10 Ridiculously Expensive Items For The Filthy Rich

What makes up your shopping list? Most of the time they are items that need to be purchased- groceries, toiletries, medication…. Now, if you were a billionaire or multi-millionaire how would you spend your money? Buy fancy clothes? Dowse yourself with millions of dollars worth of diamonds? How about a half million dollar board game, or 22-carat gold toilet paper? To the average person, these items would only be a fragment of imagination. However, to the super-rich it’s a reality. Billionaires can easily reach into their deep pockets, spend an astronomical amount of cash, and not bat an eyelash, leaving the rest of us in a state of wonderment. So what makes up a billionaire’s shopping list? Rest assured that the items are definitely the ultimate hallmark of success. Below are some of the most shockingly expensive items in the world that are sure to make your jaw drop.

10 10- Pencil- $12,800

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Coming from one of the oldest German family-owned companies, the world’s most expensive pencil was created in Germany in 2008. This limited edition pencil was crafted with 240-year-old olive wood and 18-carat white gold. Called the Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil, it even includes a handy built-in eraser and a pencil sharpener. It also features three diamonds and comes with a certificate. Billionaires can feel comfortable using this as a writing instrument or to display in their collection. According to most-expensive.com, only 99 limited edition Perfect Pencils were created.

9 9- Umbrella- $50,000

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Behold… the world’s most expensive umbrella- The Billionaire Couture Umbrella, which sells for $50,000. Made of black top-quality crocodile skin, this umbrella will certainly help any billionaire show off their money. According to luxurylaunches.com, the crocodile skin is water resistant and available by special order at Billionaire Couture in London. Each umbrella is also given its own intricate detail, guaranteeing it to be completely unique. Sorry ladies… The Billionaire Couture Umbrella is exclusively for men.

8 8- Truffle- $160,406     

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Enjoying delicious and luxurious foods are one of the many perks of being rich. Found usually on the table of a very elegant restaurant, truffles have become a status symbol for the rich. Truffles are held in high esteem by many, and are considered an expensive indulgence and delicacy. Cbsnews.com named European white truffles the 'most expensive food in the world,' as they are one of the rarest fungi found. According to CNN just 1.51 kg of Italian White Alba Truffle sold for $160,406. Per Ealuxe.com, one reason this truffle is the world’s most expensive is because it’s really difficult to cultivate.

7 7- Shirt- $235,000

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Ever wonder what the most expensive shirt in the world is made out of? Well, it’s made entirely out of gold. In India and most places, gold is a symbol of prestige and power, and people purchase gold to be looked upon as flashy and luxuriant. An Indian man, Datta Phuge, nicknamed the 'gold man,' has purchased one of the most expensive shirts in the world, for a whopping $235,000. Per msn.com, the shirt has 14,000 “gold flowerings” that have been combined with 100,000 spangles and 6 Swarovski crystal buttons. It took 15 days and 16 people to create the shirt, with the biggest challenge being comfort. Designers came up with a gold cloth sewn in Italian weave, and a velvet lining was put inside to prevent any type of scratching. According to time.com the shirt weighs seven pounds, and to ensure his safety, Phuge has security detail when he’s wearing the shirt.

6 6- iPod Speaker Dock- $560,000- $565,000

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Referred to by Cbsnews.com as “the mother of all iPod, iPhone, and iPad docks,” the AeroDream One stands over 11 feet tall and weighs 870 pounds. According to American Luxury magazine, it’s most likely the world’s tallest and most expensive docking station. In order to plug in your device, you must climb a ladder, but it’s worth it… The AeroDream One produces 10,000 watts and features an 18 inch subwoofer and 5 channel amplifier. Cnet.com advises that each one is custom made and takes six months for delivery. Prices vary from $560,000-$565,000 and the dock is available in white, black or chrome.

5 5- Board Game- $600,000   

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Priced at half a million dollars, the Royal Diamond chess set is often referred to as the world’s most luxurious and expensive chest set. Jeweler Charles Hollander has made seven luxury chest sets with help from designer Bernard Maquin. According to businessweek.com, the chess set is studded with 320 carats of black and white diamonds as well as two kilograms of 14 carat white gold. Thirty craftspeople and over 4,500 hours went into making this chess set. The chess board is formed with using white gold checkered with alternating black and white diamond studded squares.

4 4- Toilet Paper- $1.3 Million

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What may be the most shocking and weird on the list, this 3-ply 22-carat gold toilet paper was created by an Australian company called Toilet Paper Man. The company produced a 3-ply roll of toilet paper made from 22-carat gold flakes, and said its 100% usable and safe. If getting gold toilet paper isn’t enough, the company also throws in a bottle of champagne. But think twice if you want to purchase more than one roll- Toilet Paper Man, which produces household items, only has one golden roll of toilet paper in stock. According to nydailynews.com, this blinged-out toilet paper is still up for grabs.

3 3- Dog- $1.5 Million

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They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but in this case this dog better be a super-best friend! This red Tibetan mastiff, called “Big Splash”, sold at an astounding $1.5 million according to cbsnews.com. The rare and ancient golden-haired dog was sold at a premium pet fair in China, and the breeder reportedly told a paper that the mastiff had “lion’s blood.” The pup is 31 inches tall and weighs close to 180 pounds. So why the high price? Well the breeder said the dog can be compared to “nationally treasured pandas.” According to today.com, this dog breed has become a status symbol in China among its wealthiest people.

2 2- Book- $31 Million

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One of the most expensive books by Leonardo Da Vinci was purchased by billionaire Bill Gates in 1994 for $31 million. According to cnn.com, Gates can brag about the purchase of the 72-page Leicester Codex, as it was handwritten entirely in Italian by Da Vinci himself. It contains insights into his inventions, sculptures, paintings, and philosophies. Soon after Gates purchased the book, he had all the pages scanned and saved in a digital format. In fact, Usatoday.com says that Gates released an electronic version of the book, which lets people browse through virtual versions of two of Da Vinci’s works.

1 1- Viola- $45 Million

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This 300-year-old Stradivarius ‘MacDonald’ Viola is valued at an astonishing $45 million. According to Businessweek.com, this rare viola is one of just 10 Stradivarius violas known to have survived. The “MacDonald” was nicknamed after one of its previous owners, and was made by Antonio Stradivari, the greatest instrument maker of all time. Said to be the most expensive and in impeccable condition, this viola may just be perfect. Why perfect? According to violist David Aaron Carpenter, it’s in almost perfect condition and the “experience of playing it takes your breath away.” Coined as the Holy Grail for collectors, this viola is sure to make any classical music loving billionaire happy.

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