10 Of The Most Expensive And Exclusive Sneakers Ever Made

Why would anyone spend seven thousand dollars on a pair of sneakers you ask? Well, because they can! And why not, when I could easily drop a few thousand more for my favorite Jimmy Choo’s too, if I could, that is!

So yes, men love their sneakers just as women love their stilettos, though the former are so much more comfortable than the latter for there to be any kind of fair comparison. So for the men out there, who love their fashion and who definitely get a kick off fashionable footwear, here are some amazing, sought after sneakers that are fashionable, albeit a tad bit expensive (actually, really expensive).

Most of these sneakers, especially the ones near the top of the countdown, are not just expensive or sought after but they are actually exclusive ones that are made in singularly limited numbers too. This of course, is part of the reason why they are so expensive; remember that whole demand and supply routine your economics teacher was spouting that whole year in college? Well, it might pay off now. So, here’s to counting down the most expensive, exclusive and sought after sneakers from the least pricey to the most!

10 Air Jordan 2 Eminem 313

Air Jordan 2 - Eminem 313 (Via slashsport.com)
Air Jordan 2 - Eminem 313 (Via slashsport.com)

Air Jordan 2, the Eminen Way I Am 313 Limited Edition sneakers cost about $1000. It is not just rare to find this sneaker on sale, but it is rarer still if you find one in your size! When Nike came out with these sneakers, the sneaker world had no inkling of what was to come. The sneakers were completely sold out within 5 minutes of their launch. These special edition Jordans come in an exquisitely retro design and scream high fashion when you walk down in them, making your sweats and baggy pants so completely and absolutely irrelevant!

9 Balmain High Top & Double Strap

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Costing about $1475, the silver high-tongued Balmain sneakers come in leather and have rubber soles. The sneakers go high on the ankles and are shut-in with two Velcro-ed silver straps. If metallic silver is your thing, there is not a speck of fault you can find with these shoes, not in styling, nor in quality. Well, affordability is another thing though!

8 Nike Air Foamposite

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These shoes will make your wallet $1500 lighter, or charge up your credit card with the same amount, that is. But boy are these sneakers sleek, stylish and comfortable! For those who are unaware, Nike’s foamposite technology consists of giving the shoe a synthetically molded upper, which gives superior comfort to the wearer. As far as stylishness goes, just look at the damn shoe. It speaks for itself! Just for the record, had you known about this technology in 1997, and had you had the purchasing power to buy your own sneakers; then you could have got these babies for just $180. Oh well, love the shoes in 2014? Then you’ll just have to shell out the thousands now!

7 Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Flat


Yes, these sneakers are bold, bright red and have amazing snakeskin detailing, but they are also expensively priced at $1695. The irresistible stylishness of these shoes is not the singular reason for the massive price tag on them. It is actually just that the snakeskin upper is not the usual faux type, but essentially a real ‘python’ type. Uh huh, that’s right, these babies are real snakeskin! So yes, the red python Rantus Orlato Flat from Christian Louboutin is definitely a must-have and might I add, a unique addition to your (expensive) sneaker collection!

6 Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops & Star Studded

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With a price tag of $2350, the house of Jimmy Choo does not make any price allowances for its foray into the men’s sneakers line, from the normally ladies collections. For that price, while you’d expect something that truly dazzles you into taking a purchase action, you get a really normal looking shoe that you could just glance over, had it not been for the brand! The shoe consists of a leather, suede and canvas upper body that is studded with metallic stars. If you are willing to pay that price for these, maybe it’s best I tell you another advantage. These are ‘Made in Italy’.

5 Nike ParaNorman Foamposite


Nike’s Air Foamposite One ‘ParaNorman’ will cost you about $3000, but if you are willing to part with that amount, you are sure to gain much more in terms of attention, compliments and reactions when you wear these. The sneakers are super strange when you give them a first look, for they are completely film inspired. The sneakers have all the special effects actually, like glow in the dark soles, smoke graphics displays and themed pull-tabs. Only 800 of these sneakers are out and this exclusivity is what adds up to the increased cost as well.

4 Nike Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’


You would only accept the price tag of $3500 for a shoe if it were truly exclusive, right? Well, there is no doubt that this one really is. The Nike Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’ sneakers form part of the legendary white dunk city series and are limited to just 202 in number. If that isn't enough, the beautifully patterned shoe is a piece of art, rather than just a piece of footwear. The artwork is courtesy of French painter, Bernard Buffet. So yes, if you really want to stand out in a crowd, these sneakers are really a bold step closer to achieving just that.

3 Rick Owens ‘GeoBasket’


Yes, if elite celebrities such as Madonna, Rihanna and Nicole Richie can sport Rick Owens products, why can’t you? Of course you can, but you should be well aware that you are going to have to spend $5152 on them. The Rick Owens “GeoBasket’ sneakers come in brown iguana skin and are totally limited edition, owing to their exotic raw materials. To add to their already fabulous looks, the sneakers are textured with lines and beautifully contrasted with a white leather back. Trust me, you’d never (and I do mean, never!) go unnoticed if you are wearing these!

2 Nike Air Mag

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The sneakers of the future, ‘Nike air Mag’ were originally released in 2011, in highly limited editions that were sold only by auction. But as most self-fullfilling demand related prophesies go, the Nike Air Mag with several near futuristic features is soon to hit the market again in 2015. You will of course, need to save up at least $6000 if you are even remotely interested in these designer creations. The sneaker itself has a super tall top and will soon be seen with features such as lights in the heels and self-tightening laces! If you want to race into the future as a fashion leader, this sneaker sure is a must have item for you!

1 Nike SB Flom Dunk High


Costing just about $7500, the Nike SB Flom Dunk High sneakers top our list of expensively premium footwear. Available only at select retailers, these beautiful sneakers come in black and white basics, with red and gold accents that really do stand out. The design on the shoe’s collar, toe and side panel is fairly Gucci like, but it is the SB branding that truly drives the price. Question is, are you so much in love with it, that you’d be willing to bear with its taxing price tag?

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