The 12 Biggest Celebrity Gold Diggers Ever

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to have an unlimited amount of money? Imagine being able to be on a constant vacation, and able to buy whatever it is you desire. Do you love clothes? Great, now you have the money to design your own, not to mention access to the newest technology and cars. On top of that, if you're that rich, everyone probably knows you and that also means  VIP access to the hottest clubs and bars. Imagine doing absolutely nothing to be completely and totally financially secure. No job. No responsibilities. Nada, and to earn all that moolah? Your main claim to fame may be that you dated a high profile celebrity, and then divorced them!

Ha kidding (but only kind of). Below is a list of 12 of the biggest celebrity gold diggers in Hollywood. While some people on this list did love their partner, there is still no doubting that they benefitted financially from the whole deal. Most were not even famous before they met their spouse, but now, divorced or not, everyone knows their name, the number on their bank account and who their alleged next "target" is.

Gold diggers are notorious for being beautiful (or handsome), young and with a little bit of an edge. They are usually (on this list at least) from a simple background, average family with a passion to get their "15 seconds of fame" and often succeed. They are fascinated with getting their "big break" and coincidentally, these rich and powerful people, or "targets", are the ones who are going to be able to do that for them. It sounds like a win-win until you realize how unhealthy it is, and how some of them are using their spouse as an ATM.

Again, some of the people on this list are actually seemingly superb people. But let's be serious... they are still gold diggers at heart.

12 Kevin Federline (Britney Spears)

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If you know who Kevin Federline is, then you know the story of his fame. Because before this, he was nobody. Not to mention that if you were born in the 90s and were even remotely into gossip, the news was everywhere. Britney Spears, one of the biggest musical icons of my childhood married one of the most obscene gold diggers in the world.

Federline danced his way into Spears' heart and bank account and proposed to the pop star after only dating for 3 months. While Federline had danced for artists like Michael Jackson and Destiny's Child, he was still a relatively unknown to Hollywood. It appears that the only good thing about the two of them (despite their pretty horrible custody battle) was that they had some pretty beautiful boys. From their split, Federline's career blossomed. On top of receiving $250,000 a year from Spears, he has had roles as an actor, and worked as a model.

11 Evelyn Lozada (Chad Johnson)

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Lozada's marriage to Chad Johnson (formerly Chad Ochocinco) literally lasted only a couple of weeks. Yet Lozada's backstory easily makes this one of the most prime examples of gold digging. Apparently Lozada left her 10-year relationship to marry Johnson and then requested a divorce from him when she realized that he had no money, I guess she should have done her research! Johnson had notoriously awful spending habits, and it is not a shock to many that the star is struggling for money not long after retirement.

Johnson took to Twitter and Facebook to expose her for who she really was, a gold digger. Lozada maintains that she loved Johnson, but we all know better. As soon as she realized there weren't as many zeros in his bank account, she left without a second thought. Ouch, and you thought getting hit on the football field hurts!

10 Courtney Stodden (Doug Hutchinson)

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This has probably got to be one of the weirdest couples. At the (young) age of 16 Stodden signed up for an acting class and started to correspond online with the class' teacher, Doug Hutchinson. Not knowing each other's age, their alleged love for each other grew over email and when they met in person, a steady relationship was formed.

Hutchinson was 50 at the time of their meeting (you read that right). With their age difference  being a solid 34 years apart, their relationship was cause of so much scrutiny from the public, who labeled Hutchinson as a pedophile. Despite the criticism, the two stayed married for 2 years until their divorce in 2013.

Though divorced, the couple are still living together and Hutchinson is still managing Stodden's career. Stodden, having a whole lot to gain by staying with the famous actor (who had starred in the X-Files, The Green Mile) recently announced that they were renewing their wedding vows and are back together again. A weird start to be sure, but at least they still seem to be in love.

9 Amber Rose (Kayne West & Wiz Khalifa)

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Just a couple of days ago there was a huge Twitter battle between rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa (Rose's new husband). During this Twitter feud, Kanye (another of Rose's exes) fueled the argument by stating that Rose is a stripper and gave the suggestion that his hit song "Gold Digger" was actually written about Rose! That alone means she needs to be on the list.

There is no doubting that Rose's relationship with Kanye is what brought her fame. From then on she became a sort of rapper serial dater before ending up with Wiz. She still continues to deny rumours that she is a gold digger and only married Wiz for his money. Rose can say she doesn't care what people say about her, but it doesn't make their statements any less true!

8 Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry)

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Gabriel Aubry was born in Montreal, Quebec and was a fairly successful and well known model before meeting actress and A-List celebrity Halle Berry in 2005. Their relationship seemed perfect, and they even had a beautiful little girl. But in 2010 their relationship faltered and they announced their separation. This separation turned nasty during the custody battle of their girl and pitted the couple against each other. Meanwhile, Aubry who is one of the best payed male models of his time, became even more famous when he demanded tens of thousands of dollars from Berry in alimony and in lawyer fees.

Aubry may not be a traditional gold digger, but he is receiving around $16,000 a month in child support even though he does not have full custody of their little girl. Something tells me all that money isn't going towards her.

7 Kimora Lee Simmons (Russell Simmons)

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Everyone knows that Kimora Lee Simmons used her husband, producer Russell Simmons. It's like a well known fact and we don't have to waste our time debating it. By dating Simmons, she was able to jump start a career, help launch the clothing label "Baby Phat" and receive a ton of money in the separation process.

She met Simmons when she was just 17, he was 35 and from then they had 2 children and were married by Run DMC. This relationship did not last long and soon after Kimora was dating another person and having a child with him as well. Kimora was teased and bullied in her early childhood, but as soon as she started modeling, it was clear how beautiful she was.

Kimora quickly was able to entice many ladies men, but none bigger then Russell Simmons, whose business ventures totaled a net worth of $340 million. Russell Simmons even stepped down as CEO of his clothing line "Phat Farm" so that Kimora could become the creative director. Talk about lucky breaks, eh?

6 Blac Chyna (Tyga)

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Unless you've been under a rock these past couple of years, you'll know who Blac Chyna is. For those you who are comfortable under their rock, let me enlighten you. Blac Chyna was a stripper turned model, entrepreneur and a celebrity serial dater.

In 2010, when Chyna was still working as a stripper, her name became known after Drake dropped her name in his song "Miss Me". Drake was allegedly inspired by Chyna after seeing one of the photo shoots she did. Since the fame of "Miss Me", Chyna has gained a huge following and later starred in rapper Tyga's music video "Rack City". She has also been used as Nicki Minaj's stunt double, so you better believe she's gorgeous.

In 2011 Chyna and Tyga started dating and a year later, Chyna gave birth to their son Cairo. That same day Tyga purchased a house in Calabasas, California for the family. Two months later it was announced that the couple were splitting up.

5 Amy Irving (Steven Spielberg)

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Irving is an actress whose most famous role came in the classic horror movie, Carrie. The actress has also had a long and famous on-again-off-again relationship with American director, and producer Steven Spielberg, which only seemed to be "on-again" when her career or finances were in trouble.

I mean c'mon, she was clearly using Spielberg's connections and wealth to boost up her career and then tired of him when she got what she wanted. Spielberg did end up marrying Irving for 4 years, but they divorced in a $100 million settlement. Apparently, the judge at their divorce hearing would not accept the prenuptial agreement they agreed upon- since it was written on a napkin from a restaurant. Seems silly until you realize that $100 million is chump change to him!

4 Crystal Harris (Hugh Hefner)

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I think that it is safe to say that anyone who marries Hugh Hefner is just asking for a load of media scrutiny. Crystal Harris was what, lucky number 10? Kidding, she is actually Hefner's third wife, but at his age, any marriage is going to raise eyebrows.

In December of 2010 she became engaged to Hefner and they planned to get married the summer of 2011. Oddly enough, 5 days before their nuptials Crystal called off the wedding (this was after that months issue of Playboy went up featuring Harris on the cover) and left the mansion.

Harris did not disappear from public eye however, and had a $500,000 deal to star in her own reality TV show.  I mean c'mon, she obviously thought marrying someone 60 years her senior was a bad idea and who could blame her! She was second guessing herself, her life and the upcoming commitment. Maybe she grew a conscience and realized that she couldn't just marry someone because he was rich! I mean, after all, he is old enough to be her Grandfather.

Nevertheless the two reconciled and ended up marrying a year later at the Playboy Mansion. He was 86 and she was only 26. Ugh. Rumor has it that she will not be receiving much money if anything were to happen to him or their relationship.

3 Tracey Edmonds (Babyface, Eddie Murphy, Deion Sanders)

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Tracey Edmonds has seriously dated around. Mind you, she is a super successful, intelligent (she's a Stanford graduate with a degree in psychobiology) and beautiful woman so it's no wonder that all these men wanted to marry her.

In 1990 Edmonds met Babyface and the two later married. They had been together for 15 years when they divorced and Edmonds met comedian Eddie Murphy. Murphy and Edmonds married, but 15 days after there nuptials, the couple announced that they never had an official wedding. The couple separated after a few months.

Now Edmonds is the executive producer of Deion Sanders' television show and is currently dating him. This woman must be all kinds of special to of hooked all three (and more) of these men! She's even mastered her craft of gold digging so well that nobody even remembers that she is a gold digger, but with Deion on her arm, she'll certainly not have to worry about money.

2 Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods)

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Ah Tiger Woods, you used to just be the best golfer in the world. Then you cheated on your wife and we all started hating you. Yet regardless of public opinion, there is no doubting that Nordegren benefited financially from Woods' cheating scandal.

Before meeting Woods, Nordegren moved to the US to work as a nanny for a professional tennis player which doesn't exactly lead to millions of dollars. After meeting and falling in love with Tiger Woods, it is not shocking that they had a few kids together. Life seems to be going well, and then all of a sudden she's the face of the worlds largest cheating scandal.

While she had some heartbreak, walking away with almost $110 million in the bank definitely didn't hurt. It also does not help her reputation that her latest relationship is with a coal billionaire... can anyone see a pattern? I'm just saying.

1 Anna Nicole Smith  (J. Howard Marshall)

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Of course Anna Nicole Smith is #1! While working/performing at a Texan strip club, Smith met a well known oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall (who was born in 1905!). After a couple of years of courtship the couple got married. At the time of their wedding, Smith was 26 and Marshall was 89.

13 months after their 1994 wedding, Marshall passed away and Smith received a whopping amount of $450 million! What makes her even more of a gold digger is the fact that she reportedly never lived with him, nor had sex with him or even kissed him. While she maintained that she loved and cherished her husband, the writing is still on the wall!

If you weren't already convinced, how about the fact that she was already married when they met and that she divorced her husband to be able to marry Marshall! While it has been widely speculated that she was only in it for the money, at least there was a lot of it!

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