10 Of The Most Expensive But Completely Useless Things In The World

Being filthy rich means you can afford to buy things that many of us would never even consider. Many super expensive luxury cars or houses can actually be pretty functional and have features that a lot of people would love to take advantage of. Other times people spend their money on some pretty stupid things that end up being almost totally useless despite their very high cost.

You may see and want something that looks “cool”, but once you see the price tag on it you will likely turn away in disgust and horror. Some people will buy something no matter what the cost, spending more than a million dollars on an accessory for their dog, a special bed that floats, or even a roll of toilet paper made out of gold.

While there are likely several other expensive and useless items out there, the ten on this list are pretty amazing. It seems that most of them can’t even be used what they were intended for, mainly out of fear for damaging the expensive and fragile items.

10 $14,000 Tea Bag

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Tea seems like one of those inexpensive drinks that almost anybody can afford. Tea has been around for a long time and is enjoyed by people across the world. If you really like tea and have lots of money to burn, a diamond encrusted tea bag is available for $14 thousand. This particular tea bag was made to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Brooke Bond’s PG Tips. The handmade tea bag is covered in 280 diamonds, but it can still be used to brew tea and has actual tea leaves inside of it. This seems a bit ridiculous because once you brew the tea you will likely ruin the beauty of the diamonds on the outside of the bag.

9 $14,450 Gold LEGO Block

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One LEGO block by itself is pretty worthless because you need multiple LEGOs to be able to build something cool. Someone got the bright idea to build one solo gold LEGO and sell it for $14,450. The gold LEGO is the same size and shape as the standard toy version at 2 x 4 inches, but is made from 25.65 grams of 14 carat gold. The problem with this LEGO is that is more of a piece of artwork than an actual toy. Just think of how expensive it would be to own a whole set of these and how easily they could get scratched up if you actually put them together.

8 $15,000 Diamond Contact Lenses

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Those of us with bad vision know that wearing glasses or contact lenses can be pretty expensive over time. If you think that is bad, just imagine wearing a pair of diamond contact lenses worth $15 thousand. These contacts contain 18 diamonds, but the problem is you can’t wear them very long without hurting your eyes. Wearing these would probably scratch your eyes which may cause significant damage and could make your vision even worse than it was before. Unlike some of the items on this list, putting these on display as a piece of artwork would actually be pretty lame.

7 $68,500 Cricket Ball

Surely a regular old cricket ball cannot cost very much, but in 2007 a special cricket ball was made for $68,500. It looks somewhat like a mini disco ball and comes equipped with 5,728 diamonds. This special cricket ball was made by Gitanjali Gems Limited and was awarded to the best players at the Cricket World Cup in 2007. The problem with this ball is it you would not want to bat it around, which makes it pretty useless other than as a special piece of artwork. Those lucky players who received these balls better not lose them because they would be very expensive and difficult to replace.

6 $130,000 Yalos Diamond LCD TV

Whenever a new technology product comes out the price is going to be somewhat expensive. If you want to own the latest gadget before anyone else you are going to have to pay the price. Luckily that price usually comes down to a reasonable level once the technology becomes more common and new products are developed. For $130 thousand you can own a Yalos Diamond LCT TV, which is covered in white gold and comes with 20 carat gold diamonds. It is unknown whether or not the set actually works, but the picture is likely to pale in comparison to the diamonds it is covered in.

5 $595,000 Ruby and Diamond Pen

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Most of us either get pens on sale at the local drug store or “borrow” them from work or other sources. If you want something a bit more extravagant, you might want to consider this ruby and diamond pen worth $595 thousand. This hand crafted writing instrument contains 150 carats of invisible set Burma rubies as well as 15 carats of diamonds. The pen is also made with platinum and 18k white gold. The problem with this pen is you would not actually want to write with it because you might drop it or cause damage just by holding it.

4 $600,000 Chess Set

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A standard chess set typically does not cost too much, and the pieces are pretty cheap to replace. That is not the case with this special chess set which has a price tag of $600 thousand. Instead of the typical plastic black and white chess pieces, this set comes with pieces made from white and black diamonds. In total the set has 320 carats of the black and white diamonds and this set was part of the Charles Hollander Collection. Only seven of these special chess sets were made, and each took about 4,500 hours to complete. The problem with this chess set is you would not want to actually play the game with it and it has to be used only as a display.

3 $1.38 million Roll of Gold Toilet Paper

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Toilet paper may seem to be somewhat expensive, but your average roll costs nothing when you compare it to this outrageous gold roll of toilet paper which is being sold for $1.38 million. The special roll is made by the Toilet Paper Man from Australia. A three-play roll of paper is made up of 22 carat gold flakes and is supposedly safe to use. The roll of toilet paper will be hand delivered to the buyer just to ensure you receive it in good condition. The problem with this roll of paper is that if you use it you would literally be flushing your money down the toilet!

2 $1.6 million Magnetic Floating Bed

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A quality mattress can be very expensive, but not compared to paying $1.6 million for a magnetic floating bed. This bed will literally make you feel like you are sleeping on air, because it uses magnets to levitate 1.3 feet off of the ground. The bed can actually hold up to 2,000 pounds, but falling off of it might not be very much fun. It is unknown whether or not this bed can improve the quality of your sleep, but for $1.6 million not many of us will actually get to find out anytime soon. If something were to go wrong with the bed imagine having to replace it for another $1.6 million.

1 $3.2 million Dog Collar

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People love their pets and like to show off their dogs with crazy accessories or by entering them into dog shows or taking them to a dog park among other things. If you really want to show off your dog, you might consider purchasing them an Amour Amour Dog Collar made by I Love Dogs Diamonds for $3.2 million. This collar is made from 18 carat white gold and also has elements of platinum and crocodile leather. The problem with this collar is that if your dog runs away it is likely to be stolen. Once someone finds your dog and realizes what kind of money you spent on the collar, they may want a hefty reward or even a ransom for returning your pet pooch.


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