15 Ridiculous Things That Only Rich People Can Do

In nearly every single country around the world, there exists three main social classes that a person and their family can belong to, and those classes are typically labelled as rich, middle class, and poor. The rich class tends to include individuals who earn more than $250,000 a year, and who hold a lot of purchasing power. The middles class, is what most people who live in industrialized countries belong to, and they usually tend to earn anything between $30,000 and $100,000 a year, which (depending on your viewpoint) gives them a fair amount of purchasing power. Those who belong to the poor class, include individuals who earn less than $25,000 a year.

In recent years, there has been a growing stigma towards people who are rich and incredibly wealthy, because of the notion, that they continue to make large sums of money while the majority of the population’s annual income has for the most part remained the same. Whether you do or do not believe in the idea that many rich people are terrible individuals, is not what this article is about; what it is about though, is what some rich people do with their money. We can all agree that rich people sometimes do things that regular people do not because of the fact that they have a lot of disposable income to spend; and because of that fact, here is a list of 15 things that only rich people do.

15 Carve Their Names To Be Seen From Space

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People like having their names associated with things, like when your name is on the deed of a car, house or business; and for some reason it is quite a fulfilling feeling, and it is a feeling that people of mostly all economic standings are able to experience. Rich people though, sometimes like to have their names displayed in big bold letters on very large and expensive things, and they do this in order to show people what their wealth allows them to own. For those who are extremely wealthy, like members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, they even have their names placed into the very Earth itself. A Saudi prince who already owned his own private island, actually had his name carved into the island itself, and the letters were so large that his name could even be seen from space. The prince went on to have the carving removed, but the fact that he even did it in the first place is a perfect example of what rich people do when they have way too much money to spend.

14 Have ERs Set Up In Their Homes

Being healthy is paramount over everything, no matter if you are the richest person in the world or the poorest, because you can have all the money in the world, but all that wealth will ultimately mean nothing if you cannot remain healthy enough to enjoy a long life with it. Now, it is true that rich people are able to afford the best doctors and medicine that money can buy, and that some even pay to keep certain doctors on retainer for when a medical emergency does arise; but there are also rich people who take their medical care to another level. There exists wealthy individuals who have had actual emergency rooms built into their homes so that they do not need to wait their turn in hospital emergency rooms.

13 Buy Super Strange Pills

We all understand the purpose that pills serve, that they are traditionally meant to help people who are suffering from some type of ailment or sickness; but there are also other types of pills that help people with certain problems, like laxatives and Viagra. Almost everyone uses pills at some point in their life, our bodies sometimes just need the extra help in order to function properly, no matter whether you are rich or not. Rich people buy and take pills like everyone else, the only difference though, is that they can buy much more expensive high-quality pills which sometimes do not even come with any medical benefits. There exists a pill that can actually turn a person’s bodily waste the color gold, a pill that costs $425. This pill is something that rich people buy, probably because they simply have too much money and just want to have a good laugh, but some nevertheless do still buy it.

12 They Exploit Great Services

As we all know, there are people in this world who deal with some sort of disability, whether it be physical or mental in nature. Since there is quite a large segment of the population who do have some sort of disability, there are also many charities and organizations that exist whose goals are to try and make the lives of those people better. There are also businesses that make special accommodations for disabled people like Disneyland once did when they allowed disabled people, along with their families, to skip waiting in the incredibly long lines to get tickets. This was a great service on Disneyland’s part, but thanks to what a few rich people decided to do, the amusement park had to cancel the service in 2013. Apparently, some rich people decided that they did not want to wait in line like regular people, so they rented people who were disabled so they could enter Disneyland ahead of everyone else.

11 Hire Their Own Picture Hanger

The world is filled with hundreds of different kinds of jobs, and even though most of the world’s jobs belong to the service sector (restaurants, retail and convenience stores), farming and manufacturing, there are still many jobs available to people who possess a certain skillset. Rich people tend to hire people who can take care of things around their home, like a nanny to help look after and raise any children, a single gardener or a team who take care of the lawn, hedges and flowers, pool cleaners and sometimes even security guards who keep an eye out and protect their property. What many may not know though, is that rich people also hire people to do very specific jobs, like hanging pictures. Yes, professional picture hangers do exist, and their sole job is to go to someone’s house in order to place a picture or piece of artwork on a wall so it can be displayed in the best way possible.

10 Drink A Naughty Type of Alcohol

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Everyone enjoys having a drink from time to time, it is a good way for people to relax and unwind after a hard day or week at work, but drinking alcohol can also be a very fun experience, especially if you are drinking with friends at a bar or a party, which is why so many young people drink even though they might be underage. Rich people enjoy alcohol as well, and even though they do drink the same types of beers and hard liquor that members of the middle-class enjoy, it does not mean that rich people do not drink high-end and expensive alcohol as well. As a matter of fact, some rich people like to drink a very specific type of alcohol that they have no problem paying for, and that alcohol is a German brand known as G-Spirits. This brand of alcohol deals primarily with rum, vodka and whiskey, but what really makes it special is the fact that all of these liquors are poured over the breasts of female models before being bottled and sold.

9 Visit With A Wealth Psychologist

People all over the world deal with some kind of psychological issue, some of which are far more dangerous and in need of treatment than others, which is why many people (including some who do not have any issues whatsoever) go to see a therapist or psychologist. Rich people go to see psychologists just like regular people do, and most of the time, it is for legitimate psychological problems, but some rich people visit specific psychologists for an issue that only really affects those who are wealthy. There are some banks that go out of their way to hire a psychologist who only tends to some of their wealthy clients who are actually worried that they have too much money. An actual wealth psychologist has said that, “wealth is still a taboo in our culture”, which would explain why some rich people do in fact see their money as a problem that they need to talk to a professional about.

8 Get Kidnapping Insurance

One of the worst things that can happen to a family, is when a family member, particularly a child or spouse, is abducted or kidnapped. Such a situation is a truly stressful and terrifying experience, and it can happen to anyone no matter what their economic standing happens to be; the only difference is, that wealthy individuals have a much higher risk of having someone in their family kidnapped. The reason why their families are at higher risks is a tad obvious, because they generally have more than enough money to pay for their family member’s safe return should they actually be kidnapped. There are rich people who do indeed understand the risk that their wealth poses to their family, which is why some rich people go out and obtain some form of kidnap insurance, especially when they travel. Kidnap insurance varies from person to person, as it could simply mean that the person’s insurance company pays for the ransom, but sometimes rich people have a rescue team of SWAT-like individuals on retainer.

7 Buy Very Expensive Phones

There existed a time when phones had to be connected to a landline in a stationary spot within someone’s home, while any phones that were mobile in nature, could only be afforded by people with money; and these phones were literally the size of bricks and had no camera, touch-screen, or internet connection. In 2016, the thought of a mobile phone being used solely for calling someone is utterly absurd, and now basically everyone has a phone in the palm of their hand, for a relatively cheap cost. As was stated at the beginning of this paragraph, only wealthy people used to own mobile phones, having one at that time was actually a sign of someone’s wealth, but now since virtually everyone has a phone, some rich people still want to show off how much money they have by using their phone. Regular people buy cell phones based on their design and functionality, but there are rich people who go the straight up flashy and expensive route by buying an iPhone which is gold-plated, or getting a Vertu phone which has special custom ringtones that were recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

6 Employ Secretaries Who Have Secretaries

Over the last decade, it has been stated numerous times that the rich are job creators who help to basically keep the economy going by being the ones who ultimately pay the wages of their employees. Now, whether or not you believe that workers are properly compensated for the work that they do, one has to admit that the wealthy do indeed employ a significant amount of a country’s workforce. A job that nearly every rich person needs to have continuously filled, is that of a secretary, someone who helps them to manage their daily schedule by doing things like taking their calls, scheduling meetings, appointments and events, or completing errands which they have no time to get to. Sometimes though, the secretaries of rich people are either too busy or cannot take the strain of their job by themselves, which is why some rich bosses hire another individual to serve as their secretary's own secretary to make things easier.

5 Smoke Cigarettes With Gold Filters

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Millions of people around the world smoke, whether it be substances which are illegal, cigarettes, or cigars, and for a time smoking, or rather what you smoked, was an identification of your economic standing. Cigars in particular could really distinguish how wealthy a person was depending on the brand they were carrying/smoking. Unfortunately for those who were wealthy, it had become increasingly dangerous to procure high-end cigars due to the trade embargo with Cuba; but if rich smokers really want to show off their wealth through what they smoke, then they definitely have the means to do so. Some rich people, instead of smoking cigars choose to smoke cigarettes, but they sometimes go for real high-end and flashy brands. In the world of luxury tobacco, Sobranie is the cream of the crop, as these Russian cigarettes sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars a pack, and what really makes these cigarettes truly special, is the fact that they have gold foil as filters.

4 Own Stocks In Companies Like Berkshire Hathaway

A person can actually become wealthy multiple ways, like signing a major contract, becoming well known in the entertainment industry, being a very smart businessman, inventing something truly needed or revolutionary, or even by being lucky enough and winning a huge jackpot in the lottery. Another way in which some people become wealthy, is by being extremely good at reading stocks, and it is also through the acquisition and sale of stocks that wealthy individuals are able to become even richer. Rich people, particularly those who are extraordinarily wealthy, do not usually purchase stocks in ordinary publicly traded enterprises, instead they buy shares in companies like Berkshire Hathaway. No one would blame you if you have never heard of the name Berkshire Hathaway, as it is a conglomeration of several companies which has billionaire Warren Buffett, as its CEO, and it is quite a hefty price tag if anyone wants to own even a single share. Regular people would invest in company stocks where the asking price for a share could range anywhere from a few dollars, to a few hundred or even thousand, but if you want just one share of a company like Berkshire Hathaway, you will need at least $200,000.

3 Buy Lifetime Memberships In First Class

Each year, millions of people travel to places around the world, using multiple forms of transportation like boats and even trains; but the most common method of global travel is without a doubt airplanes. There are many airlines in the world, but one of the largest happens to be American Airlines which has thousands of flights heading to hundreds of locations around the world on a daily basis. In the early 1980s the airline offered a service that only rich people could afford, and that service was unlimited first class flights for life, which would cost someone 250,000$, along with an additional 150,000$ for every guest they had. By the time 2004 came around, the price for this service had increased to a whopping 3 million dollars, and it ultimately forced the airline to have to discontinue the “unlimited” portion of the service for new members. You would think that not many people would actually buy such an expensive service, but in actuality, at least 66 people have paid for it.

2 Use Their Own Version Of Ebay

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Ebay is an American multinational corporation and e-commerce company which provides any number of products for purchase using only the internet. Most of us know about Ebay, in fact a lot of you have likely visited the site at least once because it might have had something you wanted to buy. The good thing about Ebay, is that aside from high quality items and stuff related to sports and celebrity memorabilia, people can find things to buy at a relatively low cost, with one of the downsides being that you may have to outbid someone else in order to obtain it. Ebay though, does not usually sell things that cater to wealthy individuals, which is why rich people sometimes use their own version of Ebay. E-commerce sites like JamesEdition.com offer all kinds of things for rich people to buy, like yaghts, jets, real estate, and at one point even the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

1 Use High-End Registries

As mentioned at the beginning of this list, people like having their names associated with things, no matter if they are filthy rich or a part of the middle class, it is just a good feeling. Extremely rich people though, like having their names associated with some very expensive, luxurious and even rare things, and it is high-end registers which deal with the purchasing and storage of these types of items. If a really rich person wishes to pre-order something like an expensive luxury car, house or boat, they would contact a high-end registry like duPont Registry, and similar registries also exist that cater to really rich people who want to buy things like rare diamonds. What makes some of these purchases really peculiar though, is the fact that many of the buyers never actually physically possess or even touch the expensive item that they buy; instead they tend to simply leave it in the same vault provided by the registry so that it is kept safe, with the owner’s name made clearly visible for other willing buyers to see.

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