15 Ridiculously Expensive Makeup Products Your GF Lies To You About

Makeup is a form of art– several females would preach. On the other hand, males (those who don’t use makeup of course) would say that women look better without makeup or with minimal as they do not understand why females love packing on pounds of the stuff.

One thing we all know is, makeup can be used to enhance one’s features, but it can also be used to change the total look of someone so much so that they are unrecognizable. We can all agree that most men do not know the details of makeup as per the cost, brands, and the point of each product. This makes it easier for girlfriends to lie to their beloved man about the expense of their different makeup products simply because the money may be coming out of their boyfriend’s pocket, they do not want their man to know the amount of makeup on their face as well how much they spend on it. Or, they may just not want to be explaining why a certain product is priced at the amount that it is and the reason for wearing it. There are certain brands of makeup that are shockingly expensive, and yet women still buy these and a whole bunch of them, all in the hopes of looking flawless.

So listen up boyfriends, because you are about to find out which 15 ridiculously expensive makeup products your girlfriend lies to you about.

15 The Tool That Blends It All

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Makeup brushes are used to help in applying makeup and blend it flawlessly. It is totally normal for most men to question the point of brushes when makeup can just be applied with your own hand. Some of you males may even say, “just use a regular paint brush to put it on”– aren't they the same thing? Even though there are cheaper brushes, women go for the more expensive ones for a flawless finish— they're softer too. This may be funny to some of you, but like makeup, brushes also have names (kabuki, stippling) used for different types of products. Recently, there is a new brush set that has been introduced, called the “artis oval” brushes. The price of these when initially launched, ranged between $300.00 - $400.00 for a set of ten brushes. Can you believe it? This is more than the price of a simple television that may last you for years. But a T.V. won’t give you a flawless makeup finish as these brushes would.

Most expensive set: $300 - $400 US

14 Crayon Palettes?

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You know the colorful thing on the lid of your lover’s eyes? That’s achieved with the help of eye shadows, not crayons as some of you fellas may assume. There are different eye shadow palettes (neutral, metallic, shimmery, dark shades) as well as palettes that can be custom-made by the customer by choosing what colors they would like to add to their palette. There are some eye shadow palettes in the drugstore which may lack in quality when compared to that of higher end brands and lets be real, if your girlfriend is older than 12, she does not intend to buy a drugstore palette.

The most popular eye shadow palette by Urban Decay called the Naked Palette, which either your girlfriend has, will be buying, or it will eventually be on her Christmas wish list. This palette costs around $70. You may not understand the point of the colorful pigment on your girl’s eyelid, but there's no denying that these palettes are pricy, and your girlfriend won’t regret lying to you if it means she can own one.

Price range: $40 - $300 US

13 What Do You Mean She Bakes Her Face?

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Has your girlfriend ever said she’s not done 'baking' yet? You may be excited for that cake to come out of the oven, until you find out she meant she was baking her makeup. How bizarre does that sound right– who bakes their face? Baking is a technique in the current makeup trend to set their highlight/concealer spots in place. We will be talking about highlighting later on don’t you worry.

Baking is done with translucent powder, yes a lot similar to baby powder which maybe costs three to four bucks at your local grocery store. What they basically do is, spread the powder with those expensive makeup brushes on their highlight areas and leave it there– to "bake". Then, when they feel the product is done baking, they brush off the excess powder and ta-da, baking successful. Doesn't matter if you think this product does no good, your girlfriend will use it no matter the cost. At least she knows how to bake something around the house.

Price range: $25 - $210 US

12 Correct Your Color

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Color correcting has recently been a popular way of achieving flawless makeup coverage. You know the color wheel you learned back in grade 2? It’s very useful for your girlfriend now for her makeup application. With the help of this technique, under the rest of the makeup, all blemishes, spots, redness get hidden. So the colors typically used are green, orange, purple and a few more to account for other skin tones. And no, this cannot be achieved with colored paint or crayons, your girlfriend would angrily state if you ever asked. These are achieved with ‘special’ color correcting makeup products. This can come in just one specific color or can be purchased in a palette with various colors. Remember, if you want to gift this to your girlfriend, please do not go to the coloring section at Walmart to purchase. I can guarantee your girlfriend won’t be too pleased.

Price range: $30 - $100 US

11 Paint Primer? No, Face Primer

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You all would surely know about paint primers which cost maybe around $60.00 for a medium sized tub. This can be used to prime your whole house for a smooth painting job. But did you know, in your girl’s makeup bag, she has a product called a ‘face primer’? This is applied all over the face before any makeup for it to last all day long. This product claims to smooth out skin and perfect application of the makeup base. These tiny tubes of products are so expensive that your girlfriend will most likely “forget” to tell you about it since you probably would not even notice the difference it makes. However, they are such an important part of your girlfriend’s makeup collection that she will have tons of backups of this expensive makeup product. Maybe the next time your girlfriend does her makeup, tell her not to forget to prime that face.

Price range: $25 - $200 US

10 Those Rosy Cheeks Though

Blushes come in various forms (stick, powder, cream) and numerous shades such as; pink, red, coral, peach and more. These are applied on the apples of the cheek for some color. Some of these blushes are more pigmented than others and some are shimmery while others are matte. All of you men must be either confused or bored at the fact of there being so much to a simple blush. Just slap some pomegranate juice on those cheeks and call it a day– many of you may think with some eye rolling. But that may not be pigmented enough for your lady. Some of these blushes come in one individual color, and some come in palette form with multiple colors like the eye shadow. Don’t be surprised if your wallet feels empty, you probably donated some money for your girlfriend’s rosy cheeks.

Price range: up to $190 US

9 Sculpt Away

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Who doesn’t want those high cheekbones done with a bit of contouring? Basically, for you men who are unaware, contouring mimics shadows on the face. It creates an illusion on a person’s face for it to appear more sculpted and defined where needed. If you ever wondered how your girlfriend’s flat face without makeup, appears more chiseled with makeup, you just discovered the magic behind it. Why would she lie to you about the price? Well, the price of these contour products in the higher end, can range anywhere from 30 to 100 dollars. Now, your girlfriend wouldn’t want you knowing the amount she spends to sculpt her face, when she can spend that money on your PS4 or some new kicks now would she. These products also work on men, so if you are going for that sculpted look for a night out, just look into your girlfriend’s makeup bag and put it into some use for yourself.

Price range: $30 - $100 US

8 Highlighters On The Glow

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If your girlfriend has a highlight, she’s about that glow life. No no, not the highlighting markers used in school to highlight words in your notes. This is a special glittery makeup product used typically on the highest point of the cheek bones, brow bone, tip of the nose, and cupids bow for that ‘healthy’ glow. There are also some matte highlighters (also known as concealer) used to brighten up dark under eye circles below the contour line, on the forehead– basically anywhere that has not been contoured. The most pigmented, shimmery, “healthy glow” kind of highlighter costs around $80.00. The reason your girlfriend “forgets” to tell you about this product is obvious, she clearly wants you to think she has a healthy, natural glow. Not that she spent an excessive amount of money for it. So, if she ever is looking for her highlighter, do not, I repeat do not hand her over a pink highlighting marker!

Price range: up to $80 US

7 What's This?

Have you ever wondered how your girlfriend’s thin, sparse eyelashes are all of a sudden thick and voluminous? No, they didn’t grow over night, they are just falsies. Yes, your girl puts on fake eyelashes on top of her own to make it appear as if her eyelashes are full. I can see all the mouths opening wide in awe, but just hold on for that. These fake lashes, the good quality ones, which are reusable maybe 3 to 4 times cost about $40 for one pair. On top of that, they need to buy glue to make it stick. Not just any sort of glue sticks that you use on paper, and not a glue gun, but a special glue for these eyelashes. Now, after reading this I’m sure you will be less scared in the middle of the night when you see your lady love sleeping with thin, short eyelashes.

Price range: up to $40 US per pair

6 Eyebrows On Fleek

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Similar to eyelashes, your girlfriend’s eyebrows may seem thin and sparse during the night, but when she kisses you good morning, they are somehow are full and thick. This is not a dream my fellow mates. It’s the magic of eyebrow pencils, powders, and palettes. Now this is tricky, because she will have to find the product which matches her eyebrows, which no, it is not black. Then, while filling them in, make sure she gets both eyebrows looking the same. These eyebrow products cost around $90 to $120, looking at the most expensive high quality. However, something like the Anastasia Beverly Hill eyebrow products which are popular cost around $40.00. Now, after reading this, you can tell that waxing/threading eyebrows to get them in shape is not enough these days. Eyebrow products are essential to fill in the eyebrows that was just removed with waxing/threading.

Price range: $90 - $120 US

5 Just Winging It

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Wings of a bird? No, wings of an eyeliner. Eyeliners have been present throughout ancient time to now. However, the way it’s been worn has changed a hell of a lot over time. Winged eyeliner has been popular for the past few years. It takes a lot of skill and patience to master this form of art. So when you see your girl rocking that wing, let her know that you’re proud of her. To do the winged eyeliner, obviously an eyeliner is needed. Eyeliners come in liquid, gel and pencil forms. But for this makeup part, usually liquids or gels are used. Most of the bestselling eyeliners are about 30 bucks. This eyeliner, if used on a daily basis may last up to 2 months. So, if your sweet heart buys an eyeliner every 2 months for 30 bucks, that’s nearly $180 a year just to be on that wing tip. On top of that, double wing with two different colors are trending today. No wonder she won’t tell you the price of the hundreds of eyeliner she buys per year.

Price range: up to $30

4 Lippies For Days

You know you love those plump, colorful lips your girlfriend wears day in and day out. Okay, maybe not when she wears all the colors of the rainbow. The most popular brand of lipstick is, Mac. They carry colors you won’t even think of for a lippy. They come in various formulas such as, matte, glossy, velvety– you name it. The fact is, your girlfriend has an unbelievable amount of these which are generally $25.00 for the lipstick and $22.00 for lip liners. You know that time she wore the same nude lipstick for a week? That was actually 7 different lipsticks, different one worn each day. She may even wear more per week, just mixing in some colors to create her own shade. Feeling betrayed enough? But on the positive side, your girl will never say no to some Mac lipsticks, so they are always a good option as a Christmas gift. Unless all your money is spent on them already... Oops.

Price range: up to $50 US

3 Blend That Beauty

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Beauty blenders, which is another tool to blend makeup is currently the way of life. As if makeup brushes didn’t do the job already, you may wonder. A beauty blender is basically a sponge that blends base makeup, such as foundation, contour, blush and concealer. This can also be used to apply the baking powder, as mentioned a couple of points above. This sponge should be wet, before use and not used dry like makeup brushes. Beauty blenders come in different colors (pink, black, nude) depending on the purpose, costing $28. However for the beauty blender set which comes with two beauty blenders itself, and a cleaner, costs $81. Pricey huh? But then again, for your girlfriend, it’s worth it to attain that flawless makeup base. From now on, if you see a sponge laying around the house, ask before you use it as a dish washing sponge.

Price: $30 US

2 The Darkness Has Been Concealed

Concealers are used to brighten up any dark areas such as, underneath the eyes, forehead, around the nose and chin. They can also be used to spot conceal any blemishes or redness on the face. This is applied on top of the color corrector, but underneath the foundation, got it? They are meant to be lighter than your foundation shade, but still has to go with your skin tone. If you’re thinking “wow, so many rules”, you are completely correct. Anything to appear faultless. Prices of concealers can array from $30 to $100 for a concealer palette. You may think, ‘can’t you just go in with a highlighting powder and call it a day’? No, unfortunately, your girl needs both products, and needs to spend on both for a beautiful makeup finish. Now, on the bright side, if you need to conceal some under eye dark circles, do not hesitate to put some of your girlfriend’s concealer to use for yourself as well.

Price range: $30 - $100 US

1 The Foundation Of It All

Foundation is the base of all makeup which covers the entire face. By using this, the face achieves a flawless, blemish free, one color base. Foundations come as a liquid, powder, and even cream formulas. Although foundations can be found in the drugstore, most people go for the higher end good quality as it is a product going on the entire face. Some of the most expensive foundations can be priced around $300. Generally, foundations cost around $50 to $60 for a high quality foundation. This may not seem that bad, until you discover how many different brands and bottles she owns for different occasions. She may also purchase different shades for when she’s paler and time when she’s tanner. So, let’s step back and give a bow to the foundation that builds it all (forgetting about the cost).

Price range: $50 - $300 US

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