Top 10 God Awful Celebrity Product Endorsements

Celebrities have a lot of talking power. Put a product next to the face of Kit Harrington or Justin Bieber and every girl from the age 13 to 30 will HAVE to have whatever they are selling. Add a sexy, skimpily clad model and both women and men will come crawling! You can't blame these companies, it is a perfect plan and it does work. We see these beautiful people and envy them for their assumed fulfilling lives and their gorgeous looks. When it comes down to it, we just want to know how they do it.

Unfortunately, sometimes these deals just go terribly wrong. Either the product is a complete dud and the celebrity gets criticized for promoting it (which they probably ignore while accepting a paycheck). Other times, the company selling the product will get backlash because of something the celebrity does. It usually ends in an unpleasant legal battle, but since most of the celebrities are still rich and famous, the incidents are really just funny to look back on and laugh.

10 The Kardashian Kard

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Have you ever wanted a pre-paid debit card that works like any other debit card except it has the face of Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim on it? Yeah, well I kid you not, it was a thing. In 2010 the Kardashian sisters announced the launch of this ridiculous product. Except...it didn't work out. Want to know why? It was outrageously expensive. You can Google "Kardashian Kard" and see for yourself what these sisters were attempting to charge uneducated teenagers. $59.95 for a card purchase for 6 months, $7.95 monthly fee, and a $9.95 replacement cost. For a decline, account transfer, or ATM inquiry a charge of $1 would appear. It cost an additional $6 to cancel the account.  No wonder the product never went anywhere.

And while the Kardashians have distanced themselves from the poorly thought out product, this is not probably the last time you will see the name Kardashian in the article.

9 The ShamWow Guy a.k.a Vince Offer

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Remember the ShamWow guy? I don't normally suggest readers to stop reading an article...but come on, if you haven't witnessed the beautiful hilarity that is ShamWow you need to go check it out. ShamWow is an absorbent towel cleaning product that can hold, according to Offer, about 10 times its weight in liquid. The actual product was pretty impressive and Offer's upbeat commercials were eye-catching.

It all went downhill when Offer was arrested for battery charges. Apparently, he had a violent confrontation with a prostitute who bit his tongue and wouldn't let go. Yikes! So, Offer had to disappear for a bit while the news of his arrest became common knowledge. He was able to make a comeback with a new product called the Schticky reusable lint roller.

8 The KISS Kasket

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Those who want to rock even in death have the option to purchase the KISS Kasket. An actual casket that is decked out in the KISS brand name and logos. For over $3,000 you or your loved ones can rest in peace knowing you're surrounded by a true rock band. Dimebag Darrell, who was a guitarist in the band Pantera, was buried in one of these caskets. Besides being extremely odd, most fans of the band liked the whimsical and outrageous KISS merchandise. They stopped being made in 2008 and are considered a collector's item. Good luck finding one!

7 Fred Flintstone and Winston Cigarettes

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6 The Hottest Waitress of Olive Garden by Kendra Wilkinson

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Kendra Wilkinson became a famous television personality for her role on the reality series The Girls Next Door.  As a celebrity, it is important to make sure your fans know everything about you, including your favorite restaurants.  For Kendra, that was Olive Garden. While most celebrities get paid for such statements, Kendra said so out of...genuine feelings. She just loved the endless salads and bread sticks, and really who would disagree?

Well...Olive Garden disagreed. When Kendra tried to promote a contest for the Hottest Waitress of Olive Garden, the family restaurant reported that they were concerned about the Playboy model's endorsement since the restaurant places such a huge emphasis on being family friendly. Sorry, Kendra.

5 Lebron James Doesn't Like His Samsung 

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LeBron James is a popular spokesperson for many famous products like Coca-Cola and Nike. Samsung was just another company on his long list of products that he supported. Unlike several celebrities, who promoted Samsung but didn't actually use any of their devices, James did in fact use a Samsung phone. The only problem is that he wasn't too happy with it and thought the best way to rant about the product was on Twitter.

His angry tweet about the Samsung product almost cost him is contract with the company, but it was deleted and he was able to continue promoting their apparently crappy products.

4 Madonna and Pepsi

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Pepsico Inc. paid Madonna a whopping $5 million for a commercial featuring the singer, the soda, and her latest hit music video "Like a Prayer." It makes sense why a product would do well when combined with lyrics that make it sound like the drink is literally answering your prayers. While her lyrics aren't too inappropriate, Pepsi probably should have taken a look at the music video.

The video contains religious symbols along with somewhat disturbing images like crosses on fire and a bleeding eye. A romantic scene between Madonna and a priest/saint upset a lot of people. Those aren't really fun things an audience wants to see when they think about soda and many, many people complained until the ad was pulled.

3 Nicolas Cage and Sankyo Pachinko

Sankyo is a Japanese company that created pachinko pinball machines and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to recruit Nicolas Cage. Everyone pretty much knows he is rather odd and possibly unhinged. But the ad he did for this company might just prove he is completely out of his mind. I am 100% sure everything strange about this commercial can be completely blamed on Cage. The 30 second commercial is set in the desert  when all the sudden Aliens made out of silver balls appear! At first, Nick Cage, who is donning a terribly wonderful Texas accent, is scared he is going to get straightened out by these Aliens. Fortunately, the silver ball Aliens just randomly appeared for the opportunity to dance and bang heads with Mr. Cage. Still unsure what they were trying to sell.

2 Kim Kardashian Endorses a QuickTrim

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I warned you about the Kardashians, but they appear to have little concern for the products they create or promote as long as they see the $$$ role in.  Putting all morals and pride aside, Kim Kardashian had no problem tweeting about using QuickTrim. The problem is that there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims that QuickTrim is even relatively healthy. It also doesn't help that the pill is essentially a laxative. Millions of fans of the K fam tweeted they were going to give the product a try.

But the three Kardashian sisters landed in hot water when 4 customers filed a lawsuit saying that the product did not live up to their claims. Good job, guys.

1 Snoop Dogg and Norton Antivirus

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Snoop Dogg  is trying to get people to rap about internet security. Snoop Dogg helped the company launch a "Hack is Wack" campaign where they asked for users to submit rap videos about hacking and cyber security.  Ok....Snoop Dogg isn't exactly my first pick for protecting my information on the web.  However, apparently it did draw in some hopeful contestants with about 200 video submissions, so good for them!

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