The 6 Most Bizarre Celebrity Entourage Jobs

Living a life of luxury sure isn't easy - in fact, it requires a whole army of payrolled hangers-on to keep up the pampered lifestyle these days. Of course, when you’re a high profile star, some help is acceptable. Personal assistants and bodyguards are understandable needs for some of Hollywood’s most in-demand stars. However, it seems that money can seriously go to some celebrities heads. When it does, they rally hoards of people to perform simple and even ridiculous tasks for them.

Let's take a look at some now-infamous backstage demands by some of the world’s most famous stars: Beyoncé asks for brand new coffee pots, Rihanna for humidifiers, Justin Timberlake for disinfected doorknobs, Madonna for a brand new toilet seat… You get the picture. However, it could be said that this demanding nature shows the true colours of celebrities, especially how sheltered and out of touch with reality they really are, and perhaps how lonely they are. A woman named Rebecca White spoke to the New York Post a few years ago about her experiences working in famous celebrities' entourages: White worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Claire Danes. Despite her high wage, White called the lifestyle depressing. She said of Claire Danes: “There are different levels of PAs — there’s the person back in the office who does the faxing and e-mailing — but my job was to be their best friend. It’s sad, but true. On the outside, these celebrities seem to have everything you can imagine — money, fame, friends — but they don’t.”

With this in mind, lets take a look at some of the weirdest celebrity entourage jobs ever. Some of them are so over-the-top that we wonder how the assistants managed to keep a straight face. And how do these people title themselves on their resumes...?

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4 An 80-Strong Army for Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is known for being eccentric and over the top, so it’s really no wonder that she takes the meaning of entourage to the next level. Gaga’s entourage forms a collective known as the Haus of Gaga, a team of the most dedicated “little monsters” in the world.

The Haus of Gaga creates everything about Lady Gaga - Gaga’s outfits, style, stage sets and props, and things like music and merchandise. The Haus of Gaga was responsible for the meat dress that Gaga wore in 2010, which made headlines all over the world. Whether or not you like Gaga’s style, you have to admit that her entourage are a talented bunch of people. Although Gaga is clearly the pampered one, having every aspect of her image taken care of by an army of professionals, Gaga has been known to use the Haus of Gaga for the greater good: Gaga offered a young artist named Helen Green a high profile job at the Haus of Gaga after she viewed her artwork on Twitter. Green now works with Gaga, and Gaga often promotes her work via her personal Twitter account.

3 Room Darkeners for Rod Stewart

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2 Woman Providers for Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was one of the most famous musicians on earth. Dubbed the King of Rock ’n’ Roll, Elvis quickly became one of the standout cultural icons in history, and today he remains one of the most iconic representations of twentieth century Americana. Despite his death over thirty years ago, it is estimated that Elvis is worth a staggering $300 million. Elvis was known for his catchy songs, sexualised performances and his lust for fatty foods (according to numerous reports, fried peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches were one of his favourite meals).

However, what many people don’t know is that Elvis could be considered the first ever celebrity to have an entourage. This entourage was born in the form of the ‘Memphis Mafia’. From the 1950’s onwards, these men took care of Elvis’ security, management and every other need. The Memphis Mafia mainly consisted of friends and associates, and most of them were unpaid. Instead, Elvis awarded them with material items, such as cars and clothing.

The Memphis Mafia played a big role in Elvis’ life, a role that went far beyond personal security and time management. It has been reported that the group often, for lack of a better word, ‘organised’ the women that Elvis would liaise with. Because so many girls were obsessed with Elvis at the time, the treatment of these girls by his entourage has been questioned by many. Peggy Lipton wrote that she felt “trapped in Presley's bed” as the Memphis Mafia waited outside the bedroom door.

1 Chewing-Gum Provider for Ceelo Green

CeeLo Green has won the hearts of many since his breakthrough album Lady Killer stormed through the charts to number one. Despite a difficult youth which saw the star orphaned at just eighteen years of age, CeeLo has defied the odds and launched himself into the spotlight. His famous song Forget You was played on radios all over the world. In the song, CeeLo makes numerous references to poverty and having a lack of funds in general. However, it seems that Cee Lo lives a different life nowadays... According to the New York Post, CeeLo employs a massive entourage. Along with more traditional tasks, his encourage includes one person to put gum in his mouth, and another to wipe sweat from his forehead after a performance. We guess the change in your pocket is enough, CeeLo!

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