10 Most Expensive Haircuts In The World

When people have a lot of money they often have no problem at all spending it on ridiculously expensive things that the average consumer would only pay a few dollars for. And so, celebrities shell out as much on a haircut as the average person makes in a week or even a month. Similarly, the world’s best hairstylists are in incredibly high demand, so they can afford to charge unearthly fees for their sought-after services.

Is it really obvious if a person spends thousands on a haircut as opposed to few dollars? Perhaps celebrity idolaters feel justified in paying an exorbitant price to have their hair cut by the same person who cuts the hair of today’s hottest A-list celebs, or they may even pay through the nose simply to have their hair cut in the style of their favourite celeb. When shame of Canada Justin Bieber cut off his Bieber bowl in 2011 it reportedly cost doll manufacturer The Bridge Direct Company $100,000 (as they had to change all their dolls' 'dos) and millions of teenage boys the world over were left with an outmoded look that they'd adapted to appeal to the heartthrob's female fanbase. Similarly, Rihanna's increasingly bizarre hairstyles and Katy Perry's often outlandish hair colours see female fans shelling out hundreds to imitate their favorite stars' every hairdo whim. If you're really in the big leagues though, you can set the set the style instead of imitating it - and that's where the uber-expensive celebrity hairdressers come in. The following are the stylists behind some of the most expensive haircuts, ranked by the price they ask for a simple wash-cut-and-blow-dry.

10. Oribe $400

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This Cuban-born hairstylist has a legendary reputation, so he can charge as much as $400 for his services. He got his start as an assistant for hairstyling icon Garren when he opened his first salon in New York City at the Plaza Hotel. He has honed his skills over the years, and now Oribe cuts the hair of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

5 Serge Normant $500

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French hairstylist Serge Normant is the go to choice for celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Barkin. He routinely shows off his skills for high profile fashion shoots - but if the average person wants a cut from Normant they'll have to put down $500 at one of the John Frieda Salons in either New York or Los Angeles.

8. Chris McMillan $600

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 Ever since her days of starring on Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been famous for her luxurious brown locks. She has celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan style her famous 'do, but the cost isn't cheap. The $600 price tag is nothing to Jennifer Aniston, but to the average consumer it’s a lot of money.

4 Sally Hershberger $600

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 If you expect to have your hair done at Sally Hershberger’s trendy Manhattan salon you had better have no qualms about spending a staggering $600 for a cut. Hershberger became famous for cutting and shaping Meg Ryan’s iconic short, blonde locks. Tom Cruise and Hilary Clinton are clients of Hershberger, too.

6. Frederic Fekkai $750

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 Fekkai made a lot of people balk when he started charging $300 for a cut way back in the late ‘90s, but now the price has more than doubled. While inflation might have something to do with increased prices, he's also developed serious celebrity status that allows him to charge exorbitant rates. Fekkai has also become extremely wealthy with his own line of shampoo, which goes for $22 a bottle. Celebrities like Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Sigourney Weaver, Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson - among others - have called upon Fekkai for his hair styling prowess.

5. Orlando Pita $800

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 Celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita holds esteemed Hollywood royalty as clients. Among the many celebrity clients that lend this hairdresser his prestige are Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow. He typically charges $800 for a styling session in his trendy Manhattan boutique.

3 Ted Gibson $1,200

Due to high demand and the popularity of his hairstyling services, Ted Gibson had to raise the price of a haircut from $950 to a whopping $1,200. As a star of the TLC show What Not to Wear, Gibson has become well known among television viewers the world over, and his celebrity clients reportedly include Renee Zellweger and Anne Hathaway.

2 Rossano Ferretti $1,600

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The current reigning queen of celeb land, Angelina Jolie, is among Ferretti’s celebrity clients that swear by his unique and innovative approach to cutting hair. He has worked as a hairstylist for models in high end fashion shows from names such as Armani, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. He has earned his reputation as one of the best and his name is branded on numerous high-end hair salons around the globe. Ferretti's special technique is about flattering a person’s face by the natural fall of a cut, rather than cutting the hair and shaping it into place afterwards.

2. Stuart Phillips $16,000

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British celebrity hairstylist Stuart Phillips’ list of clients includes Jamie Oliver, Jean Claude Van Damme and Benicio Del Toro. However, none of them have shelled out quite as much cash for a haircut as Italian property developer Beverley Lateo. Phillips typically charges a mere $300 for a standard cut, but Lateo splurged and paid $16,000. Of course, the day-long salon experience from Phillips included not only the cut, but a champagne lunch, head massage and personalized hair products. Lateo’s flight and limo service were also included in the total price.

1 Ken Modestou $23,000

The sultan of Brunei has no problem spending ridiculous sums on a haircut. He pays for his favorite stylist, Ken Modestou, to fly to the other side of the globe just for a haircut. Modestou works at the Dorchester hotel in London and a haircut from him itself is not all that expensive, but the Sultan values the stylist so highly that he covers all the hairstylist's expenses for his time in Southeast Asia. The sum adds up to an absurd $23,000. The Sultan apparently flies out his favorite hairstylist on Singapore airlines, first class of course, every few weeks for a trim.

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