Top 15 Highest Paid Actresses In The World For 2015

The top stars in Hollywood really do live the good life, and that is represented in the information found in this piece. The women who are located at the bottom of the list of the highest-paid actresses for 2015 will, according to data released by Forbes on August 20, 2015, rake in around $8 million for this year alone. That is more money that some National Football League quarterbacks who put their careers and their bodies on the line up to 16 times every year will make, and it is more cash than many big-name athletes will earn via local and national endorsements.

What may stand out more than anything else is that the actresses who are mentioned in this piece have the goods to play a wide variety of roles. In a world in which even a below-par superhero movie seemingly cannot fail at the box office and among fans, the woman who stands as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood today is somebody who can play in romantic comedies, action flicks and other roles that are handed to her. It also does not hurt her cause or her bank accounts that she also happens to be arguably the most-popular actress on the planet as of the summer of 2015.

It probably comes as little surprise to even casual movie goers that the highest-paid actresses in the world are also some of the more-recognizable names in the industry. One, in particular, can practically be handed an award nomination just about anytime that she accepts a role. Another continues to show her versatility as an actress despite the fact that she has seemingly been around since the day before forever. All of the others should, as it pertains to money netted in 2015, bow to the woman at the top of this list, as she is going to be the queen of the kingdom for the foreseeable future.

15 T13: Sandra Bullock: $ 8 Million

If you're anything like me, you may have one thought upon first hearing or seeing the name of Sandra Bullock: I hope I look anywhere near as good as she does when I turn 51 years old. It seems as if it was longer than two decades ago when Bullock became a household name due to her roles in movies such as Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Demolition Man and The Net. Perhaps her best job to date was her performance in the 2013 blockbuster Gravity, in which she was essentially the lone player tasked with carrying that movie to great success.

14 T13. Amanda Seyfried: $8 Million

So what if every movie that Amanda Seyfried stars in does not receive the highest of praise from all critics? The checks nevertheless cash at the bank. Several of the movies that Seyfried has starred in over the years were box office hits that made a ton of money, and the native of Allentown, Pennsylvania appeared in the comedies A Million Ways to Die in the West and also Ted 2. The latter of those two movies served as yet another reminder that movie fans are often not up for a sequel, particularly one to a rated “R” movie that was a one-time watch.

13 T13. Meryl Streep: $8 Million

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Fans of any form of entertainment rarely agree on anything. Suggest among NFL fans that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in pro football history, for example, and you will incite an argument that very well may lead to an actual fight. That trait that we in society share makes the fact that many in agreement that Meryl Streep is the greatest living actress in the world that much more remarkable. You can put her name on an awards list each time that she features in a movie. She may not always take hardware home, but it is a safe bet that the incomparable Streep will receive a nomination.

12 Gwyneth Paltrow: $9 Million

Outside of the numerous movie roles which have earned her fame and a massive fortune during her illustrious career, Gwyneth Paltrow has led a fascinating life since being in the public eye. Paltrow has had multiple famous relationships that have found her name in headlines whenever she would enjoy a meal or go on vacation. She married Chris Martin, the lead singer of music group Coldplay. She has been the face of international marketing campaigns. Paltrow has even spent time as a food blogger. So what if Mortdecai was a bomb? They all cannot be gems.

11 Cameron Diaz: $11 Million

Here is a weird bit of trivia that you may not have known or may have forgotten about over the years: Cameron Diaz was almost in cult classic movie Mortal Kombat. How things could have gone differently for her over the years had she been in that film. Diaz is sometimes disrespected among critics due to the fact that some of her movies are not what would be considered to be great works of art. I suppose she will just have to live with the fact that films such as The Other Woman and Sex Tape made impressive amounts of money, and also that she is routinely atop lists of the highest-paid actresses over the age of 40 years old.

10 T9. Kristen Stewart: $12 Million

One thing we learned about Kristen Stewart in the summer of 2015 is that she has a fan in pop singer and actress Miley Cyrus, who recently referred to Stewart as being “hot.” Stewart became an international sensation due to her roles in the Twilight series/saga, and she picked up endorsement deals coming off of those movies. She made quite the transition from those gigs with her performance in the drama Still Alice, one that earned Stewart high praise from critics and reviewers. She is set to have at least three significant movie roles coming in 2016.

9 T9. Anne Hathaway: $12 Million

The trend of movie stars making moves to the small screen is one that has captivated audiences and earned performers such as Matthew McConaughey positive reviews and even future roles. Anne Hathaway will be following in those footsteps when she stars in The Ambassador's Wife, a television adaptation of the well-known novel. We fans on the outside looking in are still looking to find out what network will pick up Hathaway's next project. While it may be fun to see Hathaway be featured on one of the “big-four” networks, you have to admit that you would be intrigued upon learning that The Ambassador's Wife will be airing on HBO.

8 T7. Reese Witherspoon: $15 Million

Was it really only a few years ago when Reese Witherspoon was an afterthought in the movie world and a woman who was mostly known for her roles of the past? Those days are now well into the past, as Witherspoon is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world for 2015. Some claimed that Wild, which hit theaters near the end of 2014, was the best work to date of her career, and that Hot Pursuit was a flop even though it received some advertising help from, of all places, World Wrestling Entertainment did not negatively affect the amount of money Witherspoon will make.

7 Angelina Jolie: $15 Million

Odds are that those who stumble upon this piece at one time or another have probably read or heard about the enormous fees that Angelina Jolie receives whenever she chooses to accept a movie role. There is a reason for that, and that is that Jolie is a star in every sense of the word. Jolie has, in recent years, moved behind the camera to work as a director, and the movie Unbroken was a hit in theaters even though it received mixed reviews and also failed to clean house at award shows. She is set to star alongside husband Brad Pitt in By the Sea, a movie that is scheduled to be released in November 2015.

6 Julia Roberts: $16 million

There are a plethora of words that could be used to describe Julia Roberts. “Timeless” is one that quickly comes to mind. One reason that Roberts fetches such a high fee for her services, along with the fact that she has been a beloved figure among fans for decades, is that she her signature on a contract is not the easiest to acquire these days. Roberts has found herself rather busy outside of being an actress, and she is now, at this stage of her life, able to be involved in the entertainment world behind the scenes. All of this has not prevented her from hanging out with the likes of Taylor Swift when such openings have arisen.

5 Jennifer Aniston: $16.5 Million

The former star of the iconic television show Friends made headlines in the summer of 2015 when it was learned that she had a secret wedding that was attended by some of the biggest names in all of entertainment. Radio and television personality Howard Stern managed to keep the news secret until details of the wedding leaked after the fact, and he then spoke about the day on an episode of his Sirius/XM program. There really is no better person to interview Aniston about the wedding than the “King of All Media” himself. As for Aniston, she could soon star in a spinoff of the movie Mean Girls.

4 Fan Bingbing: $21 Million

Fan Bingbing has, at times been referred to as the Chinese star that “you've never heard of” by websites and publications. The stunning actress was part of the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past, and she has also worked as a television producer and a pop singer. Bingbing is such a relative unknown among American fans when compared to the other names that are featured in the updated Forbes list that the fact that she is the fourth highest-paid actress in the world made headlines on blogs and news websites. Take notice and learn the name, because her stock is only going to go up.

3 Melissa McCarthy: $23 Million

Just when you begin to think that the meteoric rise of Melissa McCarthy may be slowing down, she is part of yet another successful project. McCarthy, widely perceived as one of the funniest individuals let alone one of the funniest women in all of Hollywood, is the star of the hit CBS show Mike & Molly, and she has become box office gold following movies such as Identity Thief, Tammy and The Heat. McCarthy is scheduled to star in the upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters. Here is a spoiler alert for everybody: It will probably be a hit, in part because of McCarthy's involvement with the project.

2 Scarlett Johansson: $35.5 Million

Movie goers are not at all getting tired of seeing Scarlett Johansson, who is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood, playing the role of Black Widow in the Iron Man/Captain America series. She has already thrice played that role, and she will reprise it again in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War. That will be one of at least three movies that will feature Johansson in 2016. One request for fans, critics and bloggers: Stop with the “ScarJo” nickname. It is ridiculous, and it sounds like a name you would use for a celebrity couple or maybe a puppy.

1 Jennifer Lawrence: $52 Million

Are you even a little surprised to see that Jennifer Lawrence is making more money than any other actress out there today? Lawrence is guaranteed to make a small fortune whenever she accepts a movie role, to the point that one paycheck reportedly worth $20 million that she requested for the drama Passengers would, on its own, put her in the top-five of this list. The 25-year-old is Hollywood royalty who has the “it” that industry analysts often refer to when speaking about the marketability of an entertainer. There is no hotter commodity in the movie world today than Lawrence.

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