10 Of The Most Expensive Kiddie Couture Brands

Kids are a reflection of their parents and if you are a fashionista, you most certainly want your kids to reflect your style. But, just because clothing is made for little people, doesn't mean the price tag is actually any smaller. In fact, many of the kiddie couture lines cost more than a lot of adult clothing lines do. Way more than you probably think.

The funny thing about kids clothing is that it’s not meant to be worn for a long time. Kids wreak havoc on everything. Even a cupcake can cause a major wardrobe malfunction. And let's not delve into the dangers of finger painting, or going to a playground or the sand box. Those places are simply stain cities. But, kiddie couture doesn’t really need to last. Children grow out of clothing so quickly that little Liam or Hudson might only be able to wear his chic three-piece suit three times. At least when adults buy expensive clothing, they can wear it often. Or at least more times than they have fingers…

Here are ten kiddie couture lines on the pricier side. Some of the brands make mini versions of mommy and daddy’s most favorite outfits and others reflect the general vision of the designer, but translated for a much younger set. From cuteness to cost, all of these lines are absolutely jaw dropping.

10 Catimini


French brand Catimini is one of the most popular brands for the children of celebrities. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio's son Noah Mazur, was recently spotted in their Urban Cobalt Blue Striped Jumper, which is relatively reasonable at $60. And if you were wondering, a jumper is just a fancy word for sweater. Sarah Jessica Parker is also a fan of Catimini and her adorable twins Loretta and Tabitha Broderick, both have the Urban Global Grey & Black Coat, which is a whole lot cheaper than Carrie Bradshaw’s famous Manolo Blahnik shoes, at only $138. Not cheap, but certainly more affordable than some of the other labels on this list. Catimini might not technically be one of the most expensive brands, but it is one of the most stylish.

9 Tartine et Chocolat

8 Junior Gautier


After launching a successful line for infants called Gautier Bébé in 2009, provocative French designer, Jean Paul Gautier launched his tame, but not too tame line, Junior Gautier for the littlest fashionistas in 2011. The first item in the collection was a limited edition (only 90 were made) $1,200 tulle dress. Since Junior Gautier’s launch, the economy has changed a wee bit and so have the prices. Today, an adorable ballerina dress with a slightly less grand tulle bottom only costs $306. And boys are most certainly allowed in the Junior Gautier club, with everything from hats to hoodies available.

7 Baby CZ


Most kiddie clothing lines start out as adult lines, but Baby CZ by Caroline Zapf, is a high end line for kids that has branched off to include adults. Baby CZ has been featured everywhere from Vogue Bambini to grownup Vogue, Forbes Life and even Hamptons magazine. Some of the most luxurious items they carry are adorable cashmere hats guaranteed to keep your kiddo equally warm and fashionable. The prices of those hats definitely rival those for much bigger heads at from $86.00-$110. And you can’t have a hat without a matching scarf, which range from $125 to over $154.

6 Canada Goose Kids


Call it the Canadian Parka Craze of 2015- Canada Goose has gotten a lot of slack for selling ultra expensive coats, costing even as much as $1,200 for a parka. Blame it on Canadian rapper Drake… However, the price is really justified (kind of) because the jackets are supposed to provide superior warmth compared to many cheaper and less fashionable options. So, if you want your kid to stay as warm and fashionable as possible, he or she is going to need a jacket from Canada Goose. A long parka will set you back over half a grand, but if you can't spend that much, the company sells a down vest for the less expensive price of $195.

5 Gucci


Gucci has some of the most interesting kids couture out there. Unlike many other designers, the Gucci kids line is stylistically and price wise more like a typical clothing line for grownups. Take their blue python jacket for example. Its jaw-dropping price of $4,900 makes Gucci one of the most expensive kids lines out there. And if mommy or daddy wants to match their chic kid, there’s a matching python dipper bag that looks way too cool for diapers for $4,400. And if you want to get your kid his or her own Gucci signature logo backpack, that will only set you back $1,790.

4 Moncler

It’s hard to stay warm these days, so it’s easy to justify spending a lot of money to keep your kid comfortable. Moncler is a very popular brand with adults, so of course your child would look adorable in one of their super warm coats, too. But in order to keep their limbs toasty, it might cost you an arm and a leg. The prices range from $325 for the infant Jules jacket, all the way up to over $900 for a junior sized Maya jacket. Grown up celebs love Moncler, especially Jessica Chastain and Lady Gaga.

3 Chanel


North West, the baby of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might be the chicest baby around. She was the youngest model to grace the pages of Vogue magazine, wearing a Chanel flower pin on her cashmere cardigan and carrying a tiny Chanel bag, in their March 2014 issue. But North West isn't the only kiddo into couture, Emme Anthony, daughter of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was seen carrying her own Chanel purse in the front rows at Fashion Week way back in 2012.

So, how much does a kiddie Chanel bag cost? Chanel doesn't actually make bags for kids, so the answer is really priceless. If you wanted to buy a teeny, tiny kiddo-sized Chanel bag, it would cost several thousand dollars.

2 Dolce & Gabanna


Dolce & Gabbana loves kids. For their 2014 Fall/Winter show, they featured models that happened to be mothers walking on the runway with their equally stylish mini-me's ranging from babies to pre-schoolers. Some of the little girls wore shift dresses that matched their mothers’. But Dolce’s little girl shift dresses will most certainly cost you more than a shift at work, with prices ranging from over $300 to just over $1,500. These outfits are definitely not for the playground. The boys line is pretty cute and chic too, with items like a leather bomber jacket for $1,290 or a little hoodie for $420.

1 Burberry


Children look just as adorable in plaid as adults do, which is probably why Burberry’s children line is quite popular with the celebrity set. Romeo Beckham, son of David and Victoria, loves Burberry and has even starred in their ad campaigns. But like the adult line, Burberry Kids doesn’t come cheap. A classic Burberry trench coat for a kiddo will set grownups back $850, so it’s certainly not for the trenches of the sandbox. But there are less expensive options, like a graphic t-shirt for only $70. Or the adorable magenta pink plaid playsuit for babies that comes with a matching bonnet for only $195. Baby better not eat, play or poop in her kiddie couture.

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