The 10 Most Ridiculous Products Endorsed By Celebrities

No matter how much money some people have, they seem to always want more and are willing to do almost anything to get it. This need to have it all and then some is likely the cause behind so many celebrities endorsing products that don’t quite make sense or help with their image.

Snoop Dogg for Norton Anti-Virus Software or David Hasselhoff for Lean Pockets, for instance, don’t exactly seem on brand for either celebrity. While those are for sure odd pairings, there are other celebrities who must really be desperate for attention or strapped for cash to publicly back the products they have in the past. Not only do these celebrity endorsements seem unusual for the celebrity, but some of the products are so strange we’re not even sure there’s an audience for them at all. Endorsements are a major part of a lot of celebrities’ paychecks and we’ll never see an end to them.

An end to wacky products like the ones below would be greatly appreciated, though. However, if we didn’t have silly commercials and slogans to make fun of, what would we do? If you’re looking for things to buy people on your Christmas list, this is not where you should be looking.

A casket? Check. A shake weight for your mouth? Check. Protein packed pudding and the “official snack of hip hop"? Check and check. These insane products are all on the list. What’s missing from the list is anything you would likely want to buy for yourself. Most of these products did so poorly they aren’t even available for purchase anymore, so don’t even try.

10 Hulk Hogan - Hulkster Cheeseburger

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Oh brother. Possibly in an attempt to make up for losing out on the Lean Mean Grilling Machine to George Foreman, Hulk Hogan got involved in his own food spinoff: the microwaveable Hulkster Cheeseburger. This product is, unfortunately, one of many other failed ventures by the wrestler. It only lasted about a year and reviews weren’t very kind, stating that the unseemly burger caused stomach aches. The aches are likely due to the burger’s “melt,” a cheese-impersonating ingredient. It lasted just long enough for him to do a silly commercial and this gimmicked burger was available at Walmart for just a few dollars. What a deal.

9 Lil Romeo - Rap Snacks

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This is a unique one. Not only was Lil Romeo an endorser for the brand of chips that say “Stay in school” on the bags, touting his face on the Bar-b-quin’ with my Honey flavor, but he was actually the owner. He bought the brand, which sells assorted flavored popcorn and chips in 2007, and then somehow convinced fellow rappers like Young Joc (who faced the Honey Dew Cheese Curls variety) to follow his lead and allow cartoon versions of themselves and their story to be placed on bags. The snacks were sold mostly in inner-city establishments and were available for purchase for a mere 35 cents. That’s probably all anyone would be willing to pay for the “official snack of hip-hop” anyway.

8 Marilyn Manson - Mansinthe

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It might not be a complete surprise that Marilyn Manson would endorse a product like Mansinthe, which is a hallucinogenic wine. After all, he and his fans would likely be the type of people looking to get high off alcohol. No matter your reservations of this trippy spirit, Manson put a lot of work into it. From tastings to the artwork on the bottle, the musician had his say. To those fearful of the wine’s possible effects (and those scared off by the wine’s creepy ads), don’t worry - absinthe isn’t as strong as you’d think and you’d have to drink a lot of it to get the lucid effects associated with it.

7 Katy Perry - Popchips

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Though Popchips is a perfectly respectable brand as far as chips go, this is one unusual pairing. Katy Perry’s stint with the brand came after the brand’s embarrassing campaign involving Ashton Kutcher which viewers called racist. Perry’s ads aren’t necessarily offensive, but they are still pretty embarrassing. In addition to a poster that shows the star holding bags up as if they were breasts ("Nothing fake about 'em"), there’s also one in which she’s a vampire and commercials in which she’s accompanied by her crime-fighting partners “The Popcats.” Not only was she a part of advertisements, but she was a Popchips investor and even had her own flavor, Katy’s Kettle Corn. She was eventually ditched by the brand, which decided to advertise sans celebrities as to not overshadow the brand itself.

6 Mr. T - Flavorwave Turbo

I pity the fool who purchases this product. This “revolutionary” invention may be fast, but, do we really need anything faster than the standard microwave? Probably not. And it definitely isn’t worth the danger of halogen heat, infrared waves and convection technology used to cook so quickly. The worst part about this product? The infomercial in which Mr. T attempts to shame viewers into purchasing it. Though nearing 20 pounds, it’s apparently “lightweight” and “portable,” because of course once you own the product, you’ll want to take it everywhere. “Sounds too good to be true?” he asks in the commercial. No, not really.

5 Kim Kardashian - Skechers

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There’s an almost endless list of products this Kardashian has endorsed. She’s currently the face of, ahem, Charmin toilet paper for example. At least that’s something useful, though. Remember when she the face of Skechers Shape-Ups? Of all the things the reality TV star has done, this is probably the most embarrassing. Why? Well, not only did the shoes promise to aid in weight-loss, but it claimed that by simply walking in them, the customer’s derriere would magically plump up into a Kardashian replica. Once customers started to realize the claims were false, Skechers was charged in 2012 by the Federal Trade Commission and forced to pay $40 million in refunds to customers who, let’s be honest, really shouldn’t have fallen for the ruse in the first place.

4 Cristiano Ronaldo - Facial Fitness Pao

As the highest paid soccer player and third highest paid athlete in the world, you would think that Ronaldo has better things to do than endorse silly products like this. However, this soccer star isn’t one to turn down deals like these and $27 million of the $79.5 million he earned in 2015 came from endorsements. As embarrassing as the product is (and the commercial he shot for it), he must’ve made a pretty penny, making his humiliating stint worth it. If you’re wondering exactly why you would need a shake weight for your face, you don’t. But, the apparent purpose of biting down on the product and shaking your head furiously is a better smile not unlike that of Ronaldo’s.

3 Sylvester Stallone - Pudding

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Unbelievably, Stallone High Protein Pudding was a real thing actually backed by Sylvester Stallone. Because everyone needs a healthy dose of pudding before a workout, Stallone took it upon himself to back the product, which included 20g of protein in each serving. The pudding wasn’t quite the best seller and the deal led to a lawsuit for Stallone. The actor was sued by William Brescia, who claimed the idea and recipe for the pudding were his own. The suit started in 2004 and still continues, though Brescia was already awarded $4.9 million in 2008. Well, the proof is in the pudding.

2 Kiss - Kiss Kasket

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It’s hard to believe that the whole band felt this was a good idea. The casket, which was available for purchase between 2001 and 2008 and then again in 2011, is a real casket decorated with the Kiss logo and pictures. While introducing the product, Gene Simmons said, "I love livin', but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good.” Really? Well, apparently some think so as people have actually been buried in the thing, including guitarist “Dimebag" Darrell. The original was priced at $3300 and, to sell more, was advertised to still-living fans to be used as a Kiss cooler for sodas and drinks. That’s one expensive cooler.

1 Bruce Willis - Fragrance

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If you’ve ever wondered what the Die Hard star smells like, the answer is: manly. Bruce Willis launched his first fragrance in collaboration with the European LR company in 2010 because he was probably scared what Americans would have to say about this venture. After all, everyone here isn’t even calling the fragrance by its name and are instead referring to it as “the Die Hard cologne.” He’s right to keep the cologne safe and sound in London as everyone here in America is poking fun at the fragrance, which is made up of grapefruit, pepper, and vetiver. The marketing slogan for the fragrance is "Smart Guys Live Forever” and LR Health and Beauty CEO Tilo Ploger said, "I personally feel that the new Bruce Willis fragrance is the manliest scent in the world.” Whatchu talking bout, Willis?


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