watching every shopper's move, chances are that there's at least one fashionista in the world owns a pair of Chopard's Jewel Glasses. Placing a direct emphasis on your social status, all 51 of the full-cut River diamonds are placed in locations that are easy for the naked eye to catch, thus turning your face into a display for four carats worth of sparkle. As a nice little addition, they were even placed in such a unique way that they actually lie closer together, thus giving off a special kind of light! On top of that the rest of the sunglasses, minus the lens of course, are all made up of 60 grams of 24 karat gold. A perfect pair, don't you think? Need a little more convincing before jumping on these for a special lady in your life or maybe even yourself? Feel free to fly on over to Dubai and make your way on over to The One and Only Royal Mirage luxury resort there and see what all of the fuss is about.

15. Pacifier — $500,000

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While any old pacifier will do, if you have the extra cash to spend chances are that you won't be going to your local Wal-Mart to gather some baby soothers. That's when the Australia-based jewelry company Kalfin comes in handy. Specializing in making everything sparkle and shine, they have turned your run of the mill pacifier into one that will make your baby the envy of every kid on the playground. Pacified by Kalfin is part of their Royal Pacifier Collection and chances are that only the richest of the rich, like Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, who own one by the way, will be able to afford it. You have a good number of options before making your final purchase such as their 14 karat white and yellow gold; sterling silver, or basically any color that your heart desires. Either way, it will always be dressed with diamonds, Kayne and Kim chose the black ones but feel free to make your own decision, they're absolutely stunning either way.

14. Chess Set — $500,000


Bringing together the beauty and grace of diamonds as well as the game, this specific chess set goes way above anyone's expectations. Brought to you by the French renowned artist, designer and jeweler Bernard Menquin in conjunction with the Charles Hollander Collection, this diamond studded board game just can't help but be stared at. Comprised of just over 9,900 black and white diamonds, touches of silver and a lot of white gold, this chess set is unlike any other in the world. What's lovely about it though is that you can rest assured that a lot of time, effort and craftsmanship have been put into making it. When you consider that over 30 artisans have cumulatively spent 4,500 hours making one complete set, it starts to make a little more sense as to why the price tag is so high. But, one thing's for sure, you will definitely want to keep this away from anywhere with too much dust or any possibility of breaking because, if the inevitable were to transpire, that would be hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain.

13. iPod Docking Station — $565,000

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For those of you who love music and have a fair amount of money to spare, the AeroDream One may just be a worthwhile investment for you! Measuring 11 feet tall and 16.3 inches in diameter, this super dock may just be the music accessory that you need to bring your sound game up to the next level. Since it was designed by musician and entrepreneur Jean Michel Jarre, he knows what people who want and this 118 decibel monstrosity has it. Thanks to its 18 inch sub, two mid-range speakers and two others that take care of the high notes, the AeroDream One's 5 channel amp allows you to hear everything that the music has to offer, all without you leaving your living space. All you have to do is climb its built in ladder, dock your Apple device or plug in another music player via one of the various outputs available, then sit back and relax.

10 Toilet Paper — $1.23 Million

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For those of who who just have way too much money, this product is for you! Thanks to the Australian toilet paper company appropriately named Toilet Paper Man, you can bring the next level of luxury to your bathroom experience by purchasing a single roll of this first world necessity for $1.23 million. According to the product's description, you will feel extra fancy wiping your derriere while the 24 karat gold flakes fall onto your skin as well as the floor. All things considered, you can at least be thankful that it's a 3-ply and you'll get a "free" bottle of champagne in the process, but that still seems a tad extreme, even for the richest people out there. Either way, if it floats your boat than jump on the opportunity and, if you act now, you can even buy it on sale!

9 Stool — $1.3 Million

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Unfortunately, there is very little that has been released to the general public in regards to this specific piece of furniture but, then again, it's a stool so it's pretty self-explanatory. Whether you're looking for a companion for your fancy black leather sofa or simply searching for a piece that you can brag about to all of your friends, this solid gold stool is sure to do the trick. Besides, it's not like you're going to have to worry about anyone just walking off with it because it weighs just as much as an albeit light adult, 110 pounds. Plus, there was only one ever sold and that was in a jewelry story located in China's eastern Jiangsu province, Suzhou. While we may not know who ended up dishing out $1.3 million for something to either put their feet, books or knickknacks on, there is definitely someone out there who has probably taken a little more precaution in their living space ever since this came into their possession.

8 Pen — $1.47 Million

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Brought to you by one of the most luxurious pen makers in the world, Aurora is no stranger to creating spectacular pens as they've been in business since 1919, and the Aurora Diamante is no different. While it may work like any ordinary pen, chances are that you won't be picking it up to be writing a letter anytime soon. With a barrel made of solid platinum and embedded with over 30 carats of DeBeers diamonds you do not want to chew on this particular writing material. You may also be pleased to know that the end nib of it is made with a 2 tone rhodium-treated high quality material, 18 karat solid gold. Care for some personalizing while you're at it? They do that, too! But, be warned that they only release one of the Aurora Diamante pens each year so you better jump onto it before you're written off and forced to wait another year.

7 Morphsuit — $1.6 Million

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For those who don't know what a Morphsuit is, here's a brief explanation: it's simply a latex suit that covers each inch of your body, thus morphing you into an anonymous being.  Thankfully, you can still see, eat, drink and breathe through these "costumes," which is kind of hard to believe but the numbers don't lie, they sell approximately $7.2 million worth of merchandise annually. While a lot of their full body pieces go for about $80, the demand for something flashier brought one of the co-founders of Morphsuits, Fraser Seaton, to come up with this fun idea, "The Million Pound Morphsuit". It's manufactured using one of their standard grey pieces and then they painstakingly incorporate 20,000 little diamonds to it which means that they spend about 1,000 man hours on it - so it takes about 4-6 weeks before the suit is ready.

6 Champagne — $1.98 Million

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This is no ordinary champagne and may just be one of the most expensive things to ever go into your body. Dubbed the "DNA of cognac" due to its production which has gone on since 1776 in barrels that have aged for over 100 years, its unique taste will definitely transport you back in time. However, that's not the reason for the extreme price tag— the bottle is. With its exquisite craftsmanship that cannot help but resemble its tequila counterpart, Tequila Ley, its unique shape, textures and coloration are there to be adored. Because its bottle is made out of 24 karat yellow gold and sterling platinum, it will definitely be a lot sturdier than any glass bottle on the market but, wait, there's more! In addition, you will be the proud owner of 6,500 brilliantly cut diamonds which can be found embedded into the 8 kilogram vessel. So, if you're looking for a champagne cognac with a one-of-a-kind taste and have a few million to blow then the Henri IV Dudognon Heritage is for you!

5 Mobile Home — $3 Million

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There are many ideas as to what can possibly be done with a mobile home but none quite compare to 2016's most luxurious RV, "The Heat." This double decker trailer boasts 1,200 square feet, $125,000 worth of technology and the use of materials that are nothing but the highest of quality. Covered in marble, oak and leather, this may be one of the most fully-equipped mobile homes out there. On top of having 14 televisions, conference rooms, multiple bathrooms, a surround system, 100" drop down television and more, if you were to decide to purchase one you would immediately be among the likes of Will Smith who currently owns one! You also don't have to include any of your own appliances or security which is an added bonus as well. When you pair that with the amount of customizing that you can possible do such as make both the height and width adjustable and decorate the interior to your liking, there is very little reason why you should be considering any other mobile home on the market, unless you don't have $3 million... that's a pretty solid excuse.

4 Boots — $3.1 Million

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While these boots may have a very hefty price tag and only come in a European size 39 (approximately an American woman's size 8 or 9) they would sure serve as a conversation starter at any party... especially if you were to wear them out. Made out of a black leather base, these ankle boots were then covered with over 38,000 diamonds and the final product is one that you would have to see to believe. Sure, they may cost a measly $3.1 million but what you get in return is an array of hand-placed white, champagne, grey and pink diamonds all arranged in a paisley pattern that equates to 1,527 carats worth of sparkle. If that wasn't enough, you'll also be able to find 4,753 grams worth of gold scattered throughout the pair and A.F. Vandevorst's logo is made out of none other than extremely rare reddish-pink diamonds so you can rest assured that this price is very worthwhile.

3 Christmas Wreath — $4,645,800 Million

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Deck the halls with balls of holly... and diamonds? For those of you who have loads of money to spare, this holiday wreath is the perfect addiction to get your home into the Christmas spirit. Brought to you by one of the designers and Director of Flor Unikon Flowers, Pasi Jokinen-Carter,  he has made it possible to have your holiday sparkle as bright as a diamond without losing touch with the wreath roots. By combining only the most luxurious flowers and leaves such as hedera berries, nobilis, lingonberry and blueberry stems and even some hand-curled eucalyptus leaves, the variety in color is absolutely spectacular. Besides, when you pair that with the 22 loose diamonds that can be found in each flower bud, a 17.49 carat ruby and a 3.03 carat yellow diamond, you know that this is no ordinary decoration. The best part? You can then dismantle the gems and either incorporate them into your next wreath or even go over to 77 Diamonds in London, England and have them incorporate them into another piece of jewelry for free! Then again, considering that you would have to dish out over $4 million for it you would hope that there would be a few perks.

2 Crib — $13.2 Million

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There's such thing as spending money on your baby, but then there's taking it to the utmost extremes, which is exactly what Suommo thrives on. This luxurious brand's specialty is created quality products for its consumer's children that are unlike anything that you have ever seen before. This particular piece is the Dodo Bassinet and, while there are 4 different material variations the most expensive one is made out of 18 karat gold. On top of that, you can then choose to add your choice of bedding to the mix: champagne silk, cashmere care or even golden line, for an additional cost of course. You would think that they would at least include accessories like a mattress cover, protector, comforter and a pillow in the price but that's all extra, too. So, while this bassinet may take six months to make and is sturdy enough to be passed on through the generations, the question remains: would you spend $13 million on this beauty?

3. iPhone 5 — $15.3 Million

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This may sound bogus, but rest assured that this act of "insanity" actually happened. While most people would reluctantly spend over $1,000 on a new cell phone, there was a Chinese businessman who chose to remain anonymous who opted to contact Stewart Hughes and make some magic happen. When you think about this particular situation, it would only make sense that you would go to the best that the world has to offer and Stewart Hughes was it. Known for making ordinary Mac products extraordinary, he took a run of the mill iPhone 5 and transformed it into a true work of art. Replacing its body with a solid 24K gold piece and its home button with a 26 carat black diamond, this phone truly is one of a kind. If that wasn't enough bling for you, you may want to also consider that the case is embedded with 600 flawless diamonds and then there's another 53 shaped to the Apple logo's specifications. With such an elaborate device, it should be of no surprise that this $15 million smartphone took 9 weeks to make and, as long as the phone remains functional and in pristine condition, the value can only rise from here.

1 Book — $30.8 Million

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Given, we all can't afford such an expenditure, sometimes it's worth dishing out the big bucks, especially if it means that you get to own a piece of history. We all know about the great impact that the legendary artists and scientist Leonardo da Vinci so the desire to own something of his if the opportunity (and money) were to strike is definitely an undeniable one. So, it only makes sense that billionaire Bill Gates jumped on it when he had the chance. Being a great admirer of da Vinci's work, he didn't even bat an eyelash when he saw the $30.8 million price tag back in 1994 and it has been a purchase that he has been ever so proud of ever since. You will also be happy to know that this work of art has also been brought to multiple art museums such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, so that all may have the opportunity to ogle at the musings, as disorganized as they may be, of a man who was way beyond his time.

1. Necklace — $55 Million

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This particular necklace is a lot of things, but cheap is not one of them. Costing the lucky buyer $55 million dollars, Mouawad's L’Incomparable diamond necklace is definitely not one of those pieces of jewelry that the lady of the house will be wearing out anytime soon. Released in 2012 as a means of commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition, this is not your typical necklace by any stretch. But, why? The answer to this question all boils down to one thing: the quantity and quality of the diamonds. In total, this neck-piece is comprised of 91 separate diamonds, all of which are flawless. However, there is one in particular that rises above the rest: a diamond rightfully dubbed Incomparable. This fine jewel was weighed by the GIA and is a certifiable 407.48 carats! On top of that, it is an internally flawless yellow diamond which then pushes its value up even higher! This is then paired by a wide array of white diamonds of various cuts and carats, all brought together via a rose gold chain. While it may be a minimalistic piece, nothing can truly outshine this beauty, no matter how hard they try.

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