10 Expensive Things To Do In Vegas

There is no shortage of things to do in Vegas. Late nights in casinos, high end performances and walking the strip probably come to mind, but there is so much more to do and explore in this glamorous city. The night life and concerts may be the main draw to Vegas but when it's time for a break and a change of pace there are plenty wacky adventures to be had that promise memorable moments. Take a trip over to the Grand Canyon and go horseback riding down the desert trails like an old west cowboy, or if horses aren't your style, a sunset helicopter ride could be for you.

For the more daring of heart, try a roller coaster ride off the roof of one of the tallest buildings on the Strip. The views are not for the faint of heart but the beauty of the city is spectacular. Vegas is full of adventures waiting, for those who venture away from the casinos, if even for a moment. Get the full CSI experience from the TV show or check out the famous Pawn Stars store and meet the cast who run it. For a lasting experience take a drive up the strip in a limousine with a private photographer to document the outing.

Las Vegas is full of surprises and hidden treasures both man made and natural. There are three national parks to explore and lot's of desert for dune buggy and rock climbing adventures. One of the newer tours available is a partially guided scooter tour through Red Rock River Canyon. Tourists get to drive a three wheeled scooter through the city and into the desert and stopping at three pit stops. The scooters get noticed in the city, so be prepared to get some looks from envious tourists. For the high rollers, Vegas is never short of new things to try and places to explore. Here's a list of some of the most expensive Vegas experiences. All prices are per person.

9 Dream Racing Driving Experience: $189

It's time to live on the wild side, this one is for the car enthusiasts. At the Las Vegas Motorway, spend 13 minutes learning the controls in a simulator. Experienced drivers will assist you to reach maximum potential for your driving experience. Once the simulation is complete, jump into a professional racing suit and get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 GT race car for five laps. This car isn't even street legal so buckle up your seat belt. Later enjoy access to the Dream Racing Lounge with one guest.

8 Area 51 Tour: $199

Start the tour with a scenic SUV ride through the desert and wander through an unexplained dried up lake bed where many alien sightings have occurred. See ancient Indian petroglyphs that eerily resemble alien figures. Then get on the 'Extraterrestrial Highway' and visit the A'Le'Inn the site of many documentaries including Independence day. After a burger at the inn, continue on the the famous Black Mailbox that marks the beginning of Area 51 and see armed guards watching your every move that have been nicknamed The Men in Black. Area 51 is the inspiration for the hit TV series The X-Files.

7 Jet Ski Tour: $291

For some fun, spending an hour Jet skiing on Lake Meade will be the perfect break for a Vegas vacation. Slather on that sun screen and bring a camera along. Lake Meade is the largest man made lake in America. The Jet ski's are equipped with dry compartments so it's safe to film the adventure without damaging the camera, although it's unlikely you'll stay dry.

6 Silver Cloud: $399

Ride in a helicopter in this air-only tour and fly over Lake Meade, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Wildlife can sometimes be seen in the desert below. See the extinct Volcano Fortification Hill and fly over the Bowl of Fire, which is made up of red rock formations. The tour completes with an exciting trip over the Las Vegas strip and over downtown. Fortification Hill is particularly popular in Spring when flowers bloom on the mesa. Take a sunset tour for a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

5  6. Canyon Dream: $504

Start the trip with a 40 minute ride in a private plane to the Grand Canyon. After landing, jump aboard an Eco Star Helicopter and see the beautiful South Rim landscapes including Kaibab National Forest, and the Temple of Ra and the famous Colorado River. Explore the Grand Canyon National Park trails at your own pace, while enjoying a gourmet lunch.

4 Trainer For A Day: $595

At The Mirage Dolphin habitat, dolphin lovers can put on a wet suit and live their marine animal fantasy of being a dolphin trainer for a day. Get in the water with these majestic mammals and work with them and an experienced professional. Spend the day doing different tasks both in and out of the dolphin pool. Participants must be prepared to do strenuous physical activity, and being a strong swimmer is recommended. Prior experience isn't required, as a trainer for the day you can have two friends join you as observers for a charge of $150 each. The tour is nearly a full workday, starting from 9:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is a once in a lifetime experience. Anyone over the age of 13 can be a trainer.

3 Order A Burger at Paris Hotel: $777

Burger Brasserie has a very expensive french interpretation of a hamburger. Indulge in the world's most expensive burger at the Paris hotel on the Las Vegas strip and is one of the most talked about burgers in the world. It comes with Kobe beef and Maine lobster, the rich combination is finished off with caramelized onions, imported Brie, prosciutto and 100-year aged balsamic vinegar. The meal is served with a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon champagne, this is perfect for the burger lover to spend those casino winnings. The restaurant offers other casual food choices, and with it's energetic sports bar atmosphere, it's the perfect place to sit and watch a game.

3. Order a High Roller Martini: $1,000

There is more to Vegas bars than just $10 rum and cokes. The Capital Grille in the Fashion Show Mall caters to high rollers with the new Gotham and High Roller martinis. Take your bar hopping up a notch with this expensive drink that even comes with an extra gift to remember the experience. The Gotham martini comes with a strand of pearls and the high roller is served with a pave diamond ring. Half of the cost of the drink goes to Share our Strength a charity that battles hunger around the world. This is a great idea for after winning that high stakes poker game. The Capital Grille also offers other expensive cocktails, the most expensive drink ever sold came in at $8,000, in 2003. It was sold at auction for alzheimers research.

2 Throw a party in a high roller suite: $40,000

The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms hotel can be rented for $40,000 a night. The villa is the biggest on the Las Vegas strip covers 9,000 square feet. An outdoor pool overlooks the strip, and there is also a private exercise room, steam room and wet bar. The villa features a rotating bed with a glass elavators so guest don't get tired while exploring the various rooms. For guest planning to throw a party, the room can hold up to 250 people so choose the guest list carefully.

1 Rent the Bellagio Fountain: $250,000

Once the famous fountain has been turned off for the night a gold box will be delivered to your patio seat at the Hyde Bellagio Nightclub. Inside the box is a list of songs and a red button. Choose a song and press the button to set off 4,700 lights and 4,700 fountains of dancing water. Sit back ad enjoy the moment with a 30 liter Ace of Spades champagne.  The Bellagio fountains are a famous Vegas landmark that mesmerizes onlookers, each dance is unique.

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