Top 10 Highest Paid Transgender Celebrities

Transgender people live a truly unique experience. They've had the opportunity to experience life from both sides, wear clothes for both sides and experience both perspectives of men and women.

It is normally very easy to tell the gender of a person by looking at him or her. Or is it? How sure can we be that the people we see are really the gender that we assume? We have all watched the news, seen some celebrities opting to change their genders, and become members of the opposite sex.

A good example is the now famous Bruce who became Caitlyn Jenner. The former Olympian became a woman right before the world’s eyes. Everybody has a right to choose how he or she want to live his or her life. This also includes the gender that someone wants to identify with. Some of these transgender people have gone on to become famous and highly paid.

Famous CEOs, models and even TV personalities live transgender lives openly and are not ashamed of the fact that they switched gender. The amount of money in their banks also makes their lives very enviable. Sometimes I ask myself if I would be more of a success if I were of the opposite gender. Think about it, maybe I would be stronger, more open-minded and have different experiences.

Read on to find out who are the 10 highest paid transgender celebrities.

10 Chaz Bono - Net Worth: $500,000

The child of Sonny and Cher, Chaz Bono was born female and named Chastity. He decided in 2008 that being female was not his thing and therefore decided to make the transition to becoming a man. He found out that he was a lesbian and underwent gender reassignment in 2008. Chaz even appeared in an Emmy nominated documentary. He is a well-known LGBT activist, author and former Dancing With the Stars competitor. This guy is living the life! Worth a cool half million and he looks good.

9 Kellie Maloney - Net Worth: $600,000

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Kellie Maloney made a name for herself as a boxing promoter. She has worked with Lennox Lewis and has three children from two marriages. She was born Frank Maloney and announced her plans to undergo sex reassignment surgery in 2014. She also entered the reality television show known as Celebrity Big Brother. In 2015, she announced that the process of her transition was complete. She seems to have made a name for herself and is worth a pretty penny. $600,000 is not a small amount.

8 Amanda Lepore - Net worth: $1.7 million

The next transgender celeb on our list is this lovely lady. Amanda Lepore is a singer, model and performance artist. She has made many changes to herself including having her ribs broken in order to appear thinner. Talk about being thorough.

Amanda is among the youngest celebrities to have undergone this surgery as she did it when she was 19. I was still refusing to become a grown up at that age. She has appeared on covers of magazines, has done ads for M.A.C. cosmetics and she even has her own cosmetics line. Lepore is a favorite for photographers such as David LaChapelle and Terry Richardson.

7 Carmen Carrera - Net Worth: $2 million

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Carmen Carrera's parents named her Christopher Roman when she was born. Carrera is an actress and performer and has great presence on social media as she has 90,000 followers on Twitter and over 500,000 likes on her Facebook page.

Carrera has not been secretive when it comes to the procedures she has undergone. If anything, she is very open about them. She has made appearances on TLC's Cake Boss as well as the popular show Jane the Virgin. She has achieved a lot in her time and has gone on to be successful and increase her net worth to $2 million.

6 Laverne Cox - Net Worth: $2 million

Laverne Cox has to be one of the most admired transgender actors in the world. She is the first transgender woman of color to have a leading role in a mainstream television show, appearing on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black. She is also a public speaker and has a television show of her own. She makes her money mainly through entertainment.

Cox also happens to be the first transgender person to get a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award. She has definitely achieved a lot for herself.

5 Conchita Wurst - Net Worth: $3 million

Born in Austria, Conchita Wurst began her career as Thomas Neuwirth. She has never undergone any surgery to change how she looks, but she happens to have the best of both worlds. Wurst dresses up as a woman and she looks the part. She has long feminine hair and sports long feminine lashes.

The best part is that he displays all these feminine things and still has a beard, blurring gender lines and making her one of the most unique celebrities out there. In 2014, she won the Eurovision song contest, which happened in Copenhagen. This definitely got the world’s attention.

4 Laura Jane Grace - Net Worth: $5 million

Laura Jane Grace announced her sexuality in 2012. She decided to become female  even though she was married to a woman and had a child. Grace's parents named her Thomas Gabel at birth. He said that Laura is the name that his mother had planned to give him if he turned out to be a girl.

Grace is was the lead singer of the punk rock group Against Me. In 2014, the group released an album called "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" which related directly to the challenges she faced accepting her sexuality.

3 Caitlyn Jenner - Net Worth: $100 million

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2 Martine Rothblatt - Net Worth: $390 million

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Martine Rothblatt holds the title of highest paid female CEO in the world. Who would doubt that? She makes a sweet $39 million year. As a man, Rothblatt was married to a woman for 25 years and had five children with her. She decided to changer her gender and become a woman, changing her name from Martin to Martine. She runs the United Therapeutics Corp and is a successful lawyer, social activist and author.

1 Jennifer Pritzker - Net Worth: $1.79 billion

Jennifer Pritzker is the only transgender in the world known to be a billionaire. That is a neat title. She was born as James and is a former Army lieutenant colonel. Pritzker founded the military library in Chicago that works to preserve the history of the American military.

In august of 2013, she announced that she wanted to live her life as a woman. It must have really taken the army world by storm. However, everybody has a right to make their own decisions and she decided that being a woman was the best thing for her. Look at her now.

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