10 Costly Ways To Keep Your Child Safe

Children of wealthy parents are prime candidates for extortion and kidnapping. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children gathers statistics specific to missing and sexually exploited children. According to a national study in 1999 approximately 800,000 children less than 18 years old were reported missing. There were 200,000 children abducted by family members and more than 58,000 abducted by nonfamily members. The first three hours are the most critical when trying to rescue a child.

The AMBER Alert program was created for abduction cases involving children. As of January 3, 2014, 679 children have been recovered, new developments in technology aim to prevent abductions before they happen. The Lindbergh baby is probably the most famous abduction case that unfortunately had a sad ending. The tragedy of this case led to Congress passing the Federal Kidnapping Act or the Lindbergh Law, making kidnapping across state lines a federal offense.

The Philippines is notorious for child kidnappings of wealthy parents. Evidence supports that a percentage of kidnappings are perpetrated by Muslim extremists groups as a way to fund their illegal activities and many times foreigners are targeted. Officially the 2010 kidnap for ransom (KFR) was 41 for 2010, the unofficial number is much higher in reality. Many KFR's go unreported as not to attract the attention of other kidnapping syndicates, well to do families always end up discreetly paying the ransom fee for the safe delivery of their children. Lets look at some of the new methods people are using to safeguard children from threats today.

10. Net Nanny Cyber defense: $79.99

The sad fact is most children are exposed to pornography online before 11 years of age and more than 1 in 5 children 10 to 17 years old have been approached for sex online. Purchasing a Net Nanny license for $79.99 for up to 10 PCs allows you to customize the software to block porn, mask profanity, set time limits, monitor social media and send alerts and reports to you as the parent. This is the easiest and most inexpensive option in your first line of defense for your family.

7. Private Krav Maga Instruction For Children: $100 Per Hour

Originally created by Imri Lichtenfeld in Slovakia, Krav Maga is the Israeli martial art practiced by the Israeli army. This street brawler art is one of the most effective street fighting techniques used today. Unlike the Korean sport martial art Taekwondo or the classical style of wushu from China this art is devoted to maiming your opponent with deadly force.

Dedicating 12 months of your life to studying Krav Maga is more effective than 3 years in a traditional classical martial art for street defense. The basic tenant of this art is to avoid confrontation at all cost. More than just self defense, Krav Maga is great for a child’s self confidence and esteem. The character building elements are worth the price itself. Private certified instructor lessons for 1 on 1 training can be purchased for $100 per hour.

6. LEO Revolution Smart Watch/Cell Phone: $299

This is an onstar system on your childs wrist that also has a family app and a built in 911 panic button system. Your child can access 911 with the touch of one button if necessary. Access to the Exemplary Plan is necessary to make emergency calls.

The $39.95 Exemplary Plan includes the following:

24/7 Emergency 911

Panic Button Alerts

Wrist Strap Tamper Alerts (sends tamper alert if an attempt is made to improperly remove)

Smart Phone Location Services

Safety Zone Alerts

Exclusion Zone Alerts

In a hostile scenario it is easy for a child to drop their cell phone, the Leo is worn like a regular watch making it is easy for them to just hit the panic button. The Leo will retail for $299 this spring when released nationally.

 5. MC Kids Ballistic Safety Vest: $599


There have been 13 school shootings in the first six weeks of 2014 alone. Gun violence has erupted in America’s schools and does not look like it will slowing down anytime soon. There have been 44 school and college shootings since Newton in December of 2012 and an additional 28 deaths over the last 14 months in school institutions. While advocacy groups like Moms Demand Action was formed in reaction to the rising death toll at schools, innovations in childrens protective wear is becoming more mainstream.

Elite Sterling Security, a Colorado based company designs and manufactures childrens ballistic clothing. The MC kids ballistic safety vest provides NIJ Level II protection. This specialized smaller scale vest is able to protect its wearer from a 9mm or a .357 Mag bullet at close range. The exact same material used in the childs ballistic vest is worn by military and security forces around the world. This garment weighs only 3 lbs and is available in different colors for boys and girls. This garment can be purchased for $599.

9. Home Schooling: $600 to $1,000 Per Year

Children being homeschooled in the United States now numbers more than 2.04 million, a 75 percent increase from 1999. A whooping 73 percent claim dissatisfaction with the American school system. School shootings like Columbine and the recent 26 victims of Sandy Hook are strong indicators for considering education in the home. If parents have the flexibility to stay home, than this may be an option. Home schoolers also report higher GPAs compared to the traditional classroom. Taxpayers spend an average of $10,000 per year for public schools, home school tuition can cost from $600 to $1,000 per year in addition to equipment like a home computer and internet connection. The cost of homeschooling is priceless considering the lack of safety at many public schools.

1 MC Kids Ballistic Puffer Vest: $1,040

For a more casual look you can purchase the MC Kids Ballistic Puffer Vest. The same technology that goes into Miguel Caballero’s famous ballistic clothing line is incorporated in this casual childs vest. The same NIJ Level II rating protection as the MC Kids Ballistic Safety Vest, this garment weighs only 4 lbs. The puffer vest offers more coverage protection than the MC Kids Ballistic Safety Vest. In addition, to concealed protection, this garment insulates the wearer against cold temperatures. The Puffer Vest can be purchased for $1,040.

3. Ballistic Baby Strollers: Approx $5,000

The Ballistic Baby Stroller is a concept being developed right now. Certain ballistic armor companies in the USA and Israel, claim that this is currently in development. The estimated cost of this unassuming carrier for babies will probably start at around $5,000.

8. Private schools: $15,945 to $27,302 Per Year

Private schools have a higher student to teacher ratio than public schools. Personalized attention is what parents are paying for.

On average private schools are more security conscious, take for example Collingwood School in West Vancouver, an example would be how to react to an intruder on school grounds as well as lockdown procedures.

The average private school tuition in the U.S. for a non sectarian elementary school is $15,945 a year, this number increases to $27,302 a year for secondary school. The majority of parents send their children to private schools because most public schools are in lower income dilapidated areas where safety is a primary concern.

2. Trained Nannies: Begins At $50,000 Per Year

Situational awareness is the first course of action in self defense, wealthy children who are in the care of nannies require additional security. NannyGuards is the world’s first company that offers a hybrid nanny with security training offered by Athena Academy.

All NannyGuards go through an extensive background check completed by a private investigation firm before recommendation to a family. Athena Academy is experienced working in federal law enforcement, investigating people, travelling overseas protection and training bodyguards.

NannyGuards was started by security consultants to train traditional nannies for families that want more peace of mind where it concerns their childrens safety. Nannyguards is not a security service provider, it is a security service group specializing in child protection. Rates for a nanny trained with this service can command a salary beginning at $50,000 annually.

1. Female BodyGuards: $100,000 Annually

Clients are starting to realise that women are often a better choice to protect their families than the traditional male bodyguard. Close Protection Operatives is the correct term for bodyguards. The latest trend in personal security is the growing demand for female bodyguards, currently there are not enough females to match the demand.

"As a woman, I blend in more easily -- people just assume I'm a nanny or personal assistant," this quote is from Emma Probert one of the personal bodyguards for Kate Middleton. Female operatives are trained in firearms, defensive driving, threat assessment, counter surveillance and bomb threats. An experienced qualified bodyguard can command a salary of $100,000 or more annually.

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