The 10 Sexiest Kim Kardashian Halloween Looks: A History

Kim Kardashian is known to flaunt her curves in skin-tight outfits, barely-there tops and couture from head to toe. And when Halloween comes around, no one does the 'sexy' costume quite like Kim K. The starlet is, after all, a big fan of dressing-up for the occasion.

From showing off her tight stomach in a Princess Jasmine costume to channeling Wonder Woman in a leotard and thigh-high boots or transforming into a dazzling mermaid with blonde locks, the reality TV star goes all out around the spooky season. Whether she's tweeting selfies in hot costumes from her impressive Halloween wardrobe or attending celebrity-studded bashes with her beau Kanye West, the fashionista has rocked an array of sexy costumes over the years.

Kardashian’s inexplicably popular mobile video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood will this year be updated for the festivities. The mobile game takes an avatar through virtual red carpet adventures and for Halloween, players will have to virtually collect candy to be able to attend a party at the celebrity’s mansion in the game. As for the real-life Kim K, the tabloid world waits with bated breath to see what she'll dress-up as this year. Will she be inspired by Disney characters, comic books, animals or perhaps mythical creatures?

Maybe her previous sexiest Halloween looks over the years will give us some idea of what to expect from the flamboyant celebrity princess this year.

10 Princess Leia from Star Wars

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Before they were a high-profile item, Kimye started off as good friends. Kim recently dug up a 2008 picture in honour of the social media Throwback Thursday tradition and shared it with her Instagram and Twitter followers. The picture, which is actually a video still from a comedy show that never made it on air, depicts the two celebrities doing their best Star Wars impersonations. Here, we see Kim showing off her killer curves in the iconic Princess Leia costume.

9 Wonder Woman

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From the red thigh-highs to the golden lasso, Kim imitated the super hero’s look to the last detail. The comic book hero is a strong female character and a Halloween favourite. Even though actress Gal Gadot will be the one impersonating Wonder Woman in the 2015 Batman vs. Superman movie, Kim’s dark hair and hourglass figure are a good match for the character’s image. She wore this look at her own Halloween party in 2008.

8 Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

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When Kim dressed-up as Princess Jasmine in 2009, the internet went wild. Besides the fact that Kim bears an undeniably resemblance to the cartoon character, the costume generously showed-off the celebrity’s toned abs and plentiful cleavage.

The low-cut, transparent pants with side slits left very little to the imagination. The star later shared on her official website that this was one of her absolute favourite costumes.

7 Snow White

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Disney princesses never looked so sexy. As if Princess Jasmine wasn't enough, Kim brought her own spin to Snow White’s attire with a much shorter and more revealing dress than that of the Snow White we grew up with.

Paired with platform pumps and knee-high socks and featuring accents such as frilly lace, this is the adult version of Snow White. Kim rocked this costume to her little sister’s Kendall Jenner 14th birthday party. Oh, how time flies!

6 Little Red Riding Hood

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What do you wear to a celebrity Halloween party? A Little Red Riding Hood costume with a side of sex appeal. Kim sported this outfit at Heidi Klum’s 2009 Halloween celebration at Lavo nightclub in New York.

Her friend Jonathan Cheban wore an assorted big bad wolf costume to complement her look. She chose this look after showing-off several different options online and asking her fans to help her make a decision. The caped costume, paired with opaque tights, was the winner.

5 Leopard

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The reality star again took to Twitter in 2010 to post photos of herself trying costumes, asking her fans advice on choosing a look. This leopard costume was one of the contenders. The feline inspired leotard is form fitting, transparent and blends mesh with animal print, resulting in a very risqué look that was even deemed too sexy by Kim herself. “This leopard was a little too sexy for the kitties! LOL,” she tweeted of the wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

4 Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

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Kim’s 2010 Twitter costume parade also included a Queen of Hearts look, complete with scepter and crown. As with the Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood dresses, the star seems to favour waist-cinching little numbers that bring attention to all the right places.

Her mom Kris Jenner ended up wearing the Queen of Hearts costume and Kim ultimately decided on the Little Red Riding Hood look.

3 Poison Ivy

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This time Kim impersonated a villain instead of a superhero, channeling Batman’s enemy Poison Ivy and donning fiery tresses and funky eyebrows. The look wouldn’t be complete without Kim’s trademark touch of sexiness (notice the corset style again?). Kim wore this to a Midori Green liquor brand Halloween party in 2011 - but what made the headlines was ex-husband’s Kris Humphries absence during the evening.

2 Catwoman

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Here Kim wore another Batman-inspired costume, this time with then-boyfriend Kanye by her side dressed as the superhero. Between Kim’s famous booty in the tight and shiny one-piece and the gold Lamborghini the couple showed-up in, it’s hard to tell what grabbed the most attention at the Miami Beach Club LIV party in 2012.

Red lipstick, sharp canines and gloves with pointy-claws completed Kim’s look. The star posed playfully for the cameras, opening her mouth to show-off her cat teeth.

1 Mermaid

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Kim made a splash in this mermaid costume that accentuated her hourglass shape in a green fishtail skirt and seashell bra along with a blonde wig and layers of pearls around her neck.

Kim said she chose to wear the wig to get into the Halloween spirit because she thought her regular hair was too boring for the occasion but she didn't want to imitate Disney princess Ariel’s red hair because she had experimented with the red-haired look the year before as Poison Ivy. Platinum blonde seemed like a good compromise. Kim even helped design the mermaid get-up with L.A company Trashy Lingerie.

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