Tom Hanks Does Not Care About Money

Despite being one of the most consistently well paid actors of his generation with regular movies, Tom Hanks has revealed that he really doesn't care much about money at all. Hanks, who has regularly been paid in excess of $10 million per movie, says that despite being given "ludicrous sums of money" to act in hit movies he really does it for the love of the craft. Hanks added that he understands many people's immediate reaction will be that it is "easy for him to say" considering how much wealth he has accumulated, however, he seems very genuine in saying so and his continued excellent performances do strongly indicate there is much more to it for him than simply picking up yet another pay check.

Hanks has average annual earnings of $26 million and yet recently claimed that if he were have to continued to be paid his 1980 salary of $5,000/week that he got for acting in Bosom Buddies, he would have been equally as happy as he is now. Furthermore, he revealed what many with money seem to say that the best thing about having money that's way more important than big houses and fancy yachts is not owing money to anyone.

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