Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Collections

If you had the time and the money what would you collect? What oddities and normal stuff do the rich and famous spend their time and money on? This is a list of the top 10 most extravagant celebrity collections.

10 Shaquille O’Neal – Superman-themed items

Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal has a Superman logo on his bed, he has a Superman carpet, the logo in front of his SUV is the Superman logo, his car seats have the signature ‘S’. He even has a Superman tattoo in his left arm and has a lot of Superman t-shirts. Just how much has this collection set him back? It’s estimated the bed alone costs around $15,000 and the SUV $45,000.

9 Brad Pitt – Art, metal art, furniture, metal furniture

Brad Pitt is into metal. No, not heavy metal. Metal art and metal furnishings. He has designed metal furniture with Frank Pollaro, apprenticed with architect Frank Gehry and even came up the wedding bands he and Jennifer Aniston wore. He was also spotted in Miami buying brass furniture by designer Max Lamb and acquiring a painting at an art gallery in Basel, Switzerland. The price for the painting? $1 million.

8 Claudia Schiffer – Insects

Most of us may shun the creepy crawlies, but not Claudia Schiffer. The supermodel-turned-designer is fascinated with anything that has more than four legs and she has a huge collection of mounted insects in her home. She has a love for spiders in particular. “As a child, I was fascinated with spiders' webs sparkling with morning dew, or just after the rain,” she said. Aside from observing them, she also loved to draw them when she was young. Her recently released knitwear was also inspired by spiders.

7 Rod Stewart – Model Trains

Raspy-voiced singer Rod Stewart has a passion for model trains. He loves them so much that when going on tour he asks for a large table in his dressing room so he can set up a model train. Away from the spotlight he can spend hours a day just spending time on his hobby. His sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills is home to several model trains sets, many of them too big to fit under the Christmas tree. “When I find myself focusing so intently on a model that it ceases to be fun, it’s time to walk away, have a cup of tea and come back to it later,” he says.

6 Angelina Jolie – Knives

Angelina Jolie showed off her gun skills in Tomb Raider but they probably should have given her a knife instead. Jolie said she has been collecting knives since she was 12. She bought her first one at a renaissance fair and her collection grew from there. She has also started buying knives for her son Maddox. Just how good is she with knives? Conan O’Brien gave her a butterfly knife on his show and asked her how it worked. She deftly gave it a spin; opening, brandishing and closing the weapon in a fluid set of practiced movements.

5 Kiefer Sutherland – Gibson Guitars

The 24 star Kiefer Sutherland said he developed a love for playing the six-string after listening to guitarists like Jimmy Page and Angus Young in his youth. He has not looked back since. Now he has a music studio where he encourages young people to get into the music. That same studio houses his favorite guitars, all Gibsons, all 30 of them. Wait, that was years ago, just how many Gibson guitars does he have in his growing collection right now? No one’s telling yet. Gibson manufacturers were so appreciative of what he did that they designed for him a special instrument called the Gibson KS336 Kiefer Sutherland Signature Guitar.

4 Tom Hanks – Typewriters

Most of us may not like the sound of letter keys hammering into paper, but this is music to Tom Hank’s ears. Hanks, best known for his starring roles in Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan, has over 200 portable typewriters in his collection. “You know typewriters are essentially worthless,” Hanks says, “but I love them. And you know, I buy a lot of typewriter, usually like 50 bucks at swap meets and stuff like that.” He even said he once bought a typewriter for $5 in Australia then spent $85 just to ship it to the U.S. So what are some of the best in his collection? One that was owned by Ernest Hemingway and another owned by Orson Welles. What can we say? Hanks is not your typical celebrity.

3 Celine Dion – Shoes

How many shoes should a girl have? Let’s not go there. Anyway, multi-awarded singer Celine Dion has over 3,000. “If you have, say 600 pairs of shoes, you are considered a capricious? I have 3,000. Some take drugs, I buy my shoes,” she is quoted as saying on her official website. So what are some of the brands in this “My Heart Will Go On” singer’s collection? Prada, Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Vuitton just to name a few. Despite her lavish collection, Dion’s publicist said she really has no qualms about wearing Nikes and other ordinary shoes.

2 Johnny Depp – A lot of stuff


Captain Jack Sparrow likes to pillage, maybe that’s why we cannot tell exactly what he collects, except that he collects a lot of stuff. Johnny Depp collects everything from taxidermied animals, bird seats and exotic bugs. He also collects deco furnishings. However, the crown of his collection is a set of items owned by writer Jack Kerouac, this includes his manuscripts and books, a suitcase, a jacket and a raincoat. Rumors that he collects clown pictures are reportedly untrue. He has suffered from a fear of clowns since he was a child.

1 Jay Leno - Cars

The talk show host, Jay Leno, has one of the greatest car collections in the world. His collection includes rare cars, old cars, new cars, cars that run on steam, cars that run on electricity and even jet-powered cars. The crown of his collection includes the 1966 437 Ford AC Cobra, the 1955 Buick Roadmaster, the 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special and the 1936 Cord 810/812. He even has a tractor that was built by Lamborghini. When asked when he started collecting cars, Leno said he never thought of collecting cars, suddenly he just realized he had a lot of them already. He also said he had his first car at 14; it was a 1934 Ford Pickup.

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