18 Of The Most Expensive And Luxurious Items In The World

If you have wads of cash and an overflowing bank account, the world is full of unimaginable luxury. Many of us get a glimpse into this type of lifestyle through following celebrities like the Kardashians. Not to mention the fact that celebrities are all over our magazines, televisions and in our favorite movies.  It can be hard to imagine spending thousands of dollars on a pair of sunglasses, at least unless you're rich! Though we have all daydreamed about what we would do if we won the lottery with bright green dollar signs flashing in our eyes.

Sometimes luxury isn't about finding the most expensive items, rather it is about spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that normal people buy from the dollar store. After all, why buy regular staples when you can buy gold ones?

This list is going to show the craziest and most outrageously expensive items that we could find. Ranging from the biggest and baddest cars, to toilet seats, to a $30 million bikini!

So what are some of the most expensive luxury items that money can buy? Let's take a look, especially since that is all most of us can afford to do!

17 $4.8 Million Car

via koenigsegg.com

Picking the most expensive car isn't completely straightforward. There are plenty of antique cars sold at auctions for a shocking price tag, but this list is about modern luxury. This car isn't going to sit inside a museum, it can actually be legally driven on the road. This car is the CCXR Trevita created by Koenigsegg. It is considered the first green supercar because of its ability to run on recyclable ethanol. The engine delivers an incredible 806 bhp, and when running on E85 Biofuel the power increases to 1018 bhp. But why in the world does it cost close to 5 million dollars? The answer is because of the Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave. Yes, the car is literally cover in diamonds. It would be an awful thing to scratch this beauty, so maybe it will just end up sitting in a museum.

16 $1.8 Million Champagne

Via goutdediamants.com

The thing about luxury items is that they are everyday things that cost an average person as much as they might make in their lifetime. For many, champagne is a luxury item, even if it is only a cheap $10 bottle. For those that want to splurge, they go to wine tastings to find the perfect bubbly sip. But the most luxurious of champagnes is the French Goût de Diamants. The champagne is a mixture of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunie. Of course, the taste is divine, but what seals the deal is a bottle that features an 18-carat white gold logo and a 19-carat diamond in the center. Most people throw out their wine bottle, but not this one!

15 $19k Vacuum

via newsroom.electrolux.com

When shopping for a new vacuum, many people look for cordless, powerful, and lightweight models. It is also easy to see why people fell in love with the innovative Roomba, the cleaning robot that vacuums your home on a timed schedule so you don't have to lift a finger. But why buy any old ugly vacuum when you can buy a vacuum with diamonds? With a price tag of $18,993, the Crystal Ergoripado will have you cleaning in luxurious style. Sure, it is light weight and has brush-roll-clean technology--but who cares?! When it is encrusted with over 3,000 Swarovski crystals, it would be more fun to use to show off to your friends than to actually clean the floor.

14 $50k Umbrella

Via nettstart.no

Who uses an umbrella these days? If it's raining out, typically a good fast paced walk and a simple jacket will suffice, but Billionaire Couture would of course disagree. Instead of going to college, every 18-year-old should take out a loan for the $50,000 crocodile skin umbrella made by the Italian luxury brand. It might be actually worth more than going to college these days. Many celebs are fans of the expensive designer, like Paul McCartney, David Beckham, and Sean Diddy Combs.

13 $40k Knife

via reddit.com

If you are a professional chef, then you will know that knives can be expensive. The range can start as low as $200 for a basic set or as high as $500 for one, but the price just continues to increase from there. But, none top the Nesmuk Diamond Studded Chef Knife that clocks in around $40,000. Quintin Nel is a designer who wanted to create a luxury, hand-crafted knife for those who have an extra $40k to spend, so at least he succeeded in that goal. The knife is made out of Damascus steel and the handle is studded with diamonds.

12 $25k Belt buckle

Via thewatchlounge.com

The Swiss are known for making intricate watches, but after looking above, are you going to question their belt buckling ability? The $25,000 buckle is made of solid gold. The buckle isn't just impressive because it is made out of gold, but because of the actual skill and detail that went into its design. Each aspect of the buckle, from the hand-crafted bridges to the cogs, wheels and springs, is designed to offer perfect luxury precision.

11 $8k Skateboard

via artesoul.tumblr.com

Louis Vuitton is the well-known designer of handbags, but skateboards  is a completely different world. At least with a luxury skateboard, you won't be able to blame the designer for trying to reach a whole new clientele. The bright pink and green board is so expensive because only three of them were ever made. So whoever has an extra $8,250 can have fun with this expensive buy, but I don't know if it'll make you a better skateboarder!

10 $8k Monopoly Set

via www.zontikgames.com

For serious Monopoly players, this leather gold and silver monopoly set is to die for. No, it isn't the most expensive Monopoly board, but it is close. At $7,570, the board is created out of calf leather and embossed in gold and silver. The game is set in London, rather than Atlantic City. The player pieces are made out of pewter and the game includes leather dice cups and bank boxes. Being so expensive, I'm surprised the board didn't come with real money.

9 $15k Gold Earbuds 

via www.themilliardaire.co

Whoever wants to listen to music in luxurious style can purchase 18 carat gold earbuds for as little as $14,500. The earbuds are handmade by a Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm. It takes about 5 weeks and 25 grams of gold for each piece to be made, so at least you know there is a lot of effort being put into your product. The earbuds are available in regular gold or rose gold. Whoever is walking around with these in their ears better be listening to music just as grand.

8 $10k Martini on the Rock

Via drinktails.com and highstakeliving.com

For $10,000 you can order up a drink and an engagement ring. This diamond-tini is served at the Blue Bar at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC. The drink itself is made with Grey Goose vodka and dry vermouth. Of course, people don't order it just because it tastes good. Rather, they get it because of the diamond engagement ring that is at the bottom of the glass. And if you think no one would buy this, then you are terribly wrong. About two to three people purchase the drink a year! I only hope the women said yes.

7 $1650 backpack

via www.bbcicecream.com

The Billionaire Boys Club created a backpack for kids with parents who really have the money coming in. This ridiculously expensive item sells for $1650 and there are only four made in the world. Combine this with the skateboard and you'd be the king of exclusivity! The gold rucksack features the BBC's trademark of diamonds and dollar signs. But if we are being honest here, who needs to go to school when they have close to two grand slung over their shoulder?

6 $1k pizza

Via highstakeliving.com

Mmmmmm. Pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? No one. Everyone loves pizza, it is a rule. Most people could care less how much it costs as long as the crust is crispy and the cheese is gooey. Obviously, no one is going to spend tons of money on a pizza, especially when the typically one is like $15. But then again, you also probably aren't as rich as some of the celebrities you love! Nino's Restaurant in  NYC features a caviar and lobster pizza that costs $1,000. This luxury pizza features close to $900 of caviar, so let's hope you really like the taste of it!

5 $600 Radioactive Jeans

via e-g.co

Dior created a pair of pants that every man needs. A $600 pair of designer, 100% cotton jeans with a metallic finish that makes it look like you wrapped your legs in foil. Since the pants themselves don't look like anything unique, besides the silver so-called "radioactive" finish, the jeans themselves probably cost $15. For those who are on a strict budget, you might do better going to the thrift store and buying some spray paint.

4 $250 Toilet Seat

via www.dudeiwantthat.com

This genuine carbon fiber toilet seat is one heck of a luxury item. Carbon fiber is a lot lighter than normal toilet seats, so I guess if that is important to you, then you're in luck. Apparently, the pictures don't do the weave pattern justice, but since I'll never have the money to buy this, photos will have to suffice. Though, if you're thinking of buying this, just make sure you really want it since all sales are final!

3 $175 Staples

via dutchdesignonly.com

You are not really rich until you can staple papers together with gold-plated staples. Shockingly, you won't find these in an average Staples store, but that doesn't mean they aren't attainable for a motivated buyer. After all, this is really the only way to prove you have finally made it. When someone can afford to throw down close to $200 on staples, it is time to retire. Let's just hope all the paperwork that you end up stapling with them contains proof of just how rich you are and not something like a divorce settlement!

2 $43 Instant Noodles

Via zamzamcast.com

Okay, instant noodles are probably the last thing that should be on this list and yet here they are! No, $43 is not a lot of money, but when the normal instant noodles costs around 20 cents, it IS a lot of money. The exclusive noodles, created by Harrods, are a luxury version that was actually created for a good cause. The mark-up on these instant noodles was to be donated to charity, so at least people can feel good about spending a ridiculous amount of money on instant noodles.

1 $30 Million Bikini

Via mycdn.me

I actually saved the best, and one of the most expensive, for last. This $30 million bikini was created by Susan Rosen. The swimsuit is more of a piece of artwork than it is clothing. It is created with 150 carats of flawless diamonds set in platinum, including a 30 carat emerald cut. It was reported in 2010 that Tiger Woods purchased the bikini. The question  is, for who? One thing you just need to hope if you're buying a $30 million bikini is that it looks good on the person you're buying it for!

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